Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Publix 90% Savings!

This morning, I went to Publix to get the deals this week. I paid $18.84 and saved $114.37. That's 86% savings. Wow! It's been a while since Publix blew my socks off. I came away a happy camper. Hope you can catch all these savings too!

Of course, I used I Heart Publix for the coupon match-ups. But beware, our Pensacola prices are a little higher on some products:

Kraft salad dressing, BOGO $3.27
Planters Nuts (canisters) BOGO $4.41
Cool Whip BOGO $1.55
Oscar Mayer Hotdogs BOGO $4.09

I used many B3G1 FREE Target coupons. Since we live in the land of True BOGO the breakdown for that is:

Buy 4 items (BOGO sale)
-2 FREE (from BOGO sale)
-1 FREE (from B3G1 FREE coupon)
Pay for only 1 item!

Plus, you can stack with manufacturer's coupons! Here's how it went down with Kraft dressing:
Kraft Salad Dressing, BOGO $3.27
Buy 4= $3.27 x 2
Use B3G1 Target
Use 4 $0.55 Manuf
PRINT or from 5/2 SS
Pay $1.07 for 4 OR $0.27 each!

Some planters canisters have $1 peelie. Stack with Target $1 off 1 and B3G1. I was able to find 3 peelies and got $1.59 overage!

Buy 4 BOGO $4.41 (higher in Pcola)
-2 FREE w/ BOGO sale
-1 FREE w/ B3G1 Q
-$1 x 3 Target PRINT
-$1 x 3 Manuf Q (could use 4!)
= 4 FREE + $1.59 overage

You could get $2.59 overage if you find 4 peelies

The Mobile Hwy store also has the Shrektacular Savings Booklets with $1 GoGurt coupon:
Buy 2/$2.79 (Yellow Advantage Sale)
Use 2 $1 Qs from Shrektacular Booklet
Use $1 off 2 Target PRINT (has Trix picture, says ok for GoGurt)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grocery Deals 5.19-5.25

There are some nice deals this week. Happy Shopping!

Greer's grocery ad. (Not up yet.)

Publix grocery ad and coupon match-ups from I Heart Publix.

For BOGO Sales, use two coupons for more savings!

There is a $10 Kraft Rebate (from Kraft Home Mailer Sample Pack)- starts SUNDAY May 23!
BOGO Nathan's Beef Franks, 2/$4.99
BOGO Oscar Mayer Bologna, 2/$3.99 ($1 off 2 Blinkie)
Oscar Mayer Bacon 16 oz, $3 (B3G1 FREE Target PRINT)

BOGO Ken's Salad Dressing, 2/$3.29 ($1 off 2 5/9 SS)
BOGO Wesson Oil 48 oz, 2/$3.79 ($1 off 2 April All You)
BOGO Knorr Sides 2/$1.49 ($0.55 off 2 Publix Q- Family IIOR)
BOGO Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix
($0.75 off 2 PRINT or $1 Peelie)
BOGO Mott's Apple Juice 46 or 64 oz, 2/$2.99
BOGO Emerald Peanuts, 2/$3.19 ($1 Peelie on some)
Goldfish Crackers, $1.50 6.6-8 oz

BOGO Green Giant Steamers 2/$2.39 ($0.50 PRINT or $0.40 from 3/28 SS)
Kraft Cheese block or cracker cut 4.5-8 oz, $2 ($1.50 off 2 Target PRINT & $1 off 100 Calorie PRINT, if included)
White Mushrooms 12 oz. $2/50
Vine Ripe Tomatoes, $1.49/lb
Florida Sweet Corn $0.50 each
Mangos, $1

From Yellow Advantage Flyer:
Yoplait Gogurt 2/$2.79 ($1 PRINT 0r PRINT)
Hungry Jack Pancake Syrup $2.50 ($1 Blinkie & FREE HJ Pancake mix wyb HJ Syrup tearpad)
Mc Cormick Grill Mates Marinade 5/$4 ($0.50 from 4/18 SS)
Mc Cormick Grill Mates Blends $1.50 ($1 from 4/25 RP = $0.50)
Philly Cream Cheese Minis $1.50 ($1 from Vocalpoint =$0.50)
Tidy Cats 10 lb bag, $2.50 ($1 PRINT or from 5/2 SS)
Sorrento Cheese Sticks, $3 ($2 off 1 from 5/2 SS)
Buy 2 for $6.
Use two $2 Qs.
Pay $2.
Submit for $5 Rebate- Peelie Form
2 FREE + $3 Overage!

Winn-Dixie grocery ad and coupon match-ups from Southern Savers.

You can even make custom shopping list!

Here are the best deals I see: (they're having a Half Off Sale!)
Iceberg or Leaf Lettuce. $0.89 each
Vine Ripe Tomatoes, $1.69/lb
Pineapple, $1.99 each
Red Delicious Apple, $0.75/lb
White Mushrooms 8 oz, $0.99 each
Green Giant Boil-in-Bag frozen veggies 7-10 oz, $1.25 ($0.50 PRINT)

Whole Chicken, $0.74/lb (limit 3)
BOGO Country Style Pork Ribs, 2lbs/ $1.74
BOGO FW Whiting, Cod, Perch Fillets 12-24 oz 2/$6.99
(could mean 1.5 lb for $3.49!)
Whole Rainbow Trout, $2.99/lb

WD Orange Juice, $1.49 each
WD Regular or Quick Oats 18 oz, $0.99
New England Coffee 10-12 oz, $2.89 ($2 regional Q from 3/21 RP)
(we didn't get this; you might see $1 peelies))
KC Masterpiece Marinade 16 oz, $1.50
($1 or $0.50 from peelies, 3/14 or 5/9 SS)
Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies 18.3 oz, $0.99
Rubbermaid gallon pitcher, $2.49 ($1 PRINT)
BOGO Mott's Applesauce 6pk, 2/$2.59

Food World grocery ad
Ground Beef 75%, $1.79/lb
BOGO Whole Chicken $0.69/lb
BOGO Pork Chops or Country Style Strips $1.59/lb
Land O Frost Deli Shaved Meat $2.50 ($1 PRINT)
Whole Salmon Fillet, $2.99/lb
Crab Claws $4.99/lb
Community Coffee $3.99 ($2 Peelie found at Publix)
Jif Peanut Butter, $1.99 ($1 Peelie)
Green Cabbage $0.49/lb
Tropical Mango, $1.25 each
Yellow Squash or Zucchini, $1.49/lb
Green Beans, $0.97/lb
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30 oz, $2.50 (B2G1 FREE Target PRINT- price match at Target to get this deal)

Save A Lot grocery ad (deals for May)

Friday, May 14, 2010

CVS Super Shopping and Video

I have enjoyed shopping at CVS this week.
I only spent $7, got $7.50 in overage. Plus I still have $16 ECBs left! Yay, for CVS!
Check out what I bought (also bought milk, though not pictured):

CVS deals are good through Saturday. I always visit mega blogs like Hip2Save because they update deals all throughout the week.

The CVS price scanner is now dubbed "Coupon Center" and be sure that is your FIRST stop inside CVS. Lots of nice coupons have been printing out for me:

$1 off CVS hair care
$1 off 2 CVS first aid products
$1 off CVS pantiliners
FREE Dove bar or $2 off bag*

On sale for $3/bag. Used $1 Q from Reinventing Beauty= FREE!

Also on sale:
$1 Always napkins (Use $1 from 5/2 PG)
$3.79 Stayfree (Get $2 ECB wyb 1)
$1.99 Reach floss (Use $1 PRINT, Buy 1, Get $1 ECB)
$6.99 Hawaiian Tropic sticks (Get $5 ECB, Use $2 peelie= FREE!)
$8.49 Huggies (Get $2 ECBs, Use $3 PRINT= $3.64!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grocery Deals 5.12-5.18

I have my Publix picks up but stay tuned for the others later. My 5 year old is hanging out with me (since 7am) and my brain has slowly dissolved listening to all his sound effects.

Greer's grocery ad.

Publix grocery ad and coupon match-ups from I Heart Publix.

For BOGO Sales, use two coupons for more savings!
BOGO Glass Plus, 2/$2.49 (-$1 PRINT = $0.25 each)
BOGO Welches Juice 2/$3.99 ($1
PRINT or from 2/7 SS = $1 each)
BOGO Hunt's Tomato 2/$2.29 (-$1 off 2 All You April 2010 =$0.65 each)
BOGO Betty Crocker Potatoes 2/$1.59 ($0.25 off 1 from 3/28 SS = $0.55 each)
BOGO Nabisco Ritz Crackers or Munchables 2/$3.09

($1 from 3/28 or 3/14 SS =$0.55 each)
BOGO Fiber One Yogurt 2/$2.50 ($1/1 from 3/21 SS exp 5/15)
(our area only has $0.50 = $0.75 each)
BOGO Stouffer's Easy Express Skillet Meals 2/$4.99
($2.50 Facebook = FREE!)
BOGO Ghiradelli Brownie Mix 2/2.79$
BOGO M&Ms 15.4-19.2 oz 2/$4.89 (Use B2G1 FREE Q from 5/2 -regional and some report getting $3/2 from CVS price scanner!)
$1 Fisher Fusions- maybe a regional sale ($1 PRINT & others)

$0.25 each sweet corn
$2.69 mushroom 16 oz
$0.59/lb bananas
$2 Eat Smart Veggies (use $0.50 PRINT)

From Yellow Advantage Flyer:
Yoplait Gogurt 2/$2.79$1 PRINT 0r PRINT)
Hungry Jack Pancake Syrup $2.50 ($1 Blinkie & FREE HJ Pancake mix wyb HJ Syrup tearpad)
Mc Cormick Grill Mates Marinade 5/$4 ($0.50 from 4/18 SS)
Mc Cormick Grill Mates Blends $1.50 ($1 from 4/25 RP = $0.50)
Philly Cream Cheese Minis $1.50 ($1 from Vocalpoint =$0.50)
Tidy Cats 10 lb bag, $2.50 ($1 PRINT or from 5/2 SS)
Sorrento Cheese Sticks, $3 ($2 off 1 from 5/2 SS)
Buy 2 for $6.
Use two $2 Qs.
Pay $2.
Submit for $5 Rebate- Peelie Form
2 FREE + $3 Overage!

Winn-Dixie grocery ad and coupon match-ups from Southern Savers.

You can even make custom shopping list!

Food World grocery ad

Save A Lot grocery ad (deals for May)

Monday, May 10, 2010 $25 GC for only $2!

Pass the bridge into Orange Beach (right after the Caribe condos) you'll be greeted by this huge marlin at the San Roc Cay. It looks so nice there that we've avoided it for fear of blowing a hole through the wallet.

Enter, a lifesaver and date-night reviver. It turns out that North Shore Grill and Deli is at the San Roc Cay and so, so cheap. Right now, you can buy a $25 gift certificate for only $2 using the promo: ENJOY. The code is good through 5/13.

This is their address:
27267 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL 36561
(251) 981-8466

This is what we ate:
Loaded nachos for appetizer with three colored tortilla chips.
Smoked tuna dip served with hummus (gone before this pix).
A huge bowl of shrimp and grits, so very yummy.
Big Kahuna burger with chili sauce, weird combo but good.
A slice of key lime pie and two huge cookies we had to get because we still had to order more to make it to $35 minimum purchase.

With tax and a $5 tip, our total was only $15. Plus we had lots of food leftover. Thanks to our $25 gift certificate (bought for only $2) we had a feast for lunch. And had enough money left to watch a movie at the Rave!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recipe to Try: Clam Chowder

We visited the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, CA last year.

Unlike marinas here, every boat docked there was a sailboat.

Lots of restaurants flanked the one long street.

And every single one attempting to convince you that their clam chowder is the best. Had they known the only ones I've ever made comes from a can, I would have been put to shame for sure.

It's out of convenience. That's how it was with Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff. Looking at my cookbook for inspiration, I know I can do this! I just need to try.

(This photo is royalty free from fotosearch.)

Clam Chowder (adapted from Better Homes and Garden's Cook Book)
2- 6.5 oz cans minced clams
2 slices of bacon
3 medium potatoes, peeled and shredded
1 large onion
1 teaspoon chicken base
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp fresh thyme (or 1/4 tsp dried)
1/8 tsp pepper
2 cups milk
1 cup light cream
2 tbsp all purpose flour

1. Drain the clams, reserving the juice. Add more water to the juice to make 1 cup.
2. Cook bacon until it is crisp. Drain on paper towels. Crumble and set aside. Reserve 1 tbsp drippings in the pan.
3. Saute onion for two minutes in the bacon grease. Add everything except for the milk, cream, and flour and clams.
4. Bring to boil then simmer for 10 minutes until the potatoes are tender.
5. Mash the potatoes on the side of the pot with the back of a fork (I am thinking that I might make masked potatoes and just add them in).
6. Stir milk, cream and flour in a bowl. Then add to the pot. Cook and stir until bubbly. Add clams. Return to boil then simmer for 2 minutes.
7. Top with crumbled bacon. And serve!

I'm looking forward to making this soon! Join Tempt My Tummy Tuesday and Tasty Tuesday for more fun recipes.

Thrifty Tip Tuesday- Measuring Water for Rice

This may not be the thriftiest tip, (check Thrifty Tip Tuesday for those) but it might at least save your dinner! My mom taught me this dandy way of making sure you have just enough water for making rice. Although two parts water to 1 part rice works, she always measured it with her knuckle. If the water level is just at the first knuckle of your pointer finger, that's enough. A little bit over if it's brown rice. This tip is from my hubby: if you find it undercooked, add more water to cover the top and cook it on medium high uncovered until all the water boils off. Worked everytime. How did he know? He must be part Asian.
Of course, rice cookers are a great investment. You don't need to buy a big one. Ours is only 3 cup and lasts two meals. Plus I use it to cook lentils too! Some even have steamers. Somehow it always knows to cook the brown rice longer than white. I don't really get that.

I digress... Also, if you have extra rice, save it in the fridge for fried rice in the morning:

Filipino Fried Rice*
Onion, half and choppes
Garlic, one clove minced
Rice, 2 cups cold and day old
2 eggs
soy sauce, salt and pepper

Heat 2tbsp oil in a skillet over medium heat.
Saute onion & garlic until trasparent.
Break up the rice by adding about 1/3 c water to 2 cups cold rice.
Add to skillet. Mix often to keep from sticking to skillet.
Break two eggs over the rice and work them in the rice.
Keep mixing the eggs in so they'll coat the rice.
Add 1tbsp soysauce plus salt and pepper to taste.
Tada! Fried rice, simple and cheap!

A culture lesson:

Sauteeing onions and crushed garlic over oil before adding other ingredients is the trademark of a Filipino dish. We do this for adobo, fried rice, sauteed veggies, you name it. Plus onions and garlic are cheap veggies that infuse lots of flavor and are healthy for you. They always makes it smell like you're cooking something great, too!

Menu Plan Monday 5.10.10

How was your week? I'm glad for taco night, followed by pizza night, then Bertolli pasta meal. Moms should get to take a week off cooking for a real Mother's Day treat. But since we can't (someday in the distant future, perhaps!) I am always on the lookout for those hardly-good-for-you-but-easy-to-prepare meals when they go on sale. And I have coupons. Thanks for the Tombstone coupons, Julie . (We still have 3 pizzas in the freezer!)

Unimaginative as it was, Tacos for Cinco De Mayo seemed natural. Since the kiddos don't like spicy, theirs was plain tomatoes and ours Rotel. It's always fun watching them eat it. Especially my daughter who is still waiting for the tooth bank to bring her two front teeth.

CVS is the place to buy cheap tuna. Bumblebee and CVS must have cut a deal because it's once again $0.49 a can. We still have lots from when the $1 off 5 coupon was available. Instead of tuna sandwiches, I'm making these as tuna dip! Great for using up the crackers stockpile.

In honor of our Gulf Coast community's struggle with that BP Oil Spill, we're having some fish this week. Some fish patties, others fried and leftovers will go to fish soup. There is a Tamarind soup base found at Asian stores used for making sour soup. Add a jalapeno (I use one that comes with Papa Johns pizza), chopped tomatoes, green beans, and baby spinach and you're set!

Another family favorite is beef stroganoff. The peas are supposed to make it healthier.

Here is our dinner menu this week:
Monday- Beef Stroganoff
Tuesday- Bertolli Skillet Meal (Target deal last week)
Wednesday- Mac and Cheese
Thursday- Pizza and Family Movie Night
Friday- Fish and Chips
Saturday- Filipino Beefsteak
Sunday- Tuna Casserole

Breakfasts: burritos, oatmeal, muffins, pancakes and waffles.
Strike the pancakes. I made some this morning with buttermilk and it was the worst pancakes, ever. I think I'll stick to waffles.

Lunches: tuna dip, hummus dip, crackers and cheese, lots of salad- anything that I don't have to be in the hot kitchen nor wash lots of dishes.

What's cookin' at your house? Join the bazillion ladies and link-up your menu at OrgJunkie.

Drugstore Deals for May 9-15

My hubby just surprised me with a dozen white roses. So so pretty. I love Mother's Day. Hope all you moms are enjoying this day. Not really a day off for me but at least we have cake (lemon, and I didn't have to frost it!)

We only got one Smart Source insert this week, and our region did not get the $5 off 1 Shcick Hydro Razor. Which is too bad because Target released a $1/1 coupon perfect for the Target $5 GC deal. Plus, my Wal-Mart didn't have FREE inserts at Customer Service and I wasn't about to buy a paper that was missing the only coupon I needed. Oh, well. It just forces me to take a break from coupon clipping this Mother's Day.

There are lots of items on price cuts every week besides the Target GC deals and weekly match-ups. I try to visit Totally Target a couple times a week because that gal is just super! with the Target deals.

If you have the Schick $5 Q, please do this deal for me:
FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor $7.99
Buy 2 use these Qs:
-two $5/1 from 5-9 SS
-two $1/1 Target Store Coupon PRINT
Pay $3.98 out of pocket, get $5 gift card
= $1.02 overage after Gift Card!

Other deals to note:
1 lb Strawberries, $1.49
Lean Ground Beef, $1.99/lb
Keebler Wheatables Nut Crisps or Crackers, $1.99(Use $1.50 PRINT = only $0.49!)Walgreens has a few freebies. Nice as they are, I might skip them. I'm terrible at cashing in my Register Rewards. Thanks for the match-ups, I Heart Wags!

Buy EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream for $2.99
Get $2.99 RRs back

Buy Schick Hydro for $7.99, Get $5 RR
Use $5 Q from 5/9 SS
Pay $2.99, get $5 RR
=$2 money maker!
Plus, the RR is reportedly rolling!

The two above would make for easy $5 Wags Challenge. Plus you'd need a small filler item for the second transaction because you need the same or less number of manuf coupons for the number of items you have.

First buy EOS Shave Cream for $2.99 & get $2.99 RR

Second transaction: Buy Schick Hydro, $7.99
For filler item, buy $0.39 candy
Use $2.99 RR from #1 & $5 Q from 5/9 SS
Pay $0.39! Get $5 RR

Total: Paid $3.38 out of pocket, got $5 RR left!

If you are planning to shop CVS this week, take note of the few money makers. For some reason, though, our ad prices are more expensive on some items like Right Guard. But it's still comes out FREE with a small kickback so we just take what we can! Thanks to I Heart CVS for coupon match-ups!
Here's my shopping list:
Buy U by Kotex for $4.99, Get $4.99 ECBs, Limit 1
(Use $1 CVS Q and $1 PRINT or April All You = $1 overage)

Buy Right Guard Total Defense for $2.99, Get $2 ECBs, Limit 2
(Buy 2, use $3/2 PRINT= $1 overage!)

Buy Crest Pro Health toothpaste or rinse for $3.50, Get $3.50 ECBs, Limit 2
(Buy 2, use two $0.75 from 5/2 PG= $1.50 overage)

Buy 1 Gallon Milk for $3.69, Get $1 ECB, Limit 2
(Great way to roll over ECBs for something you will truly use!)

Buy Bayer Breeze 2 for $19.99 (starting price), Get $15 ECBs
(use $10 Q from 4/25 RP- regional Q = $5 overage!)

Buy Schick Hydro razor for $8.99, Get $4.99 ECB, Limit 1
(Use $5 from 5/9 SS = FREE - but our area didn't get this Q!)

The $5 CVS Challenge is a great way to get started. It shows how, even if you only have $5, you can roll over your ECBs in different transactions and come away with a lot more bang for your buck!
First Transaction:
Buy U By Kotex, $4.99
-$1 CVS Q and $1 PRINT
Pay $2.99, get $4.99 ECBs back

Second Transaction:
Buy 2 Right Guard TD, $2.99 x 2
-$3 off 2 PRINT
Buy 1 Crest Rinse, $3.50
-$0.75 from 5/2 PG
-$4.99 ECB from #1
Pay $1.73 out of pocket, get $7.50 ECBs

Third Transaction:
Buy 1 Crest Toothpaste, $3.50
-$0.75 from 5/2 PG
Buy Shick Razor, $8.99
-$5 from 5/9 SS
-$7.50 from #2
Pay $0.24 out of pocket, get $8.49 ECBs

All in all, you'll spend $4.96 and get $8.49 ECBs. You don't even have to stop there. You could keep going and stock-up on all the other great deals.

Friday, May 7, 2010

URS: Simply Loaded Baked Potatoes

Learn how to roast asparagus at URS. I love asparagus omelet myself. But I wanted to highlight an veggie that's been getting such a bad rap: potatoes. Yes, it's a white starch. But I love loaded potatoes and eating them may be bad for you, but I think the potassium and vitamin C counteract the bad. So in moderation, it's a great comfort food. Plus it's el cheapo! This week, Greer's has 5lb bags for $1.50 and there's a BOGO Green Giant Potatoes coupon too.

Bake when you have other things in the oven:
Simply wash well then prick everywhere with a fork.
Then throw in the oven (375 degrees for 30 mins is good.)
I let them cool slightly then halve and mash.
Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Return to potato skin.
Add sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese.
These should melt with the heat of the potatoes.
Top with bacon pieces if you have any. And serve!

Frugal Fridays: Older Kids Help at Theme Parties

Our friends celebrated their daughter's birthday with an Angelina Ballerina theme. What I loved best about it was the special guest who visited them. To the little girls there, she might as well have been Angelina Ballerina herself.

She's the older daughter of a family friend who has been taking ballet lessons forever. Dressed in her recital outfit, she gave a mini-ballet class, complete with stretching exercises. What a pro!

The girls loved every second of it.

I thought it was an awesome idea to invite an older child to be a special guest at a younger child's party. So if you are having a pool party, invite a junior lifeguard to give swimming lessons. Or if someone rides horses, learn how she takes care of the horse then have a picnic there. Little kids are easily impressed and the older child feels honored. This makes for a frugal and memorable party!

Share your frugal tips. Visit Frugal Fridays for more ideas.

Friday Fail: Don't Microwave Whip Cream

I hesitate to even share this because it really shows I'm not always with it up there. Publix had strawberries, Sara Lee Pound cake and Cool Whip on sale (a few weeks ago). I was so excited to make easy strawberry shortcakes, especially since I only paid $1 for all items. Thinking too highly of my couponing skills left me mircrowaving mindlessly. And apparently, 30 seconds is too much for a tub of Cool Whip. I only wanted it thawed out so I could scoop it easily. Instead it looked like this:

No, it's not marshmallow cream. Still tasted great even with a side of bruised ego! Keep it real at Friday Fails.

Finer Things: Bartering

It's not so much what you barter, but who you barter with. I feel like when you barter, you offer your best and it's reciprocal. I'm getting more than lettuce and rosemary. But more importantly, a fine friendship. And you can't trade that for anything!

Harkening the good old days when friends helped each other out is a fine thing! Visit Amy and share your Fine Thing.

Company Girl Coffee 5.7.10

Hello Company Girls! I haven't been with you for so long now. I'm glad to finally have time to visit! Today I'm having tea with LOTS of honey to soothe my allergies.

With the BP oil spill threatening our waters, we're trying to visit the beach as often as possible. Very early of course as it already gets in the 80s here by 10am.
The past few weeks have been busy with playdates at the park. Pensacola is home of the Blue Angels. So of course, the kids park has at least 4 Blues planes and this awesome climbing wall. I love this park! It looks like a castle from the outside and has a separate Tot Lot for 2 and under. The only thing that concerns me is that the water fountain says domestic water. What does that mean?

Where we live, we've been enjoying feeding the ducks and watching the snapping turtles come out of the pond to bask in the sun.

It's only the first week of May & the magnolias are already blooming. I love admiring them from afar where I keep can safe with my allergies.

Company Girls love to keep each other company. Learn how to be part of this great community at Home Sanctuary.

Super Shopping, CVS & Target 5/5/10

I stopped by CVS this morning to get the other deals this week. Here's a short video of that for you!

At CVS, I spent $0 and got $9 ECBs!

At Target, I found block Kraft cheese for $1.06 and shredded for $1.99 (only $0.99 each using the $2/2 Kraft shredded cheese blinkie). I bought 8 blocks and 6 shredded for $14.42 and now I am stocked for a long, long, time.

These were the flavors on sale:
Block cheese: mozzarella and cheddar & monterey jack
Shredded cheese: authentic mexican and triple cheddar

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Works for Me Weds- Breakdancing Fun

You need to try this just for laughs. We all know children can spin around for hours. My husband had this great idea to let them try some breakdancing moves. He laid a table cloth (vinyl top I think) on the floor. Then he spun them around and around. It was hilarious to watch them spin so fast. And they loved it! Who knew?

Frugal fun, that's what I'm talking about! What works for you? Share it! Visit We Are That Family.

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