Saturday, June 20, 2009

$5 CVS Challenge June 21- June 27

I haven't done these challenges in a while. But let's give it a try here:
Thanks to The Thrifty Mama for coupon links. Check her CVS post!

1. First Transaction
Buy Soyjoy $4 for 4, get $4 ECB.
Buy 5, use $1 off 5 coupon here.
Pay $4 OOP, get $4 ECB back

2. Second Transaction.
Buy Crest toothpaste multipack, get $3 ECB
Buy 2pack for $4.99 (listed as starting price, may cost more)
Use $1 off 1 Crest coupon (from PG Year of Savings)
Use $4 ECB from #1.
Pay $0 OOP, get $3 ECB back

3. Third Transaction.
Buy Thermacare 1 ct neckwrap for $2.49 get $2.49 ECB (limit 2)
Buy 2 neckwraps, use 2- $1 off 1 coupons here
Use $3 ECB from #2.
Pay $0 OOP, get $4.98 ECB back

Would have spent $14.97
Total OOP $4. Plus get $4.98 ECB to use next week!

This CVS $5 Challenge is hosted by Keeping the Kingdom First. This would be a great scenario for newbies. And even if you do not have the coupons, the Thermacare and Soyjoy are already FREE after ECBs. You could also buy all of these in one transaction. You will pay more out of pocket ($15 or $11 with coupons) but will still get $15 ECBs for your next purchase.

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