Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9: More Amazon Movies For Trade-In & Toiletries to Give Away

Day 9 of the Clutter-Busting Challenge! Only 12 more days to go before this becomes a habit. (I hope it sticks! I'm really bad about clutter.)

So I found more DVDs to submit to Amazon Trade-In:
Sean Connery 007 collection vol. 1= $5.75 (Hubs didn't care for it)
Dexter's Laboratory Season 1= $5
Up Blu-ray single disk= $2.75
Princess and the Frog Blu-ray single disk= $2.75
Total: $15.50 trade-in value

Since the Blu-ray Disney movies come with the DVD version also, we can keep those to watch and trade-in the other Blu-ray version. And the cartoon was an extra copy we had. So not bad! The Boston Legal Season 1 will go to the Church yard sale.

I also found a bag of toiletries I thought I already gave away. The deodorants are not the ones my husband uses but they were free with coupons. So I had planned to give those away. But of course it got stashed somewhere. I forgot about it. And here we are again getting rid of them.

All in all, the total was 26 items that will find another place to call home!


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