Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walgreens Super Shopping

This trip is courtesy of my hubby. During lunch he went by Walgreens to use up our Register Rewards (RR). The lithium batteries are $7.99 a pack. It turns out that you can't go very far using alkaline batteries in digital cameras! He came up to pay for them with $18 RR, from 3 RR coupons. But the register kicked back one coupon. It turns out, to use 3 RR coupons, you need 3 items! So he called me and I suggested to add a candybar and it worked. Whew!

He paid $1.93 out of pocket and enjoyed some M&M's as a reward!

We still have $3 RR left. And I plan on using it this week at Walgreens. I have my shopping trip outlined here.

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  1. Anyone looking for a good deal on vitamins? I just read the details on my Walgreen receipt and get this......ONLY IN THE 7/12/09 SUNDAY NEWS PAPER CIRCULARS there’s a flyer for Centrum Vitamins available at Walgreens for 99¢ after rebates!

    I'm always looking to save a buck on healthcare! :)


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