Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15: Clothes and Shoes Land in Donation Pile- 42 Items!

I had a two-hour block to myself this morning. It must have done me good because afterwards, I decided to attack the closet. Since we moved with no furniture in tow, the linen closet became a clothes closet. Most of the time it is in great shape, until the season changes and we have to have a mix of warm and cold weather clothes. Then the closet gets jammed with clothes. All I know is that it's clean and I can close the door and not look at it until I'm ready.
Today I was ready. Not only did I look through the children's clothes, but also a bag of new-to-me shirts for my son and I given by a dear friend, and also all our shoes, and our winter gear, among other things. I even found a lone shoe and lone shin guard. Not sure how that happened. Only 7 of the 42 items are trash. Everything else is neatly packed for the church yard sale next month.

 Here is the list of clutter corralled today:
11 shoes and sandals
13 pieces of clothing
4 winter gear
2 sandwich presses
1 knife
1 shoe plus 1 shin guard
1 life jacket
1 hula hoop
1 small pumpkin
1 chunky belt
1 broken sword
Also, not pictured: a squeegee, quilted bag, and homemade plastic poncho.

I was thought I would barely get 7 today. But, a couple of hours of cleaning up reminded me of lots of items I've meant to get rid of but kept forgetting. In the end I cleaned up the shoes in the coat closet, part of the children's closet as well as one shelf in the linen closet. Now the clothes on the shelf look a  lot better, until next season (I hope not!) or until we get new furniture.


  1. I went through one drawer of the kids' clothes today. I hope to get rid of as much as you did next week. I have also been going through rooms I have already looked through...changing my mind and getting rid of more items!

    Great job on cleaning out the closet!

  2. My husband and I recently moved to a different state . . . and to a much smaller house. It gave me the motivation to clean out stuff and give rid of items that I wasn't using and wanted to get rid of. It's always a great feeling to eliminate clutter.


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