Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 3.1.10

I'd just have to say I'm stumped! I really don't know what to make this week at all. It's a new month, with new sales, new coupons. But I'm still waiting for certain items to go on sale. I guess I'm tunnel vision thinking of Once-A-Month cooking. That's not going to happen! I am excited to visit some blogs and get ideas from them. So this week I'm going through the freezer and pantry and will come up with a plan for the rest of the month.

Here is the most basic plan I can concoct just for dinners:
BBQ sandwiches
Oriental chicken
Spaghetti and meatballs
Venison and broccoli stirfry
Crockpot chicken and stuffing

Lunches will be soups and sandwiches
Breakfasts will be cereal and oatmeal
Snacks will be all those Kashi TLC bars I just bought.
Pretty dull. How do you get out of a cooking funk? Visit orgjunkie for better ideas!

Here are some dishes we ate this week:

Cheese omelet, beef apple patties & english muffins for brunch.
Spaghetti & meatballs (or knee ball as my son calls them), with Classico Vodka Sauce, yum!
Baked potatoes w/ Rondele & cheddar cheeses. You can freeze baked potatoes! Hawaiian pizza using Vodka sauce & John Morrell lunch meat. Their Off-the-Bone brand is thick like from the deli, perfect for pizza!

Super Shopping at Target 2.28.10

New Target Deal: Buy 4 Kashi Snacks Get 1 FREE
5 Kashi TLC Bars $2.59 each
Subtotal: 12.95
-$3 off 2 peelie
-$3 off 2 peelie
-FREE box
= Pay $4.36 for 5 boxes, or $0.87 each!

I also did:
2 GE Reveal 4pk for $2 each
Subtotal: $4
-$1.50 x2 Target Q PRINT
-$1 Manuf Q (expired today)

2 Kraft Salad Dressing, $2.04 & $1.99 price cut
Subtotal: $4.03
-$1 off 2 Target PRINT
-$1 off 2 from coupon booklet
=$2.03 for two or $1 each!

Deals are great when the food you get is edible. I must have pulled out 20 items past the sell by date. It just saddens my heart to see all that wasted Kashi All Natural food! Be sure to check the boxes for the best by date to avoid the hassle. Also, there may still be a few $3 off 2 peelies on these TLC boxes, but you have to really dig around to find them. However, Kerry found out that Kashi Heart to Heart Crackers are included in this deal. There are LOTS of printables for those at her blog, Totally Target. I also got coupons in the mail good for cereal or crackers, including a FREE coupon I used to get the cereal today.

Super Shopping at Winn-Dixie 2.28.10

At Winn-Dixie, my total was $14.70 but I paid $1.20 for a savings of 92%!

$2.74 x 2 Covergirl,
$3.29 Milk
-$2.50 off 2 Covergirl from P&G 2.7
-$5.49 using BOGO Covergirl Q from 2.7 P&G
Paid $1.20!

Here is an awesome clearance deal at Winn-Dixie. Our store had Covergirl Face items for $2.74 on clearance. If you still have the BOGO Q and $2.50 from PG 2/7 then you can do this deal. Winn-Dixie will put the original retail price on the BOGO coupon for $5.49 because that is how much they will charge the manufacturer. Not $2.74, which is an in-store Winn-Dixie price. So that’s $2.75 overage! I used mine to go towards milk= only $1.20 for milk, and 2 FREE Covergirl!

I hope that makes sense. I had to do a double take with my receipt. But whenever Winn-Dixie has a clearance, the store is eating the discounted cost. So when I used a BOGO or FREE coupon, they don’t need to write in their store discounted cost. They can charge the manufacturer the original price and get paid for it. The store makes money because they are not eating that discounted price. And you make money too because of the overage! Yippeee!

Super Shopping at Wal-Mart 2.28.10

Hello! This morning I went to Wal-Mart to price-match sales from this week’s grocery stores. See the longer list of sales in the Grocery Deal post, still good through Tuesday. (G) Greer’s, (FW) Food World, (WD) Winn-Dixie, (B) Barnes, (BL) Big Lots and CVS. The Price-Match price is on the left. If I used a Q, the final price is on the right.

My total cost was around $45 but I paid $20 for a savings of 55%! Did my math wrong earlier!
Thanks to Hip2Save for the Big Lots price-match heads up for All and V8!

$0.99 Newspaper
$1.11 Bananas at $0.49/lb (great price!)
$1.64 Red Delicious Apples at $1/lb
$2.50 Earthgrains Bread x2, -$0.55 x2 PRINT= $1.95 x2
(G) $1 Store Brand Brown Rice, 2lb bag
*I forgot to tell them to PM so I paid $1.52!
(G) $1 Head of lettuce, -$1 Q= FREE
(B) $1.49 Broccoli bunch, -$1 Q= $0.49
(WD) $2 Bertolli Sauce x2, -$1 Q x2 = $1x2
(BL) $1.50 V8 Juice x 2, -$1 Q x2 PRINT or PRINT= $0.50 x2
(BL) $2.50 All 3x, -$1x2 PRINT= $1.50x2
*The coupon has a pix of All 2x and All 3x but it says for 50 oz or more. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if it would work but she looked at it and pushed the coupon through.
(FW) $0.59 Del Monte can veg x8, -two $1 off 4 PRINT= $2.72
* can of veg only $0.34 each!
(CVS) $0.49 Campbells Cream of Chicken x4, -$1 off 4 PRINT= $0.96
*Campbells only $0.24 each! It’s on the front page of the CVS ad as Campbell’s or Swanson soup 10.75 oz excludes cream of mushroom. So my interpretation was that condensed cream of chicken soup is NOT excluded. It’s up to your cashier to accept or negate. So pray for a nice cashier!

A dear friend snagged Earthgrain coupons at the Commissary for me: Save $1 off produce when you buy Earthgrains. I stacked this coupon with the $0.55 off Earthgrains PRINT Q. So, not only only did I get the lettuce FREE and the apples for $0.11, but the bread is even cheaper at $1.95 a loaf. Not bad for all natural bread and it tastes great! It really helps to advertise to friends and family that you coupon. Maybe more of them will give me their extra coupons!

Super Shopping at Winn-Dixie 2.25.10

The total was $74 and I paid $6 + 1.40 tax for a savings of 92% !!!

$0.90 x 5 Arrowhead Pie Crust - Organic
$1.05 x 4 Arrowhead Stuffing - Organic
Used 3 $3 off peelies from the Stuffing
= FREE + $0.30 overage!

I also bought these other items on sale through Tuesday:

$2 x 2 Bertolli Sauce
$0.79 No-Yolk Noodles BOGO $2.29/2 (-$0.75 x 2 Q from paper)
$0.89 Rubbermaid Lock-Its BOGO $2.89/2 (-$1 x 2 Q from paper)

$0.50 x 2 Crayola Chalk on clearance
$2.50 Febreze Luminaire Starter Kit clearance for $7.50 (-$5 Q from mail)
FREE Febreze Luminaire Refill (BOGO Q 2.7 PP&G)
+$0.50 OVR Febreze Noticeables clearance for $3.50 (-$4 Q from paper)
+$2.50 OVR Cover girl on clearance for $2.74 each
(Used $2.50 off 2 & BOGO Q from 2.7 P&G=> For FREE item, they took off $5.49, the original price, NOT $2.74 the clearance price.)

Super Shopping at Publix 2.25.10

The total was $70 but I paid $5.25 for a savings of 92.5% !!! Rite Aid has $5 off $25 so I wanted to shop at Orange Beach to use this coupon. But the tax was $4.12 because of the tax on all the coupons I used , so the Rite Aid coupon pretty much went to that! I don’t feel too badly, though, because I never knew how many more different items they have at this Publix than the ones in Pensacola.

For the Italian Days Sale (I printed more Qs at the library.)
$1.09 x4 Muir Glen tomato paste
$0.89 x2 Muir Glen tomato sauce
-$1 x4 manuf Q (print)
-$1 off 2 x3 Publix Q
= +$0.86 OVR (these are FREE & a money maker just by themselves!)

$0.67 x 4 Green Giant Can Corn, BOGO sale
$1.25 x6 Progresso Soup
$1.19 x2 Progresso Bread Crumbs
-$1 off 3 x2 Soup
-$1 off 4 x2 Publix Q
-$5 off $20

Paid $2.70 for all!

I was having a hard time without my calculator to come up with $20 worth of items. So I asked the lady at Customer Service to ring up the items for me to see if I had $20 and I did. Later I realized that the total was only $18.70 and the rest was tax. I forgot they had tax in AL. So you can do this same exact scenario, just buy $1.30 more to bring up your total to $20. I am thinking of exchanging one of the bread crumbs for the Panko style to make up the difference.

I also bought other items that were FREE or less than $1:
2 Thai Kitchen, $1.09 each (-$1 x4 PRINT= $0.09)
4 Ny/Dayquil 2-ct, $1.29 each (-$1.50 x3, -$1 Q = FREE +$0.34 OVR)
2 Puffs (used FREE Q wyb 2 Ny/Dayquil= FREE!)
Airborne 2 ct, $0.80 (-$1 Q= FREE +0.20 OVR)
Kikkoman Ponzu, $1.79 (-$1 PRINT= $0.79)
3 Hunts, $0.33 each ($1 PRINT= FREE!)
2 Starkist Pouch, $0.99 (-$1 x2 PRINT= FREE!)
2 Kraft Cheese $1.66 each (-$1 x2 Target PRINT, -1 off 2Q= $0.17 each!)
2 Dannon Activia, $2 ( -$1 x2 PRINT= $1 each)
6 Mahatma Valencia $0.87 each (-$0.50 x6 Q= $0.37 each!)

Also, Apples & Eve 8pk Juice, $1.50 (I didn’t have a Q but the price is great!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bird's Eye Only $0.19 at Food World!

Even though we're only getting ONE coupon insert tomorrow for Smartsource, I'm buying the paper anyway! There will be $0.35 Q for Bird's Eye. As long as Steamfresh is included, I'm using it at Food World since it's on sale for $0.89 and they double coupons! Yep! They're the only ones in this town that does.
$0.89 Bird's Eye Steamfresh
-$0.35 x 2 from 2-28 SS
$0.19 each!
*Veggies included are: cut green beans, sweet peas, broccoli cuts, mixed vegs, sweet corn
Don't forget to use your Marcal FREE coupons here. Don't have any? They're on sale for $0.69 for the 4pk toilet paper, 1 roll paper towel, 144 ct facial tissues.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CVS Super Shopping 2.24.10

I stopped by CVS today and found only 3 Bumble Bee left. Before anxiety set in, I asked the store manager when the truck was coming. I told her I was looking for the tuna and she had them in the back! She gave me and this fellow couponer 10 cans each. I *heart* CVS!

With the newspaper I bought (for the grocery ads, of course), my total came to $0! The Bumble bee tuna is $0.49 and I used 2 $1 off 5 PRINT Qs. The Bioluxe is BOGO for $9.99 and has the TRY ME Rebate form. So I'll get a $9.99 Visa card and 2 products to try instead of just one! This is the best way to try these new shampoos. Instead of getting them for the TRY ME Rebate anytime, wait for a BOGO sale then you can try both shampoo and conditioner. Check-out other match-ups here. Some reports said Gold Medal Flour is on clearance for $0.85 and Huggies Refill Wipes are $2.50, but my store didn't have these. The Airwick Freshmatic on sale for $5.99 is NOT the i-Motions, so the coupon in the paper for $5 off wouldn't work.

I used ECBs and a CVS money card. Once or twice, I've had to return a few things there (mostly items I thought were on sale but were not) and if I paid with ECBs and coupons, they kindly give me a full refund anyway but with a CVS money card. Apparently, they don't have to do this because they only need to reimburse the cash I paid. But they've never given me a problem and I never knew how lenient they were with me.

Grocery Deals Feb 24 - March 2

It's Wednesday again. That means new grocery sales are starting. Some highlights:

Publix Italian Days sale is going on. You can still use the $5 off $20.
Food World has 1/2 off Sale. Not as great as Winn-Dixie's last week, though.
Winn-Dixie has their Italian Sale. Not as great as Publix.

Check out more info here:
Publix Ad, Coupon Match-Ups for Full Ad or Super Deals
Winn-Dixie Ad, Coupon Match-Ups
Food World Ad
Greer's Ad
Barnes (highlights below)
Save-a-Lot (good through end of Feb)

$0.69 Old Orchard Apple Juice, 64 oz (w/$25 minimum purchase)
$0.69 Flavorite Corn Flakes (w/$25 minimum purchase)
$1.99/lb boneless, skinless, chicken breast
$2.99 Russet potatoes, 10lb bag
$0.99/lb Roma tomatoes
$1.49 Broccoli bunch
$1.69/lb green grapes
$2.29 Fresh Express Garden Salad 24 oz (family size)
$1.99 each cantaloupe
$0.50 Van Camp's pork & beans 15 oz
$0.50 Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna
$1 Progresso Classic Soup, 18-19 oz (Use $1/3 PRINT = $.77 ea)
$1 Hungry Jack Potatoes 4.9-7.8 oz
3/$4 Flavorite Cheese, s8 oz shreds or blocks

$1.50 Trans Ocean Crab Classic (flakes, legs, or chunks(Use $1 off from Weight Watchers, March, pg 115)
$1 Iceberg Lettuce
$1.50/lb red seedless grapes (cheapest this week!)
$0.50 Best Choice can veg 15 oz (price-match to Great Value)
$1/lb whole Boston butt pork roast (2 pk cryovac)
$2.38/lb boneless chuck roast, family pack
$2.88/lb tilapia filet (great price!!!)
$2.50 small whole fryers (Lady Forest brand)
$1.38/lb pork steak or country style finger ribs, family pack
$2.50 Idaho baking potato, 8lb bag
$0.50/lb green cabbage
3/$1 Best Choice Biscuits 7.5oz buttermilk or homestyle (great price!!!)
3/$1 Best Choice Yogurt 6 oz (great store brand price!!!)
$1 Best Choice Rice 32 oz long grain or brown (great price for brown!!)

$0.59 Del Monte can veg ($1/4 PRINT = $0.34 each!) Thanks IHP!
$0.69 Marcal Small Steps 144ct napkins, Paper Towel, 4ct toilet paper
(Use FREE Q from newspaper)
$0.89 Bird's Eye Steamfresh Veg: cut green beans, corn, peas
$0.59/lb Sanderson Farms chick leg qtrs (same brand as Winn-Dixie)
$1.39/lb catfish nuggets (great price for catfish)
3/$5 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, 5ct ($0.95/1 PRINT) Thanks IHP!
$1.39 Kraft Salad Dressing, 8oz
$0.99 Fresh Escarole or Endive

Please visit Southern Savers for coupon match-ups.

$0.50 each green onions or cucumbers
$2.50 2lb Winn-Dixie baby cut carrots or 16 oz Dole mushrooms
BOGO Louis Kemp imitation crab, 7.5 oz (2/$3.49)
BOGO Winn-Dixie half gallon orange juice (2/$2.50)
$1.50 Winn-Dixie apple juice
$2 Bertolli Pasta Sauce ($1 peelie on Sargento at Publix a while back)
BOGO No Yolks noodles (2/$2.29; Use 2 $0.75 Qs = $0.40 each!)
$0.59 Bumblebee tuna (register or $1 off 5 PRINT)
$3.99 Red Delicious apples, 5lb bag

Please visit I Heart Publix for detailed list.
$2/6 Hunts Tomato Sauce 8oz ($1/3 PRINT, to play game=FREE!)
$1.50 Fisher Fusion Snacks ($1 PRINT=$0.50!)
$2 Activia Yogurt ($1 PRINT=only $1!)
* I didn't sign-up and was still able to print 2 coupons.
BOGO Starkist pouch 2/$3.19 ($1 PRINT =$0.60!)
3/$5 Kraft shreds 8 oz ($1 Target PRINT (one per computer) + $1 off 2 Q from 1-24 SS = $0.60 each!)
$1.59 Hormel Chilimaster on clearance ($1 blinkie=$0.59!)

Don't forget all the Italian Days coupons for Progresso, Green Giant, etc and the $5 off $20. These are good through March 3rd.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FREE Pancakes at IHOP Today!

Today is National Pancake Day! Celebrate at IHOP and get a FREE stack of pancakes just for asking. Available all day Tuesday Feb 23 til 10pm. All they ask is that you consider making a donation to Children's Miracle Network. Can this qualify as a homeschool field trip? Thanks Money Saving Mom for the info!

Can't make it out there today? Make pancakes at home to celebrate. has lots of pancake recipes. This Banana Sour Cream Pancakes from Food Network sounds really good too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Target Super Shopping 2.22.10

Well, the 90% off is getting to be pretty slim-pickins. As of this morning, they still had a lot of large teddy bears for $0.99 and $0.80 for smaller ones. But as I was leaving the store, they were almost all gone. Of course, there are still TONS of Valentine's cards at $0.09 or $0.29, so stock-up for next year. I found a few that are perfect for birthdays and Easter because they don't say Happy Valentine's on them. For the more "expensive" price of $1.29 each, I got two gift bath sets and they smell really good. These are much cheaper than Bath and Body and looks just as nice. There's also tissue, giftwrap, cello wrap, gummy hearts for $0.19 or less.

All for $15.29! Those cute bears are only $0.80! Perfect for next year's Christmas shoeboxes.The Sweetheart bracelet candy is $0.50 and Nerds are $1.12 (for Easter baskets). I think for the next holiday, I'll keep calling Target everyday until their sale goes 90% because their sales are always before Wal-Mart's. The beauty of being frugal is that by having a lower grocery budget, I always have a few dollars left over for some 90% clearance! Do you stock-up on clearance sales? How did you do? What was the best thing that you found?

I took a few snapshots of other sales going on. See if there's any that strike your fancy.
The Hasbro card games w/ $5 Q are in an endcap away from all the others. (Are they on time out? Why are they isolated from the others?) I opened these and used the $5 cards to pay for them because the Qs didn't say good for next purchase.
Lots of the big bonus packs are 15% or 30% off. I think we can do better with a sale at CVS or Walgreens. But if you need these items now, these deals are still better than Wal-Mart.
Lots of household items are 50% off. The faux-fur blankets were $12.48 while bathroom accessories were under $3. Comforters, sheets and towels were also marked down. Found dining chair covers for $3.48 and capiz gold chargers for about the same.

Some Hefty products are $1 w/ $0.15 Q peelie = $0.85 a box!
Over time, I've developed coupon eyes and can spot a coupon a mile away. A long time ago, Classico was on sale at Target and I noticed these peelies for FREE pasta wyb 2 Classico. *They're BOGO sale at Publix through tomorrow, as is Mueller's pasta. These peelies expire in October 2010 so hold on to some if your store has them. Of course you can use them now since this price on Classico is pretty good. There's a $1/2 PRINT you can use too! Thanks IHeartPublix!

Can't wait to start your garden? Here in the Panhandle, we can start ours as the weather is getting warmer everyday. I *heart* Target's veggie starters. At only $1.89 each, it's an easy way for beginners to get started. Their plants vary. Today they had parsley, strawberries, mint, and green onions, just to name a few. I thought that $0.79 for flowers is also a great price. Of course it's more economical to start with seeds. And they have theirs available already as well.

Some of the brithday party stuff is on clearance for $1.04 and many of the party favors are also on sale.

GE Reveal is on price cut, $3.59 for 4 pk. Use $1 off 1 from and stack with a $1.50 Target Q = only $1.09! I'm holding out on my coupons in case Publix has them again on BOGO sale.

Okay, I hope that this is enough to get you going. Visit Totally Target for more deals and price markdowns!

Target 90% Valentine's Clearance!

Many thanks to Totally Target for the heads up! I called our store and they have 90% clearance for Valentine's stuff. The candy is still 75% off but that is still great! So head out there today if you can because this sale is not going to last long. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? Be back later with some pictures!

Publix Shopping 90% Saved!

I seriously need to hunt down my calculator. Since we stopped our cellphone service, I haven't carried my phone, which was also my calculator. I've been resorting to mental math (ie asking DH). My jaw dropped open during checkout when the receipt total came out to $3.80 with $36 savings. That's about 90% saved! If you ever doubted that you can be frugal and shop at Publix, I hope this convinces you. The BOGO prices are good through Tuesday. But the Publix PRINT coupons are good through next week. I am thinking about doing this deal a second time.

12 Progresso Soup (BOGO $2.37)
2 Muir Glen tomatoes ($1.89 each)
4 Green Giant Box Veggies ($1 each)

Manuf Coupons Used:
2 $1.10 off 3 Progresso PRINT
2 $1 off 3 Progresso PRINT
4 $0.25 off Light Progresso
2 $1 off any Muir Glen PRINT
2 $0.50 off 2 Green Giant Box Veg PRINT PRINT PRINT

Publix Coupons Used:
4 $1 off Progresso Publix Q PRINT or 2/21 SS
1 $1 off 2 Muir Glen Publix Q PRINT or 2/21 SS
$5 off $20 General Mills Products, Publix Q PRINT (I used this Q last!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


While looking through my Favorites list, I remembered to check Save-A-Lot's flyer. I never understood their sales cycle. I finally looked at the bottom of the flyer and it looks like they do monthly deals! Perfect since they are the only store in the area to offer bananas for $0.33 and Fresh Express iceberg salad for $0.99 on a regular basis. If you even visit the store just once in the beginning of the month to grab the sales flyer, then you could price-match some of the items at Target and Wal-Mart. Of course, you could shop there too. Just remember to bring your own grocery or reusable bags, otherwise you will have to "buy" theirs.

Save-A-Lot (SAL) sales flyer, manuf coupons w/ SAL logo

Deals for February:
$1 Banquet Select Dinners, 7.1-10.1 oz (Limit 12)
$0.99 Fresh Express Garden Salad, 12 oz
2/$1 Fairgrounds Hot Dogs (Limit 6)
4/$1 Act II Butter Lover's Popcorn, 3 oz (Limit 36)
3lbs/$1 Bananas (Limit 6 lbs)
$2 Malt-O-Meal Cereal, 21-23 oz, Frost Mini Spooners, Golden Puffs (Limit 6)
$0.88/lb Tyson chicken drums and thighs
$0.39 Caskey's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup
$0.99 Tomatoes, 3ct pkg
$1.49/lb ground beef in 5lb chub
$1.99 Potatoes, 10lb bag
$1.99/lb Hormel bone-in asstd pork chops
$0.59 Portside chunk light tuna
$0.35 O'Day's Mac & Cheese
$0.59 Frozen chicken leg quarters in 10lb bag
$0.79 Morning Delight sugar free syrup, 12 oz
$2.99 Portside fish sticks, 44 count, 24 oz pkg
$0.99 Deli Pride frozen sandwiches
$0.79 Sundia fruit cups, 8 oz
$1.99 Coburn Farms Cottage Cheese, 24 oz
$2.50 Manita's Italiano Pizza 20.7-21.75 pkg
$4.99 Shaner's boneless-skinless chicken breast or tenders, 40 oz
$2.99 Crystall 2 O drinking water, 24 pk
$1.99 Westcott Veg Oil (Use $1 PRINT)
$0.49 Wylwood can veg: corn, peas green beans, 14.5-15 oz
(Use $0.50 off 4 PRINT)
$2.49 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers or Complete Meals
(Use $1.25/2 Complete Meals or $1.50/3 Mixers)

Sunday Newspaper & Coupons 2.21.10

Are you getting this Sunday's newspaper? If so, you'll be in for a treat! Landry's has a single-page flyer with 3- $10 off 2 dinner entrees and a $5 off lunch entree. Also, there are 3 coupon inserts: P&G, Redplum and Smart Source. Visit Sunday Coupon Preview to get the list for RP and SS.

Our region seems to always get shorted on coupons. This week, we did not get the FREE Hawaiian rolls wyb Tysons, nor the $1 Celestial Seasonings Tea, among others. Nor the Tropicana, Uncle Bens, or Snickers bars. But we did get the Publix store coupons for Progresso and Pillsbury. We also have the submission form for the P&G $100 coupon booklet. Also, don't forget that Michaels, Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby have 40% off coupons in their ads.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To: Create A Price List

I was visiting Southern Savers for CVS and Wags deals. While there, I came across this post on Using A Buy Price List. Her own version is outlined in a PDF form and her price list is pretty great! She's even included a blank price list for us to fill in. I am going to check over this list and let you know which prices are lower or higher for Pensacola. For the most part, after loss leaders sales and coupons, these prices are great to look-out for stockpiling.

Drugstore Deals Feb 21-27

CVS Ad Scans and coupon match-ups
Walgreens Ad Scans and coupon match-ups
Target Store Ad, coupon match-ups, gift card deals (Thanks Totally Target!)
Walgreens still has the Gillette Fusion Razors on RR deal.
Buy at $8.99, Use $4 off Q, Get $4 RR (only $0.99 after RR)

Lemonheads and other movie theater box snacks are $0.49

Excedrin Menstrual Complete, $2.50, Get $2 RR
$2 PRINT to make this a $1.50 moneymaker

Go to the Target Coupon site to get new Krasft & Nabisco store Qs.

Target EASY FREEBIE is Sctoch Fur Fighter Hair Remover Starter Kit. Bring in store ad that says it's only $3.99 then print $4 Q to get it FREE! I'm praying that a nice cashier will push this coupon through for you. Sometimes they freak out over there when people get free stuff with coupons!

EARinse Ear Cleaning Spray $7.99
Get $7.99 ECBs Limit 1

Bumble Bee Tuna $0.49
Register to get $1 off 5
=$0.29 each!

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap $0.88
Use $0.50 Q from All You March 2010

Airwick Freshmatic Ultra I-Motion Starter Kit $5.99
Use $5 off Q from 2/7 SS

Search my blog or the web.