Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coupon Clippers

I just couldn't resist anymore... I bought coupons online! We have a Visa gift card that is about to expire this month. So my hubby agreed I could spend some of it on coupons. You may be wondering, why pay for something you get for FREE in the Sunday paper? Well, that is the same thought restraining me all these years. Unfortunately for our area, many high value coupons never make it in the newspaper. Although ebay would be cheaper, I like the flexibility of a clipping service. They charge a nominal fee for the service of clipping the coupons (no more than $0.50 for a $4 coupon, for example). And you can mix and match the coupons you want to buy. Because I can view the weekly ads for Target, Kmart (from A Full Cup), CVS and Walgreens by Thursday (from I Heart CVS or I Heart Wags), I know which coupons I need to make the deals cheaper. So I hope my instincts are right and I hope these come in time!

I used Coupons and Things by Dede and spent $4.42 (Shipping was $1.11). You can also use The Coupon Master or The Coupon Clippers. I learned about these from Be centsable and Frugal Coupon Living. I'll let you know how much I really do save with this service later!

Here is the list of what I bought to use for next week:
4 Kellogg's Kid Cereals $1 off 1 (CVS will have these $1.88 each next week)
5 Kellogg's Raisin Bran $1 off 1 (same as above)
5 Aveeno, any $1 off 1 (at CVS- Buy $20 of Aveeno, get $10 in ECB)
2 Ritz, Buy 1 get Wheat Thins FREE (this is just a sweet deal)
1 Lean Pockets, $0.50 off 1 (Target deal)
5 Joint juice $1 off 1 (these make for 5 FREE bottles at Target!)
4 Knorr Sides $0.75 off 2 (I've been seeing these on sale a lot)
1 Red Plum whole booklet (it was cheap and has lots of coupons)

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