Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24: Samples to Give Away And Then Some



 I've had a great few days getting rid of clutter by donating items for a church yard sale. (Check out my day-to-day accounts at the bottom of this post!)

Today, I was organizing our toiletries and thought I had more than I did. I guess I need to make a list and do an inventory that I can stick on the inside of the bathroom cabinet door so I know what we have.

Even though that was a bust, I did set aside a few samples of laundry care and shampoo/conditioner samples for a friend I'll see this weekend. There were also 4 empty boxes, 3 very old grapefruit in the fridge, 3 expired items to toss. The total for today's Clutter-Busting Challenge is 17 items! Yay!

So far so good. With only one week left to this challenge, I know we can finish strong... still have a bit to go through. Here is the damage so far:
Day 23: Check Behind What Kids De-Clutter! -42 items
Day 22: Mad Rush to Finish Donation Pile By Evening! -42 items
Day 21 Part 2: Children's Magazine Given Out as Good-Bye Gifts -18 items
Day 21: 160 Books to Donate!!!
Day 20: Costumes and Toys - 21 items 
Day 18-19: Challenge break- no post
Day 17: Clutter Busting Challenge- Not Much Luck -4 items plus storage bags
Day 16: Children's Books - 8 items
Day 15: Clothes and Shoes Land in Donation Pile- 42 Items!
Day 14: Threw Out 9 Items in 1 Minute
Day 13: Swords Forfeited- Lil' Son Helps Declutter -9 items
Day 11-12: Challenge break- no post
Day 10: Satisfaction Gusrantee on Cosmetics at CVS = Easy Returns!
Day 9: More Amazon Movies For Trade-In & Toiletries to Give Away
Day 8: Giving Away Tomato Plants
Day 7: Get Paid For Old DVDs with Amazon Trade-In
Day 6: Decluttering Crafts and Preschool Game- 15 items Day 4 and Day 5 Decluttering: Box Tops, Boxes and Old Timer - 31 Items! Day 3: Threw Out Old Meds and More Bottles- 30 items Day 2: Cans and Empty Bottles- 27 items Day 1: Give Magazines Away for Mother's Day! 45 items  

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