Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Giving Away Tomato Plants

Day 8 of the Clutter-Busting Challenge at Money Saving Mom. I had a late start this morning since I stayed up way too late watching The Voice online. So I scrambled to declutter.

A friend mentioned that she got tomato transplants from a festival last year. She couldn't go this year but we did. I had planned to give her the tomato transplants I picked up there but had trouble letting go. I kept thinking that maybe this spring we could plant some.

But I should know better. We don't have a place to put them outside that gets enough sun. So I'm saying bye to them today! Plus they look like they could be happier somewhere else. I better give them away before I kill them.

The same friend also volunteers at a Food Bank. She said that they sometimes hand out toiletries and OTC medicine, if they are available, and someone always picks them up. So I'm handing over some of my toothpaste stock. The candle will go to an AWANA teacher next week.

All in all I'm getting rid of 9 items today.  

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