Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 22: Mad Rush to Finish Donation Pile By Evening!

After much success boxing up  160 books and 18 children's magazines, I realized that I won't even be able to get the donations to the yard sale this weekend.  We have to drop them off the same morning of the yard sale and I can't swing it that morning! I called a friend who can take them for me but I have to get it to her today, 3 days sooner than I had planned. So I went on a manic search for clothes and extra things to donate.  

After pulling out 42 clothes and shoes for donations last week, I gathered more items in a mad one-hour dash to get all the donations together. My friend who is bringing in our stuff to the yard sale told me that a company pays $0.15 per pound for shoes, clothes and stuffed animals. So any of these items that do not sell at the yard sale will be taken here for extra money. Plus that company sends all of these to Central America missions; even soiled or torn clothes are recycled. Amazing to be part of this yard sale!
After passing one winter here in the Mid-Atlantic and not using certain coats, I knew we had to donate them. It was pretty tough because I had to get rid of one coat from my dad that he used in his younger Navy days and that I used all through college. Another was the suit my husband wore when we got married that doesn't fit him anymore and my someday jeans that I hoped to fit into this year. I kept reminding myself that someone else can use it, the youth at Church need the money, and Central America missions will be blessed too.
So all in all, 32 items were added for donations including: 3 coats, 2 suits, 1 blazer, 2 girl's dresses, 5 pants, and much more. We also gave away our little TV that we got for free 6 years ago.
I also gave 7 teacher's guides, 1 reader and 2 workbooks to my friend. She started using Christian Light last year and I offered to let her have some of my teacher's guides.  I've wanted to sell these at the used curriculum fair but I wasn't able to go last week so I was going to keep it for next year to sell. How silly of me! Here's a new friend who has done so much for our family this year who could really use these books. That would be a $43 savings for them and I felt really good to give these to a friend rather than making a few dollars selling them.
The back of our Jeep was full of donation items. Wish I took a picture of that. I am praying that the yard sale will be a success Saturday! Day 23 was a successful Clutter-Busting workout!


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