Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This Father's Day my thoughts go to 2 favorite Dads of the same name (well, one is the Spanish version of the other!)

I remember as a little girl imagining what it would be like to have my Daddy around. He was and still is in the US military. I grew up overseas so for most of my 12 years we were a few thousand miles apart. To ease the pain of separation, he'd send me packages, handwritten letters and every birthday card. He'd visit a only few times a year, mostly for Christmas, meaning he missed all my birthdays. But, I was, admittedly, a Daddy's girl! I made the most of his visits. As soon as he would raise his voice in attempts to discipline me, I would let big teardrops fall to get out of trouble! I don't think he had the heart to say no to me. At 13 we were finally living more months out of the year together. Unfortunately, by 18, I left for college and have not lived home since. So we are apart again.

My Daddy is a very generous man. Like most, he is full of flaws. But these are all overcome by his genuine love for our family. Even though I still don't see him much I'm very thankful for my Dad. The man he is and has become. He is a true overcomer.

The other Dad I love is my husband, pictured here on the verge of reeling in a Pompano. What a blessing he is: loves God above all else and continually learning how to be the man he's made to be. Every hobby and passion he pursues is a money maker! (I save us money and he makes us money) He is a songwriter and singer, inventor, handyman, personal trainer, linguist, dance instructor, soccer coach, fisherman, martial artist. A true Renaissance man. Contemplative, interesting, and interested. I'm glad God put us in each other's paths early on as Best Friends.

As a Dad, he is adored by our little ones. It is an awesome sight seeing them look at him work a piece of wood or when he is training them. He is definitely their idol! Their minds are constantly challenged by their Dad. To him, their limitations are very few. And he seeks to guide them and show them more than they think they can accomplish. He really believes in them. As a Mom, nothing can make me happier.

So I hope you have an AWESOME Father's Day! And the same to all the Dads we know and love. Thank you for your legacy and inheritance.

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