Friday, May 10, 2013

Satisfaction Guarantee on Cosmetics at CVS = Easy Returns!

For Day 10 of the Clutter-Busting Challenge, I got rid of 36 items, mostly cosmetics. I'm returning some to CVS, but most went into the trash.
Not only does CVS have a great Beauty Club Program, they also have 100% money-back returns policy on their cosmetics.
I found 8 items I recently purchased that I want to return. Since most of the time I rush in and out of CVS, it's hard to find something I really like. It would be great if I can get the same products but with different colors.
It's a relief to know I don't have to get stuck with the wrong color polish or lipstick!
(A couple of items aren't from CVS, they were just in the picture!) 
Unlike the products for the CVS returns, these 26 items were trashed... had most them for a couple of years, mostly from my daughter's kid make-up that she only used a couple of times. The colors just disappeared into her natural tan. (I had to explain today that she doesn't need to get a tan this summer at the pool because she already is tan, lucky girl.)

Does your cosmetics bag need as much freshening up as mine? Share your clutter-busting moves at Money Saving Mom!


  1. Awesome return policy! They just recently opened up a CVS not too far from my house. I may need to check it out.

  2. Awesome day clearing out! My day was similar to yours with tons of stuff going out! :-)


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