Sunday, June 21, 2009

How To: Clip Coupons

It's Sunday. This is about the only day that I have a real routine! This is what typically happens:
1. Church
2. CVS
3. Wal-Mart (for newspaper)
4. Lunch
5. Read Sunday paper
6. Clip Coupons
7. Read Comics
8. Kids' (and or Mommy) nap.

In the picture above, there a two pairs of little hands with kid scissors clipping coupons. Those are my very own hired help! Sometimes I help them, as was in this case. But they are natural coupon clippers. While going through our regular Sunday routine, I thought about the simplicity of it all and thought to share my coupon-clipping process with you:

1. Get the paper for $1 at Wal-Mart. Buy a few when there are more than 2 booklets or really great coupons. Go to this site to find out which booklets will be included in the paper.

2. Cut each coupon out! Sounds wacky but the plan is to make sure you don't miss a coupon. It really takes no more than a few minutes. When I buy multiple papers, I cut the coupons myself. The same booklets get cut together, one booklet at a time. Then I group the coupons that are the same together.

3. Alphabetize the coupons. Again, takes only a few minutes. Even with multiple papers, this is not too bad since they are stacked together already from #2. Put aside coupons you will not use but instead will give away or throw out (for me these are pet and baby coupons). Cutting up coupons should be as brainless of a task as possible. This way your mind power is reserved for the organization needed in alphabetizing.

As a rule, alphabetize by Company Brand Name, unless you can remember all the specific names. (Example, Kraft coupons for cheese, BBQ Sauce, mayo, fall under K for Kraft). This is so handy when spotting hidden in-store deals. You'll find your coupons quicker this way than trying to figure out which category they me be located.

4. Put away in tickle file or binder. My tickle file poses as a clutch purse. (Altough I am rethinking shoebox! With all these new Internet coupons, I can hardly close this thing.) I have an envelope for each letter and that goes into the coupon purse. Some use binders with baseball card organizers. Each packet of 30 sleeves cost $5 and are found at Wal-Mart. I may switch to this after I get over the sticker shock. After all, I'll need more than 30 sleeves!

So now you are coupon ready! Practiced weekly for a few months, this money-saving habit will take no more than 30 minutes to do. Get everyone to help! And when coupons are used with great store sales, it is guaranteed to save you lots of money!

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