Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Have A Heart For Shoppers! And Maybe Get a FREE Frosty.

Last time I was shopping at a local grocery store, the lady in front of me was about to explode. She was trying her best to keep it together. But dang it! Why can't they keep toilet paper in stock? I think that's what she was thinking. She waved the assistant store manager over. Normally a happy guy, distraught was all over his face. All for toilet paper. It wasn't even Charmin!

I felt so bad for the two of them. Someone had ripped open the toilet paper package. It was the last day of the deal and she needed two of them. Of course, no one would take an open package of toilet paper home.

Why didn't a rain check just get issued? Don't know. I only tried to look away. Then, I noticed that she had a Wendy's Frosty Jr. Key Tag in her key ring. They need a diversion, I thought.

I asked her about it because I remembered the Wendy's Frosty Jr. deal vaguely. Her demeanor changed quickly. She was excited talking about getting a FREE Frosty Jr at Wendy's. All she has to do is flash the card. She encouraged me to hop over there in case they still had the promotion. My little kiddos, in tow with me, would love it! she said. And she smiled.

My heart melted for her. I know the feeling of agitation caused by deals gone awry. I'm so thankful she was receptive to my simple act of reaching out to her. I could be in her shoes next time I go shopping. (Especially since I have a Walgreen's trip planned soon.)

When I shop, I am laser-focused getting the deals and my coupons in order. I often have to remind myself to look around. Treat other shoppers, store employees, especially cashiers as regular people with lots of feelings, like me.

I will check out that Wendy's key tag because who doesn't love their Frosty. If I get that key tag, I will have a tangible reminder to have a heart for other shoppers, besides getting free Frosty Jrs. for a year.

Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Weekly Goals June 2-9

Last week was a great week for goal-setting! I finished the Clutter-Busting Challenge with almost 700 items out of the house. (Well, almost. I still have to mail-in the Amazon Trade-In items.) The kids went swimming at least 4 times and had a lesson. I'm almost done with Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity.

But some things I didn't do at all:
Read Platform, go out for a walk (too hot!), or have art and violin lessons. We'll try this week. All I can do is keep at it!

Do not throw away your confidence... You need to persevere...  Heb 10:35-36
Ten things I plan to do this week:
1. Continue taking weekly pictures of the children.
2. Take tea and reading time outside.
3. Continue reading Platform. Finish So Long Insecurity.
4. Finish Grandma's Attic as lunch read-aloud.
5. Continue with violin and swimming lessons. Start art lessons.
6. Enjoy following Monday Menu Plan.
7. Plan upcoming staycation!
8. Write at least one blogpost a day.
9. Memorize Ps 29:11 NET with Siestas in Beth Moore's blog.
10. Continue to de-clutter at least 7 items this week.

Inspire Your Man With A Custom Shirt!

Vista Print is currently offering $6 white t-shirts with FREE Shipping. Lots of designs to choose from! Thanks MSM for the heads up!

I made this shirt for my husband as a Father's Day gift. Last week, I shared a picture of the chair he built for me.

He dreams of making woodworking a career. Often, he talks about creating Thomas Town products, a play on the Thomasville brand. This shirt, I hope, fuels on that dream. Plus he always looks cute in white! 

I also got a grey shirt from Target.com for $9 with FREE Shipping and a $5 Target gift card included! Did you know you can pay with those $5 Target gift cards we get from Target store deals (like the cereal from last week)? I did just that and brought my total down to $4 plus tax. Thanks Hip2Save!

Menu Plan Monday June 2

My favorite dish from last week was the Escabeche. Which, of course, I did not follow the recipe. I made it from how I remembered it from 22 years ago. A vague fusion of Southern meets Filipino ~ in a word: delicious!

I need to start writing down my recipes so I can remember it next time I cook. (Anyone relate?!) My escabeche version is pretty much fried fish with sautéed and julienned vidali onions, red pepper and carrots. I used chicken broth, soy sauce, and fresh oregano to season the veggies. Then mix of 2 Tbsp cornstarch to half a cup of water was added to thicken the sauce. It is so, so good!

Oh! Also, success this week! I remembered to put the menu plan on the fridge and referred to it everyday. I didn't try to change the recipes but did change the order of some things. This is a big plus for me because I always get tied up in knots in the kitchen. Instead of being frazzled I remind myself there is already a plan in place to follow! If you are like me, post your menu plan. It will keep you sane- at least in the kitchen!

Here is my menu plan for the week:
cereal, scrambled eggs,
matzo crackers and Nutella,
fried rice,
overnight waffles, pancakes, muffins

rice and beans, tacos, nachos supreme
omelets, crustless quiche,
Church picnic

cupcakes, apples, boiled eggs, yogurt

fried fish, pizza
ham steak and zucchini,
corned beef and cabbage soup,
lentil soup with mini meatballs,
chicken tenders with Kraft Fresh Takes,
Filipino spaghetti (I forgot how much I love this!)

Menu Plan Monday linky parties over at Laura's orgjunkie.com and Susie at Susie QT Pie Café. Make sure you check it out!

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