Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 23: Check Behind What Kids De-Clutter!

I love how my children have helped me so much with the Clutter-Busting Challenge. They have put a lot of effort to collect items for the church yard sale like magazines, books, stuffed animals, costumes and swords. All I'd have to do was remind them that their things can go to some other child who could enjoy their things and they happily got rid of it. We also made it easier by stacking up magazines and some books in a pile that they could read in a couple of days before donating them. Giving them a chance to read them one more time made it easier to let go.
So after dropping off our donations yesterday, I took it easy and my husband encouraged the children to tidy up their room. He put the trash can in there to make it easy for them as they sorted through their loose papers and toys. When I looked in the trash can, however, I found two paystubs and freaked out a little... well, a lot! Apparently, he told them to look around for more things to clean up. But then added, he was also going to personally check-up behind them so I ought to calm down. Whew! They filled up two-thirds of the can so I'm not sure how many items are in there. I've closed the lid for now!
Every year, we also participate in Operation Christmas Child by putting together two Christmas Shoeboxes. I got a head start today and set aside 42 items collected over the year and neatly put them in the shoe boxes. Good thing too because now I know we have enough to fill them and I can stop buying little things every time the Target Dollarspot has 50% off sale. It's easy to stock-up between back-to-school, Halloween, Christmas and Easter clearance sales. All in all, there are 42 items between these two boxes, some practical items and lots of very fun items too!

I'm not sure if these should count for the Clutter-Busting Challenge as these will not be donated until October. But having them already neatly organized and packed away in the shoeboxes has freed up physical space and mental space. Now I don't have to try to remember where I put all the different clearance toys meant for the Christmas Shoeboxes because they are ready to go! 

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