Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Where Did My Nice Target Go?

On Thursday, I went to Target and bought just a few things: strawberries, blueberries, and homeschooling items.
I also came to fix my receipt from a previous shopping trip. It looked like they didn't give me $2.75 in coupons. The coupons were listed on the receipt but I tallied it and was short 3 coupons. When I called, the man I spoke to said I would get a refund. But Tijuana, (her real name, don't know about the spelling) from Customer Service said I was wrong. She said that since the coupons were listed, they were deducted from the total. When I challenged her to add up the value, she would not. All she did was copy the coupon codes and say she would pass the info along.

I was so mad but tried to stay cool. I asked for a comment card. And am going to mail it in and also write corporate online. This has been happening to me a while. For some reason, if I buy something that is a Target special promotion that week, and I stack a manufacturer's and Target coupon, the manufacturer's coupon is listed but not deducted from the total.

So check your receipt, preferably before leaving the store! This way if this happens to you, the cashier could pull out your coupons from the register and sort out the problem.

As for me, unless the Target deals is out of this world, I will no longer be shopping there. It's too much of a hassle to use coupons and they have lots of unwritten rules on how to use them. I'm very disappointed since they just opened in March!

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