Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13: Swords Forfeited- Lil' Son Helps Declutter

I took this weekend off for the challenge, mostly because of Mother's Day, partly because I was getting a little intimidated. Starting new habits or just making changes in general is not easy for me. And I guess I started feeling like I might not make it 31 days doing this! Can someone relate?
I did manage to wrangle up a week's worth of newspapers late Friday. Love, love the Wall Street Journal. I feel smart after reading an article or two. But 6 papers a week can be too much clutter. I just remind myself it's also online.

So, refreshed from a nice and relaxing weekend, I'm ready to take on the challenge again. My son surprised me and got 9 items together to give away. He usually has a problem letting toys go. Of course I didn't help with convincing him to keep a couple of toys. I had to leave the room before doing any more damage.
What I really hope to get through is cleaning the fridge and freezer like I planned this weekend. How about you? Are you doing the Clutter-Busting Challenge?

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  1. I could use a freezer cleaning out time! Keep going on that decluttering :)


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