Thursday, May 28, 2009

How To: Price Match at Walmart

I hope you are all enjoying the posts of all the store deals for our Pensacola area. Like you, I want to save money, time and gas. So by price-matching (PM) at Wal-Mart I am able to do just that. To make the most of this customer perk, it is important to learn a few strategies.

Wal-Mart price-matches grocery, drugstore, department store, home improvement and office supply stores, as long as the store is in the same city and their ads are in the store's sales flier. Each register has these fliers but bring yours anyway, if you have them. You can print the page with the item or buy the paper Weds for grocery deals, Sundays for others (department and drugstores).

  1. Have a game plan. Make a separate grocery list just for price match items. Write down the store name as well as the sale price. You can also print out a copy of my Wal-Mart Price Match List of the week.

  2. Do your checkout when few people are in line.

  3. Find a friendly cashier. Maybe one you've formed a rapport with already. I like my Filipina cashiers and others that go to my church because they know me.

  4. Warn the cashier you have price-match items before she scans them.

  5. Separate price-match items from your other items at checkout. You do not need to do a separate transaction for the non-price match items, just move them aside.

  6. Do not rush the cashier. She needs to input each price-match separately and can easily make a mistake. So watch the register carefully.

  7. Do not fight with the cashier. If she doesn't want to honor your price-match, and you've politely asked her to reconsider, then just put the item back. You can also take it to customer service later.

  8. When you are done, thank the cashier for her patience. Cashiers are generally happy to find out the deals for themselves. So start connecting with the cashier and they'll look forward to seeing how much you'll save next time.

You'll be surprised how quickly your savings will add up by price-matching. And by doing the majority of your shopping at one place, you'll less likely want to do extra trips at other stores. Remember to use your coupons too for maximum savings.

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