Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walgreens Super Shopping

At Walgreens, I spent $12.49 out of pocket. I did get $8 RR back. After the Register Rewards (RRs) my total is $4.49 or 64% savings! I was able to buy two Lysol sprays with FREE wipes for $.05.0 each! And some cheap Chex at 3/$2.50 after coupons. They are not pictured here because we snacked on them before the photo.

This trip, though, was not that great. My cashier was polite but unbending. I did not get overage on my Aquafresh toothpaste because she would not let me use my coupons and I could only get 2, not 4. Nor was I able to use my $3 RR from last week because she said she was sure I would not get any RRs if I pay with one. She was wrong, of course, because they can rollover as long as they are for different items. Then I remembered that coupons cannot be used to buy the diabetic monitors if you are doing a rebate. This is because the rebate is only for the actual amount you pay after coupons. So unless there is something really grand on sale next week, I really cannot stock up on RRs.

Here is the breakdown of this transaction:
1st transaction: Aquafresh OOP $3.23, got $3 RR
2nd transaction: Aquafresh OOP $3.23, got $3 RR
3rd transaction: 2 Lysol OOP $3.53, got $2 RR
4th transaction: 3 Chex OOP $2.50
Total OOP was $12.49, got $8 RR back

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