Monday, June 22, 2009

Extra coupons in Sunday's paper

Did you get your paper this Sunday? If you missed it, call Dollar Tree. They may have copies today and Tuesdays. And it's only $1!

  • Check out USA Magazine for coupons. I found 3 brands: Scott (3 coupons), Prilosec ($2 off any), and Cottonelle ($1 of 12pk).

  • Landry's Restaurant also had an insert with three $10 off 2 dinner entrees coupons and $5 off one lunch entree. I love eating there. I am not above saving a few dollars on dinner. These coupons would certainly keep costs down. This way we can tip more. That's how I look at it anyway.

  • Chili's coupon- $5 off 2 entrees. This was a peelie (sticker) on the front page of the newspaper. You may be able to use it for lunch and it doesn't expire until July 14.

  • We did not get the $2 off Starbucks, nor the Nivea coupons. If you want them badly, check e-bay or different coupon clippers.
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