Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bath and Body Works Coupons

Hip To Save posted these nice little freebies. Go to Bath and Body's website for other deals including the $1 Pocketbac pictured above.

Get a FREE Signature collection travel-size item with any purchase at Bath and Body Works with this coupon, expires July 15. This coupon can be redeemed online using the promo code WELCOME616.

Or a FREE Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Sanitizer with any purchase using this coupon, expires July 5.

I was able to get this freebie before by buying a different travel-size lotion on sale for $1. It was in on the registers counter. So I only aid $1.08 for 2 lotions! I was so elated. I never thought I could leave the mall with a $1 bargain. It's wonderful to see they have these available again. I might just give it away to a friend!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday June 29

We were much better this week with dinner. Less harried and more in the know about what to cook. I made most of what was last week's menu. Except I switched all the days around. So I was 50% successful. Check out more impressive menus from hundreds of entrants at Organizing Junkie.

The changes were these:
Thursday was impromptu date night and we had take-out from Rafters at the Wharf.
Saturday was Spaghetti, something easy for the kids to eat.
Then Weds. Potluck was switched to Paella; Saturday's Red Beans and Rice was on Friday.

So we'll try to do better this week:
Monday: Lunch-Tacos ; Dinner- Broccoli Beef
Tuesday: Lunch- Beef and Potato Hash; Dinner- Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Wednesday: Lunch- Chicken Tetrazzini; Dinner- Chili
Thursday: Lunch- Chicken Tetrazzini Omelet; Dinner- Ham
Friday: Lunch- Ham Casserole; Dinner- Ham and Potato Stir Fry
Saturday: Lunch- Flounder; Dinner- Seafood Chowder
Sunday: Lunch- Grilled Cheese Sandwiches; Dinner- Quiche

Best Deals from Sunday's Paper

These deals are good from June 28 - July 4

Great Deals From Wal-Mart ad:
$1.78 Sargento Natural Sliced Cheese (use $0.40 Q from paper)
$1.88 Vlassic hamburger pickles, 48 oz or dill spears 24 oz (part of
Kingsford deal)
$1/lb slicing tomatoes
$2 each: Doritos 14 oz, Cheetos or Doritos 8.5-11.1 oz
$2 Keebler Crackers or Chips Deluxe
$2 Miracle Whip (use -$1 Q 6-14), Hellman's Mayo ($0.60 Q from 6-28 RP), or Best Foods Mayo, Hidden Valley Ranch, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce ($1 Q from 6-21 SS)
3/$5 Bush's Baked Beans 22-28 oz

$1.69 Hershey's Chocolate syrup 24 oz, Smucker's Fudge Topping
$1 Joy Ice Cream Cups 24 ct
$2.50 Edy's Crunch Dibs
$2.25 Edy's Ice Cream
$1.97 Drinks: Capri Sun 10 pk, Crystal Light 10 ct, Hawaiian Punch 1 gal, GV apple juice 96 oz
$1 Tropicana Fruit Punch or Minute Maid Lemonade, 64 oz carton

Deals at CVS- no coupons or ECBs
$0.88 Palmolive 10 oz

$0.50 Bumblebee Tuna, limit 4
$0.50 Campbell's Tomato Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup
$0.99 Aquafresh Triple Protection or Colgate Cavity toothpaste
3/$5 Ragu 26 oz
Check out other deals at
Money Saving Mom, CVS $5 Challenge, The Thrifty Mama

Deals At Target

$2 Doritos, 12+2.5 oz
$2 Pepperidge Farm hotdog or hamburger buns, 6-12 ct
$2 Dannon Activa and DanActive 4pk (-$1 Q from Publix magazine)
3/$7 Edy's (-$1
Target Q)
$1.33 Godlfish
$2.50 Tostitos Scoops 12oz, salsa 15oz

$2 Market Pantry deli cheese
$2.99 Hillshire Farm Deli-Select lunchmeat (-$1
Target Q)

Deals at KMart
Use the coupon on the front page of the weekly ad: $5 off $50 coupon for buying: health, beauty, food and consumables, stationery, book or magazine

Deals at Dollar General
$1 only:

Kraft BBQ Sauce 18 oz
French's Mustard 8oz
Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz
2 L Pepsi or Mt. Dew
Dasani Water 1L
Gatorade 32 oz
Tropical Twister 20 oz
Hawaiian Punch 32 oz
Hawaiian Punch Drink Sticks 8 ct
Asstd. Freezer Pops 6-10 ct
Nu South Lemonade 64 oz
Clover Valley Marshmallows
Turkey Creek Pork Rinds
DG Sandwich Bags
Clover Valley Candy 16 oz
Mini Moon Pie 6ct
DG Value plates, napkins, plastic cups, plastic cutlery
e.l.f. professional products (make-up tools)

$2 Only
Hawaiian Punch 1 gal
Chex Mix 8.75 oz
Starburst or Skittles 14 oz
Swiss Tea (-$1 Q from 6-28 and it's only $1!)
Smucker's Ice Cream Topppings 12 oz
Kraft Salad Dressing
Stayfree 16-24 ct (use BOGO Q from $6-28, get 2 for $2!)

also, $0.85 Ajax or Palmolive 16 oz (bigger than at CVS); 2pk Lysol Neutra Air is $3!

View their store ad for even more deals. They accept coupons and EBT. There is a store off Hwy 98 and another off Sorrento near Winn-Dixie. It looks worth it to me to stop here if not to avoid all the tourists flocking Wal-Mart.

Barnes Deals

I just updated the deals for Barnes here.
I also added the best of Barnes to the Wal-Mart Price Match list here.
Sorry this took so long. I just got the ad Sunday night.

It's still not too late to get the deals. Grocery ad prices are good through Tuesday.
Also check out the best deals for Publix, Greer's, Winn-Dixie, and Food World.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did you Get You Paper Today?

I was very surprised to find an insert for Gillette. It was NOT with the other coupons. Instead it was stuck with one of the store ads. CVS and Target have Razor Deals that make these razors cheap or FREE! So, hold on to these coupons. You'll surely find a great deal using them.
There are 4 coupons:
$3 Off Gillette Fusion Razor (Manual or Power)
BOGO Gillette Series Shave Gel
$3 Off Venus Razor (Embrace or Spa Breeze)
BOGO Satin Care Shave Gel

Big Lots, Dollar General, and Wal-Mart have their ads in the paper. You'll find a few great deals from these stores too. Old Time Pottery's ad is also included. If you have a collegebound student in need of inexpensive decor or apartment essentials, check out their ad and visit their store in Gulf Shores.

The coupon booklets themselves are very promising with a few high value coupons that would easily recoup your $1 paper purchase. To find a complete list visit Common Sense with Money here. Coupons vary by region so we may not get all of these. If you are new to coupons, read this post I wrote on how to keep coupons organized.
Here are a few great coupons we did get this week:
BOGO Stayfree Pads
$1 off Swiss Iced Tea (making it $1 at Dollar General)
Buy Smart Balance Spread Get FREE SB Milk (Publix often has BOGO SB Spread, so get 2 FREE Milk with this coupon- I did this before!)
$3 off Bic Soleil Razor or Cartridge
$1 off Colgate Total (for CVS deal this week)

(The coupons pictured above are not in the paper. I just used them for the picture!)

CVS $5 Challenge

Although there are only a few great finds at CVS this week, it's still fun to do this CVS $5 Challenge. Also, check out Money Saving Mom for other CVS Deals. Here are 3 transactions with $5 or less total out of pocket:

Transaction #1
Deal: Buy 2 Colgate Total 6oz for $5, Get $2 ECBs, Limit 4
Buy 2
Use (2)- $1 off 1 coupon (from today's paper 6-28)
Pay $3 OOP. Get $2 ECB

Transaction #2
Deal: Buy 3 Cheerios Original for $6, Get $2 ECBs
Buy 3
Use (3)- $1 off 1 coupons from the Cheerios 10 in 1 Challenge
Use $2 ECB from #1
Pay $1 OOP. Get $2 ECB

Transaction #3
Deal: BOGO Irish Spring Body Wash ($4.99 each)
Buy 2
Use (2)- $1 off 1 coupon (from Smart Source home mailer last week)
Use $2 ECB from Transaction #2
Pay $1 OOP

Total OOP: $5 and no ECBs left.
But this would have cost $16 on sale without ECBs and coupons and much more at regular price.

Another great deal is the Coppertone Sun Care. Get 2 FREE after ECBs! It's not included in the $5 Challenge because the OOP is more than $5.

Deal: Buy 2 Coppertone Sun Care, Get $8 ECBs
Buy 2 Coppertone Ultra Guard Spray (w/ trial size Sun Shield attached to it), $8.99 each
Use (2)- $5 off Copperstone Sun Shield from here Thanks Hip To Save!
Pay: $7.98. Get $8 ECBs (making this 2 FREE sunscreen!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Walgreens Deals

Remember when Wal-Mart had all those tearpad coupons in the snack aisle? I hope you snagged a few. Walgreens has a deal for you to use them.

"Spend $20 or More, Get $5 RR;
Spend $15, Get $3 RR"

Here is my deal scenario for Capri Sun and Chips Ahoy:
Buy 5 Capri Sun
Buy 5 Chips Ahoy
Use 5- $2 off coupon (pictured above)
Pay $10 Out of Pocket. Get $5 RR back
So, you end up paying only $5 for 10 snacks!

The items for this deal are Kraft brands (Planters, Nabisco, Capri Sun and Kraft). Check out the Walgreens ad page 5 or this ad scan or their website.

By the way, this coupon picture is from ebay. You could buy 20 coupons for $2, free shipping. But I've never done this before so I can't say how great that experience would be.

FREE Bloomin Onion for AAA Members

I saw this in the AAA Going Places magazine (pg. 30):
"AAA Members Get a FREE* Bloomin' Onion"
Just show your AAA card to the server! No coupons to clip. So you could get a FREE Bloomin' Onion every single time you visit AAA from now until the end of the year!

Here is the fine print: *Valid with any purchase and for FL locations only. Not valid with any other offer. One offer oer guest, per visit. Valid until 12-31-09

Check out other restaurants participating in Show Your Card and Save here.
(This is not my picture. I googled and found it here.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winn-Dixie Super Shopping

Winn-Dixie has ground chuck for $1.49/lb. This is cheaper than even ground beef on sale. That’s normally $1.99/lb. So my hubby stocked up with 10lbs and also picked up some eggs. He saved 53% and spent only $17.80, saving us $20.55. Otherwise, he would have spent $38.35.

Publix Super Shopping

At Publix, we would have spent $58.13. Instead we saved 67% and spent only $19.14. That’s a savings of $38.99. Ritz crackers and Crystal Light were BOGO. Plus I had “Buy Ritz Get Wheat Thins FREE coupons”, as well as Crystal Light coupons. All 6 items were only $2, or $0.33 each. The Kraft BBQ Sauce was also BOGO. With $1 off 1 Kraft coupon from here, it was only $0.17 each.

We did “splurge” and buy 1 lb shrimp at $5 for Paella this week and 2 sausage rolls for $2 each. Since mango was $0.50 each, I picked up 6 to enhance this ethnic dish. Plus it’s really good for you. Be warned, the mangoes were rather small.

*I wish I could say this transaction went off without a hitch, but I actually have to return 1 Crystal Light Skinessentials. I had a FREE coupon but it was only free up to $3.50 and I still would have paid $0.60. I told the cashier I did not want to buy it because I didn’t want to waste my FREE coupon. She voided the coupon but still charged me for the item. I did not include this $4.11. I would have caught this had I checked the receipt before leaving the store. So don’t make the same mistake I did!

Wal-Mart Super Shopping

On Tuesday at Wal-Mart, I bought more vegetables for the freezer. Between this purchase and Sunday's, we are pretty stocked-up for the month with vegetables! Tuesday is always the last day for the week’s grocery deals. So these sale prices may no longer be available. Check my Wal-Mart Price Match grocery list for current deals.

I spent $30.21 for about 40 lbs of veggies, plus pasta items. This picture shows you what items were purchased. I didn’t want to take all of them out of the bags for the picture. I picked up 2 cucumbers, ginger root, 2 Velveeta Shells Dinner, pasta and tomato sauce and paste, none pictured here.

In the near future, I plan to post a price list that shows the cheapest prices for staples like meat and vegetables for our area.

Here are the veggies on sale and the amounts I bought:
$3 Onions, 6lbs
$3 Potatoes, 10lbs
$3 Green Peppers, 6 pcs
$1.50 Corn, 6 pcs
$2.38 Broccoli, 2 bunches
$5.15 Peaches, 5 lbs
$5.15 Tomatoes on vine, 7. 5lbs

Flowers Thrift Bakery

Organic bread for less than $1? Only $0.79 at the Flowers Thrift Bread Store. I paid $13 and this is what my bread stockpile looks like: (except for the English Muffins at $0.50 each, the breads and tortillas were $0.79 each) This could easily cost $40 retail.

6 Nature’s Own Organic 100% Whole Wheat Bread
2 Nature’s Own Cinnamon Swirl Bread
4 Nature’s Own English Muffins, two 100% Whole Wheat, two regular
4 Mi Casa Flour Tortillas, two 10”, two 6”
2 Cobblestone Mill Italian Bread

If you have not done so, visit them. They are next to Whataburger on Mobile Hwy. Call 850 944-9989 for hours and to find out if the bread you want is in-stock that day. They even give out FREE old bread for animals (like ducks, dogs and such). Split it with someone, it’s a lot of bread! If you plan to go shop at the new Publix, stop by the bread store down the street. You will not be disappointed!

Walgreens Super Shopping

At Walgreens, I spent $12.49 out of pocket. I did get $8 RR back. After the Register Rewards (RRs) my total is $4.49 or 64% savings! I was able to buy two Lysol sprays with FREE wipes for $.05.0 each! And some cheap Chex at 3/$2.50 after coupons. They are not pictured here because we snacked on them before the photo.

This trip, though, was not that great. My cashier was polite but unbending. I did not get overage on my Aquafresh toothpaste because she would not let me use my coupons and I could only get 2, not 4. Nor was I able to use my $3 RR from last week because she said she was sure I would not get any RRs if I pay with one. She was wrong, of course, because they can rollover as long as they are for different items. Then I remembered that coupons cannot be used to buy the diabetic monitors if you are doing a rebate. This is because the rebate is only for the actual amount you pay after coupons. So unless there is something really grand on sale next week, I really cannot stock up on RRs.

Here is the breakdown of this transaction:
1st transaction: Aquafresh OOP $3.23, got $3 RR
2nd transaction: Aquafresh OOP $3.23, got $3 RR
3rd transaction: 2 Lysol OOP $3.53, got $2 RR
4th transaction: 3 Chex OOP $2.50
Total OOP was $12.49, got $8 RR back

CVS Super Shopping

On Tuesday, the truck came in to CVS with the Aveeno lotion I was looking for. I was able to use my rain check from last week’s sale and get $10 ECBs for buying $20 Aveeno. I used coupons I bought from Coupon Dede and ECBs from the Soyjoy deal. I also bought myself that lumbar support frame for $4 (I told the cashier I bought one already. Since the tag said 2 for $10, he only charged me $4).

Here is the breakdown of this transaction:
5 x $3.39 Aveeno lotion, 2.5 oz, 5
$4.50 Aveeno bath oil
$4 lumbar support frame
-$5 Aveeno coupons ($1 off 1)
-$20 ECBs (from Soyjoy)

-$0.54 from CVS Money card
Total Out of Pocket $0.86 plus got $10 ECBs!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wal-Mart Price Match June 24 - June 30

I've listed the best deals from other stores that you can price-match at Wal-Mart. I price-match to avoid driving all over the place by buying it all at Wal-Mart. You can price match items from any printed ad, grocery, drug or department stores (except Big Lots), as long as there is an actual price listed per item (not BOGO or % off sales). Learn more about price-matching from
this post I wrote. If there any Wal-Mart rollback items that is just a great sale I will add it here too.

Store abbreviations: FW (Food World), G (Greer's), B (Barnes), WD (Winn-Dixie), Wal (Wal-Mart), PUB (Publix). Click on the store name to view other deals not listed here.

You can PRINT this form and take it to Wal-Mart with you. And each cashier is supposed to have a copy of the Weekly Ads if you didn't bring yours.

PUB $1.99/lb asparagus
PUB $2.49/lb Cherries
FW 3/$5 bluberries, 12 oz
FW $0.99 cantaloupe
FW $0.25 each Kiwi
WD $1.29 limes, 2/lb bag
WD $1.29 celery
WD $0.68 each mango
WD $2 Onions, Vidalia 3 lb bag
B $1.49 yellow onions, 3 lb bag
B $0.99/lb vine-ripe tomatoes
$0.50 green onions, bunch
WD $1.50 each broccoli bunch
WD $2 Idaho potatoes, 5/lb
G $3.98 each watermelon
G $0.98/lb California peaches or nectarines


G $1.98/lb sliced center cut pork chops
G $1.88/lb boneless beef shoulder steaks, family pack
G $1.68/lb boneless beef shoulder roast , family pack
G $1.68/lb ground beef ( ground chuck cheaper FW), family pack
G $1.48/lb pork loin, ¼ sliced
WD $1.49/lb ground chuck
WD $0.69/lb whole pork shoulder picnic
PUB $1.69/lb pork spare ribs, any size
B $1.39/lb Boston butt pork roast
B $1.49/lb assorted Porkchops
FW $1.99/lb whole beef brisket, family pack
FW $0.99/lb split chicken breast, family pack (I’ve only seen at Mobile Hwy Wal-Mart)
FW $1.69/lb beef shoulder roast, family pack
FW $3.99/lb Snow crabs
FW $2.99/lb salmon, wild caught
FW $5.99/lb Shrimp, large 31-35 ct
PUB $2.50 Tennessee Sausage roll (-$1 off 1 coupon last Sunday)

Cereals and Breads
WD $1.99 Post Cereals (13 oz. Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles, 13.5 oz. Alpha-Bits or 14.5 oz. Honeycomb or Honeycomb Cinna-graham)
PUB $1.99 Pepperidge Farm House Bread

WD $1.50 Kraft cheese (10.7 -12 oz. • 2%, fat-free, American yellow or white singles or 5-8 oz. chunk, shredded, cubes or crumbles)
B $1.25 Store brand cheese, shreds orbock, 8 oz -(get Great Value)
FW $2.29 Butter, 4 sticks, regular or unsalted
WD $1 Breakstone’s sour cream, 16 oz
WD $1.25 Philly Cream Cheese (reg. or light)
WD $2.50 Winn-Dixie Cottage Cheese, 24 oz
WD $0.50 each Dannon yogurt
B $2 Dannon Daimals crushcup or drink
WD $1 Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles

WD $2.50 Claussen Pickles
WD $2.50 Jell-O pudding or gelatin, 6pk
B $0.69 Hunt's Ketchup, 24 oz (w/ $25 purchase)
B $1.50 Wishbone Salad Dressing, 7-16 oz
B $1 Betty Crocker Helpers, tuna, chicken, hamburger
B $0.69 Sauer's May, 32 oz (w/ $25purchase) - don't know if sold at Wal-Mart

PUB $4.99 Bertolli Complete Meal for 2 ($1.50 internet coupon- no longer available)
FW $2.50 Hot or Lean Pockets
FW 4/$9 Lean Cuisine
FW $2.50 Smart Ones
FW $1 Blue Bell pint ice cream
WD $3.99 Blue Bell ice cream, 12 ct or 64 oz

Publix Deals June 24- June 30

Frugal for You is proud to be part of the Grocery Gathering! It is a collection of the best deals in national and local grocery and drugstores. You will also find Frugal For You's Food World, and Winn-Dixie Deals in the Grocery Gathering. I love finding the coupon match-ups there... less work for me. Try I Heart Publix to know where to look for the coupons. You may also view Publix's ads at their website for a complete list of BOGO items and Essentials.

Here are the best deals that I saw in the weekly ad:

$1.69/lb pork spare ribs
$1.79/lb Boston butt pork roast
$5.99/lb snowcrabs
$2.50 Tennessee Sausage roll (-$1 off 2 coupon last Sunday)
$2.50 each King Hawaiian Rolls, 12-14 oz
BOGO Mangoes, $1/2
$1.99/lb asparagus
$1.99/lb organic tomatoes on the vine (or conventional)
$2.49/lb Cherries

BOGO Post Cereal 2/$4.29 (Selects, 13 to 16-oz, Grape-Nuts, 17 or 24-oz, Grape-Nuts Flakes, 18-oz, or Trail Mix Crunch, 17-oz box)
BOGO Kellogg’s Cerea 2/$4.51 (Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, or Froot Loops, 14.9 to 17.5-oz)
$1.99 Pepperidge Farm House Bread

BOGO Mt. Olive Pickles 2/$2.79, 16-46 oz, or 4pk
BOGO Claussen Pickles, spears or sauerkraut, 20-32 oz, 2/$3.09
BOGO Kraft BBQ Sauce (-$0.75 coupon last Sunday)
BOGO Lawry’s Marinade, 2/$2.77 (-$1 off 2 in Publix Summer Savings Booklet)
BOGO French’s Yellow Mustard 2/$1.89, 14 oz
BOGO Crystal Light 2/$4.11
BOGO Nabisco Ritz Crackers 2/$3.79
BOGO Ragu Pasta 2/$2.63, 12-26 oz
BOGO Betty Crocker 2/$1.79
BOGO Mc Cormick Black Pepper 2/$3.59

$4.99 Bertolli Complete Meal for 2
BOGO Land O’Lakes tub margarine 2/$2.19
BOGO Breyer’s 2/$5.13

BOGO Kotex, 40-60 ct pads, 18 ct tampons, 2/$3.39
BOGO Lysol Disinfectant Trigger Spray 2/$2.69
$4.99 Whole Sub, in deli section

Greer's Weekly Deals June 24 - June 28

Greer's is on Hwy 98 at Bauer Road, before Lillian AL. Call them at 850-455-2719 for directions. I've been there once or twice. It's a small, clean, and tucked away grocery store. Their vegetables and meats are typically a great value.

However, I usually price-match their sales at Wal-Mart instead of shopping there. Print their
weekly ad if you plan to do this. Their ads sometimes do not make it in the Weds newspaper. The cashier may give you a hard time if they do not have a copy of the weekly ad to verify.

$3.98 each watermelon
$1.98/lb sliced center cut pork chops
$1.88/lb boneless beef shoulder steaks, family pack
$1.68/lb boneless beef shoulder roast , family pack
$1.68/lb ground beef ( ground chuck cheaper FW), family pack
$1.48/lb pork loin, ¼ sliced
$0.98/lb California peaches or nectarines

Food World Deals, June 24 - June 30

Frugal for You is proud to be part of the Grocery Gathering! It is a collection of the best deals in national and local grocery and drugstores. You will also find Frugal For You's Publix and Winn-Dixie Deals in the Grocery Gathering. You may also view Food World's ads at their website.

Food World doubles coupons up to $0.55! The best way to take advantage of this is to buy what is on sale from their weekly ad with your coupons. Their prices are more expensive except for their meat. At least once a month or so they have these sales: $0.99/lb split chicken breast, $1.80/lb asstd. porkchops, $1.99/lb ground chuck. These prices can be price-matched at Wal-Mart if you do not go to Food World.

There are a few good deals that I see from the ad:

3/$5 bluberries or strawberries 12-16 oz
$0.99 cantaloupe
$0.25 each Kiwi

$0.99/lb split chicken breast (stock-up!)
$1.69/lb beef shoulder roast (Stock-up!)
$3.99/lb Snow crabs
$2.99/lb salmon, wild caught (stock-up!)
$1.99/lb whole beef brisket
$5.99/lb Shrimp, large 31-35 ct
BOGO Tyson fully cooked chicken,
BOGO Hormel bacon, 2/$4.99
BOGO Johnsonville grilling sausage links $2/$5.99
BOGO Carolina Pride items, 2/$3.69, 14-16 oz (sausage loop, links, bacon, lunchmeats)
BOGO Williams Premium roll sausage $3.49/2
$2.99/lb Bryan Ham, deli sliced

$2.29 Butter, 4 sticks, regular or unsalted
$2.50 Hot or Lean Pockets
4/$9 Lean Cuisine
$2.50 Smart Ones
$1 Blue Bell pint ice cream

Winn-Dixie Deals June 24 - June 30

Frugal for You is proud to be part of the Grocery Gathering! It is a collection of the best deals in national and local grocery and drugstores. You will also find Frugal For You's Publix and Food World Deals in the Grocery Gathering.

View the Winn-Dixie ad on their website here They have coupons here too! Remember to use you Winn-Dixie card to make these deals work. If I find a great in-store special not advertised in the ad, I will update you!

$1.49/lb ground chuck
$1.59/lb Boston butt pork roast
$1.59/lb split chicken breast (cheaper at Food World)
$0.69/lb whole pork shoulder picnic
BOGO pork steaks or country-style ribs

$1.29 limes, 2/lb bag
$1.29 celery
$0.68 each mango
$2 Onions, Vidalia or yellow, 3 lb bag
$1.50 each broccoli bunch
$2 Winn-Dixie Idaho potatoes, 5/lb
BOGO Dole salads, 5-14 oz

BOGO Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread, 2/$3.89
BOGO Lender’s Bagels, 6ct, 2/$3.89

BOGO Post Cereal, 2/$4.19
(15-20 oz. Shredded Wheat, 16 oz. Bran Flakes, 20 oz. Raisin Bran or 24 oz. Grape Nuts)

$1.99 Post Cereals
(13 oz. Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles, 13.5 oz. Alpha-Bits or 14.5 oz. Honeycomb or Honeycomb Cinna-graham)

Buy 4 Get FREE Milk $2.50 each
(Keebler Chips Deluxe cookies, Vienna Fingers, Town House crackers, Special K Bars or 8 ct. Rice Krispies Treats, 12 oz. Rice Krispies or Corn Pops, 14 oz. Frosted Flakes, 14.5 oz. Mini-Wheats Little Bites, 16 oz. Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight or Blueberry Muffin, 16-19 oz. Frosted-Mini Wheats Bite Size or 20.4 oz. Frosted Mini Wheats)

$3.99 Blue Bell ice cream, 12 ct or 64 oz
$1.50 Kraft cheese (10.7 -12 oz. • 2%, fat-free, American yellow or white singles or 5-8 oz. chunk, shredded, cubes or crumbles)
$1 Breakstone’s sour cream, 16 oz
$1.25 Philly Cream Cheese (reg. or light)
$2.50 Winn-Dixie Cottage Cheese, 24 oz
$2.50 Claussen Pickles
$2.50 Jell-O pudding or gelatin, 6pk
$0.50 each Dannon yogurt
$1 Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles

BOGO Smart Balance spread, 2/$3.59
$1.50 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, 14 oz
$1.50 Hunt’s Ketchup 20 oz
BOGO Wishbone salad dressing, 2/$2.99
BOGO Pop-Secret 3pk, 2/$3.09

$1 Dawn or Joy 15 oz
3/$3.99 Kleenex tissue
BOGO Gain 2x Laundry detergent, 2/$7.99

Barnes Deals, June 24 - June 30

I love Barnes Supermarket! They have great deals on meats and produce. But I've never shopped there before. I just use their ad and price-match the best deals at Wal-Mart. Price-matching at Wal-Mart saves me time and money. To learn more, read this post I wrote.

If you would like to visit Barnes, here are their locations in Pensacola:

1301 N 9th Ave
Pensacola, FL 32503
(850) 438-3191

1612 N Pace Blvd
Pensacola, FL 32505
(850) 433-0762

This Barnes Deals list is pretty late. I didn't get the weekly ad until Sunday night. Sorry... I will update the Wal-Mart Price Match too.

Here are the best deals that I see:
$1.49/lb assorted porkchops
$1.39/lb Boston butt pork roast
$1.99/lb skinless, boneless chicken breast
$2 Oscar Mayer bologna or salami, 16 oz

$1.50 Flavorite American singles, 16 oz (price-match w/ store brand)
$1.25 Flavorite cheese, shreds or block, 8 oz (price-match w/ store brand)
$0.50 Yoplait yogurt, Light or Thick and Creamy, 6oz
$2 Dannon Danimals drinks or crushcups
$1.50 Daisy sour cream, 16oz
$2 I can't believe it's not butter! 8-16 oz

$1.49/lb yellow onions, 3 lb bag
$0.99/lb vine-ripe tomatoes
$0.99/lb peaches
$0.50 green onions

$1.50 Quaker Oats grits 12 oz
$1 Suave shampoo, 15 oz
$1 Betty Crocker Helpers, tuna, chicken, hamburger, 5-9,25 oz
$2.50 GM Cereals: Golden Grahams, Chex, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, Total
$1.50 Flavorite graham crackers
$1 Act II Popcorn, 10.75 oz
$1.25 Chex or Bugle snacks, 7.5-8.75 oz
$1 Kraft BBQ Sauce
$1.50 Wishbone Salad Dressing, 7-16 oz

Monday, June 22, 2009

$25 Gift Certificates for $2 at Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is once again offering 80% off their gift certificates through June 25. The code is DISH. Be sure to click apply when you type it in. Otherwise it will not deduct the discount. I printed 4 for Rafters at the Wharf in Orange Beach. They don't have a minimum purchase, just buy 2 entrees at least. A friend gave us a $25 GC there last year for Christmas. It's like a nice neighborhood bar and restaurant. And Rave Theater is right behind it. So you can park the car and eat then walk to the movies!

Thanks Hip 2 Save for the tip! I missed this before because I waited too long to get them. Not this time. Please note, that these gift certificates (GC) do not work like the regular restaurant gift cards you may get for Christmas. Read these tips and the fine print first:

1. Your minimum purchase may be higher than your GC price.
(Rafter's doesn't, that's why I picked it.)
2. You can only use one per month per restaurant.
3. These are valid for 1 year.
4. It may or may not include alcoholic purchases. So ask first.
5. There is no cashback.

Extra coupons in Sunday's paper

Did you get your paper this Sunday? If you missed it, call Dollar Tree. They may have copies today and Tuesdays. And it's only $1!

  • Check out USA Magazine for coupons. I found 3 brands: Scott (3 coupons), Prilosec ($2 off any), and Cottonelle ($1 of 12pk).

  • Landry's Restaurant also had an insert with three $10 off 2 dinner entrees coupons and $5 off one lunch entree. I love eating there. I am not above saving a few dollars on dinner. These coupons would certainly keep costs down. This way we can tip more. That's how I look at it anyway.

  • Chili's coupon- $5 off 2 entrees. This was a peelie (sticker) on the front page of the newspaper. You may be able to use it for lunch and it doesn't expire until July 14.

  • We did not get the $2 off Starbucks, nor the Nivea coupons. If you want them badly, check e-bay or different coupon clippers.
    • Menu Plan Monday

      Looks like I need help sticking to a menu. If I could just get a routine like I do clipping coupons, then we'd really be saving! So most of what I wanted to make last week did not get cooked. I didn't buy all the ingredients until Sunday. So, since I have them now, I'm planning to cook them this week:

      Monday: Apritada

      Tuesday: Stroganoff

      Wednesday: Church Potluck

      (bringing baked mac n' cheese and rice krispie treats)

      Thursday: Leftovers

      (I have Bible study and hubby has training)

      Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

      Saturday: Red beans and rice

      Sunday: Paella

      Sunday, June 21, 2009

      Happy Father's Day!

      This Father's Day my thoughts go to 2 favorite Dads of the same name (well, one is the Spanish version of the other!)

      I remember as a little girl imagining what it would be like to have my Daddy around. He was and still is in the US military. I grew up overseas so for most of my 12 years we were a few thousand miles apart. To ease the pain of separation, he'd send me packages, handwritten letters and every birthday card. He'd visit a only few times a year, mostly for Christmas, meaning he missed all my birthdays. But, I was, admittedly, a Daddy's girl! I made the most of his visits. As soon as he would raise his voice in attempts to discipline me, I would let big teardrops fall to get out of trouble! I don't think he had the heart to say no to me. At 13 we were finally living more months out of the year together. Unfortunately, by 18, I left for college and have not lived home since. So we are apart again.

      My Daddy is a very generous man. Like most, he is full of flaws. But these are all overcome by his genuine love for our family. Even though I still don't see him much I'm very thankful for my Dad. The man he is and has become. He is a true overcomer.

      The other Dad I love is my husband, pictured here on the verge of reeling in a Pompano. What a blessing he is: loves God above all else and continually learning how to be the man he's made to be. Every hobby and passion he pursues is a money maker! (I save us money and he makes us money) He is a songwriter and singer, inventor, handyman, personal trainer, linguist, dance instructor, soccer coach, fisherman, martial artist. A true Renaissance man. Contemplative, interesting, and interested. I'm glad God put us in each other's paths early on as Best Friends.

      As a Dad, he is adored by our little ones. It is an awesome sight seeing them look at him work a piece of wood or when he is training them. He is definitely their idol! Their minds are constantly challenged by their Dad. To him, their limitations are very few. And he seeks to guide them and show them more than they think they can accomplish. He really believes in them. As a Mom, nothing can make me happier.

      So I hope you have an AWESOME Father's Day! And the same to all the Dads we know and love. Thank you for your legacy and inheritance.

      CVS Super Shopping

      It's Sunday, my usual CVS day. I posted a CVS Shopping Plan which I forgot to bring a copy with me to the store. Good thing I had a rough list in my notebook. The Crest multipack was $7.99 so I did not buy it. The Soyjoy was FREE after ECBs. I love these. They are definitely girly power bars! Also, my hubby found a lumbar support (not pictured here) for $6. It's a mesh curved piece you put between you and the chair, like the car seat. He used it on the drive home and it helped alleviate his back pain. Great Father's Day present.

      Here is the breakdown of this transaction:
      20 Soyjoy bars ($18 + $20 ECB)
      2 Thermacare Heatwraps ($2.98 +$4.98 ECB)
      2 Revlon eyeshadow (FREE)
      2 Freestyle Lite Meters (FREE)*
      2 French's Mustard ($0.75)
      Lumbar Support ($6.99)
      -$5 ECB from last week
      -$10 (off $50, coupon from price scanner)
      Total Out of Pocket (OOP): $12.71
      Received: $24.98 ECBs

      I plan to use these ECBs to buy Aveeno lotion. They ran out of the small sized $3.39 lotion ;ast week. My CVS manager gave me a raincheck for last week's deal (Buy $25 Aveeno get $10 ECBs). With coupons and these ECBs, my OOP should be zero!

      *I bought 2 FL Meters because I need my total to get up to $50 to use the $10 off $50 coupon. They ended up FREE because of two $9.99 coupons from the paper a few months ago. My friend's husband tipped us on getting these as fillers. Sometimes they are even moneymakers like this week at Walgreens. He said he gives them to his boss, who then takes them to Missions trips. I guess these are not cheap overseas. What a great way to help others while saving money!

      How To: Clip Coupons

      It's Sunday. This is about the only day that I have a real routine! This is what typically happens:
      1. Church
      2. CVS
      3. Wal-Mart (for newspaper)
      4. Lunch
      5. Read Sunday paper
      6. Clip Coupons
      7. Read Comics
      8. Kids' (and or Mommy) nap.

      In the picture above, there a two pairs of little hands with kid scissors clipping coupons. Those are my very own hired help! Sometimes I help them, as was in this case. But they are natural coupon clippers. While going through our regular Sunday routine, I thought about the simplicity of it all and thought to share my coupon-clipping process with you:

      1. Get the paper for $1 at Wal-Mart. Buy a few when there are more than 2 booklets or really great coupons. Go to this site to find out which booklets will be included in the paper.

      2. Cut each coupon out! Sounds wacky but the plan is to make sure you don't miss a coupon. It really takes no more than a few minutes. When I buy multiple papers, I cut the coupons myself. The same booklets get cut together, one booklet at a time. Then I group the coupons that are the same together.

      3. Alphabetize the coupons. Again, takes only a few minutes. Even with multiple papers, this is not too bad since they are stacked together already from #2. Put aside coupons you will not use but instead will give away or throw out (for me these are pet and baby coupons). Cutting up coupons should be as brainless of a task as possible. This way your mind power is reserved for the organization needed in alphabetizing.

      As a rule, alphabetize by Company Brand Name, unless you can remember all the specific names. (Example, Kraft coupons for cheese, BBQ Sauce, mayo, fall under K for Kraft). This is so handy when spotting hidden in-store deals. You'll find your coupons quicker this way than trying to figure out which category they me be located.

      4. Put away in tickle file or binder. My tickle file poses as a clutch purse. (Altough I am rethinking shoebox! With all these new Internet coupons, I can hardly close this thing.) I have an envelope for each letter and that goes into the coupon purse. Some use binders with baseball card organizers. Each packet of 30 sleeves cost $5 and are found at Wal-Mart. I may switch to this after I get over the sticker shock. After all, I'll need more than 30 sleeves!

      So now you are coupon ready! Practiced weekly for a few months, this money-saving habit will take no more than 30 minutes to do. Get everyone to help! And when coupons are used with great store sales, it is guaranteed to save you lots of money!

      Walmart Price-Match Produce

      This morning, I stopped by Wal-Mart to get the newspaper and produce. I wanted to stock-up on some for the freezer. To get the best deals, I price-matched several veggies from this weekly round-up.

      I spent $10.85 for these. Regularly priced, these would cost at least $20.
      3lb Onions and 5lb potatoes $1.50 each (Greer's)
      Broccoli and cauliflower $1.19 each (Barnes)
      Tomatoes $0.69/lb (Barnes)

      The ( ) shows which store is price-matched. And you can still stock-up through Tuesday. See my match-ups here. I also bought other veggies (some on sale, some not) for this week's menu plan. Plus two FREE trial-size Aquafresh with coupons from here and the newspaper. With summer trips coming up soon, I am on the hunt for free travel-size toiletries. All in all, my total came out to $21.43. Not bad for about 30 pounds of vegetables.

      Saturday, June 20, 2009

      CVS Shopping Plan, June 21- June 27

      I am planning a trip to CVS tomorrow morning after Church. They have some great freebies, including Thermacare neckwraps. (I've been able to buy these for FREE before for my hubby. They work great!) I also posted a CVS $5 Challenge. I'm defintely getting those items plus more.

      Buy Soyjoy $4 for 4, get $4 ECB.
      Buy 20, use two $1 off 5 coupon .

      Buy Crest toothpaste multipack, get $3 ECB
      Buy 2pack for $4.99 (listed as starting price, may cost more)
      Use $1 off 1 Crest coupon (from PG Year of Savings)

      Buy Thermacare 1 ct neckwrap for $2.49 get $2.49 ECB (limit 2)
      Buy 2 neckwraps, use 2- $1 off 1 coupons here

      Buy 2 Freestyle Monitors, $9.99 each
      Use two $9.99 coupons

      BOGO Revlon Eye or Lip Color, (around $5)
      Buy 2, use two $1 off 1 Revlon and $3 off 1 CVS coupons

      Subtotal: $55
      -$27 Manuf coupons
      -$18 CVS coupons
      Total OOP expected $10 Get $28 ECBs back
      Possible $18 Money maker!

      Coupons Finally Came! CVS Here I Come...

      Remember when I wrote a post about buying coupons online. They came in on Weds. And I was very pleased. But the problem I have with them is in using them! Normally, I do my shopping on Mondays. Since I didn't have my coupons for the cereal and Aveeno, I waited to do these CVS deals this Saturday. Well, I should have gone sooner because the products I wanted were gone! Luckily, the manager issued me a Rain Check for Aveeno. I would still get the CVS Deal, Get $10 ECB when you buy $25 Aveeno. That's great. I love CVS! And she also let me know that the price check machine is again printing coupons. Only 1 coupon printed, $10 off $50. But I also got CVS coupons from my receipt, including $3 off Revlon (I'll be using this for the BOGO deal this week).

      Walgreens Super Shopping

      This trip is courtesy of my hubby. During lunch he went by Walgreens to use up our Register Rewards (RR). The lithium batteries are $7.99 a pack. It turns out that you can't go very far using alkaline batteries in digital cameras! He came up to pay for them with $18 RR, from 3 RR coupons. But the register kicked back one coupon. It turns out, to use 3 RR coupons, you need 3 items! So he called me and I suggested to add a candybar and it worked. Whew!

      He paid $1.93 out of pocket and enjoyed some M&M's as a reward!

      We still have $3 RR left. And I plan on using it this week at Walgreens. I have my shopping trip outlined here.

      Oh Where Did My Nice Target Go?

      On Thursday, I went to Target and bought just a few things: strawberries, blueberries, and homeschooling items.
      I also came to fix my receipt from a previous shopping trip. It looked like they didn't give me $2.75 in coupons. The coupons were listed on the receipt but I tallied it and was short 3 coupons. When I called, the man I spoke to said I would get a refund. But Tijuana, (her real name, don't know about the spelling) from Customer Service said I was wrong. She said that since the coupons were listed, they were deducted from the total. When I challenged her to add up the value, she would not. All she did was copy the coupon codes and say she would pass the info along.

      I was so mad but tried to stay cool. I asked for a comment card. And am going to mail it in and also write corporate online. This has been happening to me a while. For some reason, if I buy something that is a Target special promotion that week, and I stack a manufacturer's and Target coupon, the manufacturer's coupon is listed but not deducted from the total.

      So check your receipt, preferably before leaving the store! This way if this happens to you, the cashier could pull out your coupons from the register and sort out the problem.

      As for me, unless the Target deals is out of this world, I will no longer be shopping there. It's too much of a hassle to use coupons and they have lots of unwritten rules on how to use them. I'm very disappointed since they just opened in March!

      Search my blog or the web.