Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grocery Deals Aril 21-27

I am having one of those housework ADD days... um, make it week! Trying hard to catch-up on everything plus kids underfoot and talking non-stop makes for bad headaches. At least today is Wednesday. And time for new grocery deals!

Winn-Dixie Ad. Thanks to Southern Savers for match-ups!
I generally ignore deals at Winn-Dixie because their deals are sometimes more expensive than Wal-Mart. But here are the best deals I see:

Half Price Super Sale
$0.74/lb whole chicken
$1.25 broccoli bunch
$2.65 Hebrew National
$1.40 Smucker's Grape Jelly or Squeeze (Use $1/2 Q from 3-28 RP)
$2.49 Eight O'Clock Coffee (Use $1.50/2 Q from 3-14 SS)
$0.79 Barilla Pasta (Use $0.75 Whole Grain from 3-07 SS- regional Q)
$0.99 Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies, 18.3 oz
$0.89 7-Up (Use $1 PRINT- limit reached)
$1.34 Sara Lee White Bread (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
$0.99 Old El Paso Taco Shells (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
$0.65 Old El Paso Seasoning (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
$0.75 Old El Paso Refried Beans (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q or $1 off Beans wyb 2- peelie?)
$1.25 Old El Paso Salsa (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
*I do hope our store has this $1/2 Tearpad!

$2.15 Purex 2x 32 loads (Use $1 PRINT)
$1.55 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Use $0.55 or $0.75 from 3-14 SS or PRINT)

BOGO Deals
Tysons Anytizer 2/$3.99 (Use two $1 Q from 3/7 SS = $1 each!)
Kellogg's Cereal: Special K, Raisin Bran, Kids Cereal
*(PRINT or PRINT $1 off Low Fat Granola)
Healthy Choice Soup 2/$2

Other Deals
$1.99/lb ground beef
$0.99 each mangoes
$0.99/lb red delicious apples
$1.99/lb green peppers
$0.49/lb cabbage
$2.50 whole or stuffer mushrooms 14-16 oz
$1.99 Oral B Advantage Toothbrush
(Use both BOGO Q from 3-07 PG & $2 from 4-04 PG to get 2 FREE!)

Publix Ad. Thanks to I Heart Publix for match-ups!
Last week was a fun one for me at Publix. Except for the Shout and Windex getting wiped out at both 9th Ave and Mobile Hwy stores. I'm not sad because they're BOGO again this week!

BOGO Deals
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels 2/$2.19 ($1 PRINT)
Post Cereal Selects, Great Grains, Trail Mix Crunch 2/$3.99 (register for $2 PRINT)
Ronzoni Healthy Harves Pasta 2/$1.79 (Use $0.75 from 4-11 SS or $1/2 PRINT)
Cheez-It 2/$3.29 (Use $2/2 from Wags April Booklet & 2 $0.75 PRINT or tearpad)
Yoplait YoPlus 2/$2.50 ($1 PRINT or PRINT or from 3-21 SS)
Edwards Pie 2/$2.50 ($1 PRINT if a la mode is included)

Shout Trigger Spray* 2/$2.99 ($0.55 Q + $1 Publix Q)
Windex Multi Surface Cleaner* ($1 Q + $1/2 Publix Q)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner* ($0.75 Q + $2/2 Publix Q)

*(Manuf qs in 3-21 SS & Publix Qs in There's Value in Family booklet)

$1.99 Cascadian Farm Frozen Fruit, Veg, Potatoes or Cereal or Cereal Bars
($1 PRINT or PRINT plus $2/3 Publix PRINT)
3/$5 Del Monte Fruit Chillers ($1 PRINT or PRINT)

Food World Ad. They are having Crazy 8 Sale and don't forget up to $0.50 double coupons!
$0.88 Marcal 1 roll paper towel, 4count TP, napkins (register for $1 PRINT- Thanks Julie!)
$0.88 Dole Classic Iceberg Salad
$1.78/lb ground beef
$0.88 Hunts Spaghetti Sauce
$0.88/lb d'anjou pears
$0.88 power bars or clif bars
2/$0.88 Yoplait yogurt
$0.88/lb Carolina Pride smoked picnics
$0.88/lb chicken fryers
$1.88/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts

$1.48/lb porkchops, bone-in sirloin
BOGO JennieO Turkey franks 2/$1.99
$2.19 Jennie-O Turkey Bacon
$2.50 Jennie-O Turkey Smoked Sausage
$2.99/lb Salmon, frozen fillet
$2.50 Sargento deli style cheese ($0.75 PRINT if rduced soium included)
$2.50 Moore's Marinade ($1Wing Sauce if included from 3-21 SS)
$3 Cascade dishwasher detergent, powder or liquid (1/2 from 3-07 PG)

Greer's Food Tiger Ad.
$2.48/lb boneless bottom round or rump roast
$1.18/lb porkchops
$4.98 Fast Fixin' Breaded Chicken 26 oz nuggets or 36 oz strips
$1 Always Save long grain rice, 2lbs*
$1.50 Always Save white flour, all purp or self-rising 5lb*
*(price-match with Great Value at Wal-Mart)
$1.50 broccoli bunch

Barnes. Last week was not good at all. I was going to buy the paper just to get the Barnes Ad but there was nothing worth reporting that I didn't buy it and saved myself the $0.75!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drugstore Deals Heads Up! April 18-24

It's Saturday and time to get ready for our CVS, Walgreens and Target shopping. New ads come out tomorrow but the deals are drawn up Friday or Saturday by eager-beaver bloggers everywhere.

CVS Ad Scans from IHeartCVS and Match-Ups from Coupon Saving Game.
Here are my favorite deals:

Easy Freebies
Green Bag Tag: Buy at $0.99; Get $0.99 ECB
Thermacare Neckwrap, 1 count, $2.49; Get $2.49 ECBs
Colgate Total, $2.99; Get $2 ECBs (Use $1 Q from 3/28 SS)

$5.99 Method Laudry Detergent ($2 PRINT= only $4)
*Also, submit for Method Laundry money-back challenge.

$1.50 Starbucks single frappucino ($1 PRINT= only $0.50)

Buy $10 in Hershey's Candy, Get $5 ECBs
Buy 4 H. Kisses, $3 each
Pay $12, Get $5 ECBs
Then, submit for a FREE Movie Ticket!
Walgreens Ad Scans from IHeartWags & Match-Ups from Coupon Saving Game.

Here are my favorite deals:
Easy Freebies
Kotex U Tampons $3.49; Get $2.50 RR (Use $1 PRINT= FREE!)
Colgate Total $2.99; Get $2 RRs (Use $1 Q from 3/28 SS)
Dawn $0.99 w/ in-ad Q (Use $0.50 Q from 4-4 PG= $0.50!)
3/$1 Reusable bags w/ in-ad Q

THURSDAY ONLY: $1 Printer Cartridge Ink Refill w/ in-ad Q

Target Gift Card Deals and Sneak Peak Match-Ups from Totally Target.

Sunday Coupon Preview has SmartSource and RedPlum inserts. Some coupons are regional.

You can also print other Smart Source coupons.

You can also print other RedPlum coupons.

Health Expo at PJC Saturday 4/17

Around this time of the year in April, I attend the Women's Expo, mainly to get samples from the Apple Market. But they won't have it again until next year! To make up for it, they will host a health expo instead. And Apple Market will be there. If you have never visited this place downtown (next to the Angus Steakhouse), it's a true Pensacola Gem. At the Expo, they will have local vendors that sell products at their store. I've had the pleasure of tasting Boar's Head hot dogs and deli meats, blueberry rootbeer, Pirate's Booty snacks, Apple Market's apple dumplings and more. We didn't have to buy lunch after that because we were so full.

But the Gulf Coast Health Source Expo will be more than that. The Dietitian in the Kitchen, Diane Hendricks, will have cooking demos. Baptist will have lots of FREE Health Screenings. You could also pledge to lose weight for the Pound For Pound Challenge. How many pounds you pledge (not lose!) will be how many pounds of food donated to the Bay Area Food Bank. A donation of canned food is appreciated.
When: April 17 from 9am-3pm
Where:Pensacola Junior College Lou Ross Center, 1000 College Blvd.
Read more about it from Bella Magazine's article.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Shopping Recap for the Week

Life is full of surprises. Like when I uploaded these pictures I was sure they would get all jumbled up and here they are just in the order I wanted them to be. Sometimes, I sure wish ALL of life is like that.

This post is linked to IHP, MSM, TTM, CSG, FF & TFF. Cryptic, I know. Seeing how other people saved sometimes brings attention to deals I've overlooked. I hope you too will be encouraged!

Sunday and Weds were my shopping days, plus a small trip Thursday. I missed out on Walgreens again this week, but we have shaving cream out the wazoo, so it's ok.

Here is the store breakdown of what I spent:

$7.22 at CVS not $39, saving 82%, plus got $10 ECBs!
$46 at Target not $95, saving 52%, plus got $10 GCs
$5.88 at Winn-Dixie & Wal-Mart not $13, saving 69%
$26 at Publix not $139, saving $82%
Total spent this week: $84, with $10 GC + $10 ECBs
*You can see Sunday's shopping recap by clicking the store name.

It's higher than I hoped to have but considering we stocked up on toilet paper, pasta, popcorn, bathroom cleaner, it's pretty good. The Target Gift Cards also paid for our long distance phone card which I'm not including the grocery total.

Here are some highlights of my Weds shopping:

I ran in to Target to get more onions, $1.49 each and vinegar, $0.18 each after $0.50 Q and brown rice, $0.72, that's pretty cheap!

At another trip, I used $1 Special K crackers & granola cereal Qs to get these for $5.35. I got a $5 GC. Using this with another $5 GC from Sunday's Target trip, hubs bought a 600 minute ATT phone card for only $5. So that's only 1 penny per minute!

Publix has Campbell's soups for $1. BUT Wal-Mart has cream of chicken and mushroom for $0.72, so only $0.22 each after the $1/2 Campbell's Q. I got a gallon of milk too and paid $3.86 total.

My big Publix trip below was only $7.46, although I got quite harassed by my use of coupons and buying too much pasta. Apparently, the Publix ad often states "Quantity rights reserved" for certain BOGO items. I found out that the store I visited has a limit of 4, so with BOGO, you get 8 items max.

I wish they would let people know what their store limit is on the shelf tag instead of telling you at checkout, because it is quite embarrassing when the cashier yells out, "Isn't there a limit for this spaghetti." What if I was throwing a Pasta Party?I called later and spoke to the store manager, not realizing how upset I really was. Or maybe it's PMS. He assured me that the dignity of the customer is very important to him and he was sorry that I was embarrassed and will speak with the cashier. I also reminded him that this was the only Publix I frequent and I do spend a lot of money (before coupons!) at his store.

My husband "encouraged" me to voice a complaint. I think he knew that this would bubble up inside of me later if I just blew it off now. Of course, the cashier was doing her best to abide by the rules and do her job. I'm reminded of this proverb:

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." Proverbs 15:1

In the midst of "doing our job" we all have at one time made the mistake of saying harsh words, however unintentionally. Better if she informed me discreetly of company policy. I could have reacted the same, given the ear of her store manager. But his gentle answer did help me feel vindicated. Life lessons at the checkout lane... I love it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grocery Deals April 14-2o

It's Wednesday and time to roll out the new grocery deals. So far, I am not seeing much, other than Publix, which is definitely where I am headed first thing Weds! If you see something that you like to get in bulk (like 10 Mueller's spaghetti), consider placing a special order. That way the shelves don't get wiped out. I am looking into it myself. Go to customer service and place the order.
You will be linked directly to the store ad by clicking on the store name. As long as the ad is not BOGO or % off sale, you may also price-match the item at Wal-Mart. Same tips basically apply at Target, except add that you must possess the grocery ad at the time you check out at Customer Service (not at the registers) for name brands only. If you need to find a coupon for an item in the ads, I recommend Hot Coupon World. Their database is fast and easy.

Publix. Time to stock-up for popcorn, pasta, candles! Read on after this post or here. Bad news though, Tombstone for our area is BOGO 2/$5.49, but still an excellent deal if you have the $3 off 2 (only $0.75 a pizza is great any day).

Winn-Dixie. More match-ups from Southern Savers.
$0.99 iceberg or leaf lettuce
$0.49 cucumbers
$2 cantaloupes
$1.99 strawberries, 1lb

$2 Gwaltney bacon
$2.50 Bryan Sausage, kielbasa, franks 14-16 oz (Use $1/1, 3-21 RP)
BOGO split chicken breast 2lb/$2.99
BOGO TGIF appetizers 2/$4.49 (Use 2 $1.50 PRINT = $0.49 each!)

Food World. Double coupons up to$0.50!
BOGO chicken drumsticks/thighs, 2lbs/$1.69, buy 2 pkgs equal size
$1.19 Boston Butt pork roast (seems like the going price isn't going cheaper than this for a while)
$2.99/lb frozen salmon (please note, this may say product of China)
BOGO Land O Frost Bistro, 2/$2.99 (use 2 $1 PRINT=$0.50 each!)
$3.50 Land O Frost Premium Lunchmeat, 1lb (Use $1/1 PRINT)
BOGO beef boneless chuck roast 2lbs/$2.24 (really great price!)

$0.99/lb cameo apples
$1.29/lb pears, bosc or d'anjou
$1.29 celery
$0.50 green onions
$2 Pictsweet clear bag veggies 20-32 oz
$2.99 8lb jumbo potatoes, or 10 lb Russet (great price!)

$0.50 Yoplait single serve yogurt
$2 Best Yet ice cream
$3.99 Community coffee, 12-16 oz
$0.79 Van Camps pork and beans

Greer's. This ad usually comes out mid-morning Weds. Hopefully I'll remember!

Barnes (no online ad available)
When I get a copy of the newspaper, I should have the deals for Barnes.

Publix Sneak Peek for April 14-April 20

My shopping plan:
Buy 20 whole wheat pasta (4 kinds)-$2
Buy 6 elbows -$0.87
Buy 2 Peter Pan -$1.47
Buy 2 DH Muffin -$1.29
Buy 4 Campbell’s Cream Soups -$2
Buy 8 Orville Red –FREE
Buy 4 Glade Candles –FREE
Buy 6 Scrubbing Bubbles –$0.90
Total: $7.78

If I can find tearpad Qs, I’ll get these too:
Buy 6 Tombstone Pizzas -$1.50
Buy 2 Starbucks Ice Cream, Pint -$1.79
Total with above: $11.07

I Heart Publix

How am I going to do it? Well, thanks to I Heart Publix, here are the coupon match-ups.

BOGO Mueller’s Pasta (including whole wheat), 2/$2.29
Buy 2 Whole Wheat
Use 2 $0.55 PRINT (Unlimited prints)
Pay only $0.19 for 2!
Also, $1/3 PRINT is good for white pasta

BOGO Peter Pan Peanut Butter 13-16 oz, 2/$2.47
Buy 4
Use $1.50/4 PRINT (or two $1/2 All You April)
Pay only $3.44 for 4 ($0.86 each!)

BOGO Duncan Hines Muffin Mix, including whole grain, 2/$3.29
($1/1 from lots of magazines)
Buy 2, Use 2 $1 Qs
Pay $1.29 for 2 or $0.65 each

Campbell’s Cream Soup $1
Buy 2, Use $1/2 PRINT
Pay $0.50 each!
Better if your store takes: $1/5 FLIP (exp 4/20)

Kraft Shredded Cheese, 14 or 16 oz pkg, $3.99
Buy 2
Use $2/2 Blinkie & two $1.25/1 Publix Qs PRINT

BOGO Orville Red Popcorn, 4.8 to 13 oz box, 2/$2.75
Buy 2
Use $2/2 Smart Pop PRINT
Use $1/2 Orv Red Publix Q in Yellow Ad Flyer
Pay $0 + $0.25 overage!

BOGO Ben & Jerry’s or Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, 2/$3.79
-$1/1 Ben & Jerry’s Tearpad
-$1/1 Starbucks Tearpad
If the store has these Qs then, use 2 $1 Qs, pay $0.90 each!

BOGO Tombstone Pizza, 18.1 to 29.5 oz pkg, 2/$3.49
-$3/2 Tearpad
Wow, if the store has this tearpad, pay only $0.25 a pizza (this may be a regional price, ours might be $5.49)

BOGO Glade Candle, 4 oz jar 2/$3.49
Buy 2 Glade Relaxing Moments candles (if included)
Use two $.75/1 Glade Relaxing Moments any, 04-11 SS
Use $1/2 Publix Qs –One Stop, One Store booklet
Pay $0 for 2 candles!

BOGO Scrub Bubbles Bath Cleaner 22 oz can, 2/$3.29
Buy 2
Use $2/2 – Publix Q from There’s Value in the Family booklet
Use two $1/1 CVS Q ( starts w/ #5-barcode)
Pay $0.29 for 2 or only $0.15 each!

Or $.75/1, Any – 03-21-10 SS
–Also qualifies for SJ Johnson Mail In Rebate

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How To: Print 3xs in One Sheet of Paper

Tomorrow, Publix wil have Meuller's Pasta on sale (BOGO $1.29) and you can use two $0.55 PRINT Qs. Pay only $0.10 each afterwards. The problem is that only one coupon prints at a time. So that uses up a lot of paper if you are planning on printing more. (Psst...there's no print limit!)

To ease your worries about losing trees, print 3 in a page:

First, print one coupon.

Second, cut it out.
Third, print another with the smaller paper. Don't cut it off yet!
Then rotate the paper so it prints on the other side of the coupons. This depends on your printer. Voila! 2 coupons fit in this smaller paper, giving you 3 total!

Whew! Saving the environment takes a lot of work!

Have a Thrifty Tip to share? Pass it on!

Sherwin Williams Coupons

While on, I saw: (zip 34986)
$10 off $50 PepBoys purchase
$10 off $100 PepBoys service

3 Sherwin Williams coupons:
BOGO Dropcloth
$4 off roller covers
25% off paints at stains

I have never seen these kinds of Qs before! If you are looking to get any carwork done-- be leary of PepBoys! But this coupon is great if you do work yourself and buy parts there. Also, I highly recommend Sherwin-Williams paint. We've used their paint lots of times (professional painters) and their service is better than anyone. Although the paint is more expensive, this coupon will give you almost $10 off Super Paint. Better paints means less coats which means less time painting! Maybe in the future I could do a whole post about painting tips. I could really ramble on, I love painting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Strawberry Containers for Produce Storage

Since Publix has strawberries on sale for $1.25, we have lots of them on hand. As I cleaned them today, I thought it would be great to use them for storing other produce. And it worked beautifully. Now, the fridge doesn't have to be littered with those thin produce bags!

Asparagus are $1.99/lb at Publix.

Lay it on it's side on a cutting board, keep the rubber bands on, and cut off the ends and portion sizes. Same with parsley and cilantro, I keep the ends for making broth.
The top and middle portions I'll store in the fridge and cook this week. The bottom pieces will be flash frozen for later. A friend assured me these freeze fine.

This post is linked to Thrifty Tip Tuesday and Frugal Friday, whenever these posts go up this week!

Publix Super Shopping April 11

This week's sales are good through Tuesday. And you can see what else is on sale at area stores in this Grocery Deals post. I've had Publix on my mind all week but couldn't get there until tonight. Everything pictured was only $18.15 + 0 tax. Because no food tax is one of the few good things about living in FL. Also, don't forget to ask for the coupon booklets at Customer Service, especially at Mobile Hwy. They have a new yellow and green Advantage Ad and also One Stop One Store, There's Value in Family, and Personal Concierge. View coupon lists at I Heart Publix.
My shopping list with commentary (go here for match-ups):
Asparagus, $1.99/lb (a bodybuilder's diet secret!)
Mushrooms, $1.50(for salads, these were very fresh)
Strawberries, $1.25 ea (stock-up, freeze for pies and smoothies!)
Green beans, $0.28 (buying less than a pound is ok!)
Coffeemate Creamer, $0.25 ea (I take these to Church to share)
N.E. Couscous, $1.15 ea (mix in raisins, ground beef, tomatoes, yum!)
FiberOne Yogurt, $0.25 ea (one was $0.75- only had 3 prints)
Craisins, $0.15 ea (no peelies at my Publix -one was $1.15, I didn't have a Q!)
Jolly Time Popcorn, $1 (buy 3, get FREE Weight Watchers magazine)
Goldfish crackers, $0.25 (holding on to my $0.75 Qs paid off)
*They are out of the graham cracker version, so I might price match these at Wal-Mart tomorrow or just get a raincheck at Publix.

I hope this gave you a glimpse of how my brain processes bargain shopping. Yes, I often think in exclamation points! Anybody a fan of Kung Fu Panda? You'd understand if I said I have had the noodle dream, only it was about coupons. On more than one occasion.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CVS Super Shopping April 11

UPDATE: Just got my Charmin tonight. And found Reinventing Beauty coupons by the registers! Grab them by the before they run out.

*Check out this video we made this morning at CVS! It's amateur and dorky, I know! At the end it cut off. All I was trying to say was that you can use 2 coupons for a BOGO deal. As time permits (aka when my kids are behaving and I am not feeling lazy), I'll have more videos like this for you. This is especially for my friends who are visual learners.

This morning at CVS I found lots of Dove hair care products for most any hair types, so come in and get your FREE Dove product! For the Dial Nurtiskin bodywash, only 2 scents are available.

Find the coupon links in my other post.
Dove, Dial, 2 Taster Choice Coffee Sticks:
Used $7 ECBs (previous trip),
Paid $0.25 + tax, got $8.99 ECBs
I also got $2 ECBs for my quartlerly Extra Bucks
Sorry about the bad photo, my camera is acting up :(

VocalPoint Members, look out for the Puffs sample in the mail. I just got mine and found $1 and 5 $0.50 Qs, good for the P&G Deal.

So this is what I bought:

Buy $25 PG products, Get $10 ECBs:
Buy 2 Charmin, $9.99 each
Buy 6 Pufs, $0.99 each
Subtotal: $25.92
Use two $0.25 off Charmin, $1 & five $0.50 off Puffs
Use $8.98 ECBs from #1, $4 more I found & $2 Extra Bucks
(I also paid $0.29 for the paper towel)
Paid $7.22 +$1.82 tax, Got $10 ECBs back!

Yes, I'm a toilet paper snob! I have been addicted to Charmin since my college days. But to my defense, we have used up our FREE Marcal toilet paper until a few days ago when that ran out. God be with us, Charmin was finally on sale! Both at CVS & Winn-Dixie (through Tuesday, get $5off wyb $20 PG). We treat Charmin like gold at our house. Even our 5 year old knows the 3-square rule!

Target Super Shopping April 11

I spent $30 & got $5 Gift Card for everything. Last time they had the Special K Fruit Crisps $5 GC promo, our store ran out & didn't restock in time. So I still had my coupons and was finally able to use them today. Patience and perseverance, ladies!

I was pleasantly surprised to find produce on clearance:
3lb bag onions $1.50
Haas avocados, $0.50 each
lemons and limes, $0.25 each
cut celery 14 oz, $1
3 pack apples 13 oz, $0.75
whole mushrooms 8 oz, $1.50
grapes 2lbs, $4 (but they charged me $4.99)
eggs, $1.27

Easter Sale Update:
90% off Easter stuff & some chocolate bunnies
75% off candy (Hersheys eggs, Kisses, Lifesaver gummies)
Also 75% off Blue Dot items at the Dollar Spot!
90% off this Tag Junior book- now only $0.50! Photo from Totally Target.

I got candy (Use $1 off 3 Q, 4-11 SS, regional Q):
Hersheys Kiss milk chocolate for $1.15
Hershey's Kiss orange creme, $0.72
Peeps bunnies and chicks, $0.14

I did 2 gift card deals in separate transactions:

First Transaction:
Bought 5 Special K Fruit Crisps, $2.39 each
Used 4 $0.75 Qs*
Paid $8.95, got $5 gift card
*(The ad shows cereal. But at the store, most of the Special K bars are included.)

Second Transaction:
Bought 2 Gillette Fusion razors* %6.99 each
Used two $4 Qs from 4-4 pg & $5 GC from above
Paid $0.98 + tax, got $5 GC
*(The power razors are not prompting the gift card.)

Last week, we tried to make a short video at Target. We couldn't figure out how to upload it onto YouTube. Then I checked today to find it magically fixed! Here is my first vlog! Of course, now, these deals are mostly gone but better at 90% for Easter, 75% for candy. Even the Heinz 57 is now only $0.68, minus $0.50 Q will only be $0.18!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drugstore Deals Heads Up! April 11-17

How are you all doing? I've been sleep deprived and running around like a chicken with its head cut-off. But we are getting more homeschooling done these days, that's a plus. That meant I haven't had time to get on this blog! I am trying with the help of my very sweet husband to figure out YouTube so I can upload some bargain hunting videos to share with you soon!

It's Saturday and time to get ready for our CVS, Walgreens and Target shopping. New ads come out tomorrow but the deals are drawn up Friday or Saturday by eager-beaver bloggers everywhere.

CVS Ad Scans from IHeartCVS and Match-Ups from Hip2Save.
Here are my favorite deals:

Buy Dove Shampoo/Cond. for $4.99
Get $4.99 ECB = FREE!
Use $2 PRINT (limit reached)
Pay $2.99, Get $4.99 ECBs= $2 Money Maker

Buy Dial Nutriskin $5.49 Get $4.50 ECBs
Use $1 PRINT
Pay $4.49, Get $4.50 ECBs = $0.09!

Buy $25 select P&G, Get $10 ECBs
Buy 2 Charmin 16 pack, $9.99 each
Buy 1 Duracell, $5.49
Use two $0.25 off Charmin from 4-4 PG
Pay $24.97 Get $10 ECBs!

Also, Nescafe To Go Sticks are $1
Buy 2, Use BOGO Q + $0.75 Q, Pay $0.25 for both!
Use the same login for Coffeemate's website.

*Don't forget to scan you CVS card in the price scanner for store coupons. The quarterly CVS Bucks also started printing April 1 so check for extra CVS money!

This is my shopping plan: (I have $11 ECBs to use up!)
Transaction 1:
Buy Dove Shampoo and Dial Nutriskin Wash, $4.99+$5.49
Use $2 Dove + $1 Dial Qs and $7 ECBs
Pay $0.49 + tax, Get $9.50 ECBs back

Transaction 2:
Buy 2 Charmin, $9.99x2
Buy 1 Duracell, $5.49
Use 2 $0.25 Qs, $4 ECBs from before & $9.50 ECBs from 1st transaction
Pay $11.47, Get $10 ECBs

I should only spend $12 and get $10 ECBs to rollover next week!

UPDATE: It looks like we can't use the $5 off 2 Tylenol, etc. because the coupon is ringing up like a RR. So the machine thinks that you've already used an RR. And depending on your manager, my experience is that they don't just give you the value of the RR in cash! I'm glad I didn't end up going there today. Maybe they'll sort out this problem in the next few days.

Walgreens Ad Scans from IHeartWags & Match-Ups from Hip2Save.
Buy 4 Velveeta Shells and Cheese cups $1 each, Get $1.50 RR
Use 2 BOGO coupons PRINT
Pay $2, Get $1.50 RR
=$0.50 for all 4 cups

Buy Schick Hydro Shave Gel 8.4 oz. at $2.99 Get $2.99 RR

Crest 3D White Dental Care Buy 3 for $9, Get $3RR
(Toothpaste 5.8 oz or Rinse 8 oz. or Oral B Advantage Toothbrush)
Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Oral-B Advantage Toothbrushes
Use 3 $2/1 coupons from the 4/4 PG
Pay $3, Get $3RR =FREE!
*Not in this week's ad but is a month-long deal

Benadryl, Tylenol or Sudafed: Buy 2 at $4.99, Get $5RR
Use the $5 off 2 Q from the 4/11 RP
Pay $4.98, Get $5 RR =FREE!

Here is my shopping plan. If I am feeling rather shameless, I would do all the deals above in single transactions so I can rollover my RRs and spend the least amount out-of-pocket. That would take 5 transactions, so I'll checkout at the cosmetics center. I'll use all the coupons listed above:

Trans 1: Buy 4 Velveeta cups, $1 each
Use BOGO Q, Pay $2 Get $1.50 RR

Trans 2: Buy Schick Shave Gel, $2.99
Use $1.50 RR, Pay $1.49, Get $2.99 RR

Trans 3: Buy 3 Oral B Adv. Toothbrush, $9
Use 3 $2 Qs & $2.99 RR from #2, Pay $0.01, Get $3 RR

Trans 4: Buy 2 Tylenol, $4.99 each
Use $3 RR from #3 & $5 off 2 Q, Pay $2, Get $5 RR

Total I would spend is $5.50, buy I'd get $5 RR for next week!

Target Gift Card Deals and Match-Ups from Totally Target.

Buy 2 Gillette Razors, Get $5 GC
Buy 2 Gillette Fusion, $6.99 each
Use two $4 Qs from 4-4 PG
Pay $5.98, Get $5 GC
*I would do these in a separate transaction. Sometimes, when I've used coupons for gift card deals, the look like they went through but somehow get deducted from the total. Target receipts are a pain so you reallly have to pay close attention.

Buy 5 Special K Kellogg's cereal, Get $5 GC
Buy 5 Low Fat Granola cereal, $2.39 each
Use 5 $1 off Q PRINT (need 3 computers) or from 3-28 RP
Pay $6.95, Get $5 GC = only $0.39 each!

Also on sale: dozen eggs $1.24 & gallon milk $2.39

Sunday Coupon Preview has SmartSource and RedPlum inserts. Some coupons are regional.

My favorites are from Smart Source are:
$0.75 off Silk Soymilk and BOGO Ziploc Slider Bags.
You can also print other Smart Source coupons.

From Red Plum: $1.25 any Vaseline and $3.75 off Vaseline Sheer Infusion, $5 off 2 Benadryl, Tylenol, etc.
You can also print other RedPlum coupons.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grocery Deals April 6-13

Welcome to Wednesday! New grocery ads are up, but it's looking like a doozy so far, when it comes to meats and veggies. But if you are in the market for Juicy Juice, milk and Goldfish, you are set this week!


Of course, I visit I Heart Publix for coupon match-ups. This week's ad started Monday, because of Easter, and will run through next Tuesday. My favorite deals are:
$1 Goldfish, even the graham crackers
*(if you still have the $0.75 PRINT these will be $0.25!)
BOGO Craisins, 2/$2.29 (-$1 peelies on 100% Ocean Spray Juice =$0.15 each)
BOGO Yoplait Fiber One yogurt, 2/$2.50
($1 PRINT or PRINT, $0.75 PRINT =as low as $0.25 with Qs
BOGO Coffeemate, 2/$1.99 (use $1.50/2 PRINT =$0.25 each!)

Buy 2 of each listed, pay only $1.80 for 8 items! Using coupons really works.

Still waiting for the site to update their grocery ads.

WIC alert: BOGO Multigrain Cheerios, 9oz

BOGO Winn-Dixie Oats or grits, 18 oz
BOGO London broil, 2lbs for $4.99 (need to buy 2 packages about the same size)
BOGO Juicy Juice, 8pk (-$1 off 2 PRINT, register first)
BOGO Pompeian olive oil, 2/$5.79 (-$1 PRINT means $1.90 each!)
BOGO Pompeian Vinegar, 2/$5.79 (-$0.50 PRINT, use 2Qs)

$3.99 strawberries, 2lb package
$1.29/lb yellow squash or zucchini
2/$0.99 carrots, 1lb bag
$3.99 Cuties, 3lb bag

Buy $20 P&G Brand Get $5 off instantly
(many products listed on page 10)
Deal Scenario
Buy 2 Pampers diapers 17-50 count, $9.99 each
Buy 1 Dawn 14 oz, $1 (filler item since total for diapers is only $19.98)
Use two $1.50 off Pampers from 4-4 PG (this Sunday’s paper)
Use $0.50 off Dawn from 4-4 PG
Get $5 off instantly
Pay $12.48, only $5.99 per diaper package

I’m having a craving for Spam so I’ll likely do this deal
Buy 3 Hormel Foods (canned products) get $2 off instantly
Use $1.50 off 3 from 3-7 SS

Food World (not much of anything but MILK is cheap!)
$2.50 gallon of milk! Homogenized, 2%, 1%, skim, limit 2

$1.99/lb ground chuck, family pack, 5lbs or more
$1.59/lb asstd porkchops, family pack
BOGO split chicken breasts, 2lbs/$1.29 (need to buy 2 packages about the same size)

$1.49/lb green grapes
$4.99 navel oranges, 8lb bag
$1 Mackenzie’s Farm veggies or creamed corn 16-20 oz
(blinkies found at Publix, amount?)

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