Sunday, June 21, 2009

CVS Super Shopping

It's Sunday, my usual CVS day. I posted a CVS Shopping Plan which I forgot to bring a copy with me to the store. Good thing I had a rough list in my notebook. The Crest multipack was $7.99 so I did not buy it. The Soyjoy was FREE after ECBs. I love these. They are definitely girly power bars! Also, my hubby found a lumbar support (not pictured here) for $6. It's a mesh curved piece you put between you and the chair, like the car seat. He used it on the drive home and it helped alleviate his back pain. Great Father's Day present.

Here is the breakdown of this transaction:
20 Soyjoy bars ($18 + $20 ECB)
2 Thermacare Heatwraps ($2.98 +$4.98 ECB)
2 Revlon eyeshadow (FREE)
2 Freestyle Lite Meters (FREE)*
2 French's Mustard ($0.75)
Lumbar Support ($6.99)
-$5 ECB from last week
-$10 (off $50, coupon from price scanner)
Total Out of Pocket (OOP): $12.71
Received: $24.98 ECBs

I plan to use these ECBs to buy Aveeno lotion. They ran out of the small sized $3.39 lotion ;ast week. My CVS manager gave me a raincheck for last week's deal (Buy $25 Aveeno get $10 ECBs). With coupons and these ECBs, my OOP should be zero!

*I bought 2 FL Meters because I need my total to get up to $50 to use the $10 off $50 coupon. They ended up FREE because of two $9.99 coupons from the paper a few months ago. My friend's husband tipped us on getting these as fillers. Sometimes they are even moneymakers like this week at Walgreens. He said he gives them to his boss, who then takes them to Missions trips. I guess these are not cheap overseas. What a great way to help others while saving money!

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