Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coupons Finally Came! CVS Here I Come...

Remember when I wrote a post about buying coupons online. They came in on Weds. And I was very pleased. But the problem I have with them is in using them! Normally, I do my shopping on Mondays. Since I didn't have my coupons for the cereal and Aveeno, I waited to do these CVS deals this Saturday. Well, I should have gone sooner because the products I wanted were gone! Luckily, the manager issued me a Rain Check for Aveeno. I would still get the CVS Deal, Get $10 ECB when you buy $25 Aveeno. That's great. I love CVS! And she also let me know that the price check machine is again printing coupons. Only 1 coupon printed, $10 off $50. But I also got CVS coupons from my receipt, including $3 off Revlon (I'll be using this for the BOGO deal this week).

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