Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So it turns out menu planning goes really well with super shopping. While I have known this in my head for some time, I have stopped making menus since last year! I tend to overdo things. So after I shocked myself at the amount of work it takes to do once-a-month cooking, I've backed away from any form of cooking except for boiling rice and pasta and the occasional crockpot recipe. Throw into the mix my gaining weight from all the yummy muffins, pancakes, amish breads I've been making. Indulgence has a price... per pound it seems. Plus, we're trying to eat healthy. Besides eating Kashi cereal and oatmeal, I really need to come up with a plan!

So it's great to see all the different menu plans here at Organizing Junkie. Here are some I've come up with for dinner this week:
Monday: Lasagna and Veggies
Tuesday: Green Salad with Chicken
Wednesday: Apritada (Filipino chicken stew)
Thursday: Amatriciana (Easy pasta with sausage and bacon)
Friday: Sinigang (Filipino beef soup)
Saturday: Bistek (Filipino beef strips)
Sunday: Beef Stroganoff


  1. Would it be possible to get some of the recipes for the Filipino foods?

  2. Yes, I will post it at a later Monday Menu. I have a recipe book from my Mom. But I mostly cook it the way I remember seeing and tasting it.


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