Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fashionable Finds at Goodwill

Before we moved to VA, I already got rid of closets worth of clothes because, having lived in FL 6yrs, how many pairs of shorts does one really need? And now, since participating in the Clutter-Busting Challenge, we've given away even more clothing items and shoes. I had a plan behind that. What we really need is a new wardrobe that better fits our new 4-season environment.
Now that I have less of the same things, it was time to get new items that fit better and that will get more wear.

I went thrift shopping yesterday at different consignment shops to spend some birthday money. The clothes I saw were very cute but meant for very small people and I don't mean short. I came up empty-handed and started to feel bad about myself. Then I realized that most of those clothes were not my style anyway. I then went to the Goodwill just a few short miles away and boy, it did not disappoint!

For the price of one summer dress at the nicer consignment shops, I was able to get 8 items:
4 skirts (Banana Republic, Horny Toad, Access, DKNY)
2 shirts (Julie Mango, Xhiliration)
1 sundress (Old Navy)
1 babydoll sweater (Merona)
Having to get rid of so many clothes in the past year, and especially being mindful of clutter in general this month, I became very focused while shopping. My mantra was: "Buy it only if you LOVE it, not like it." Otherwise it's going back to Goodwill anyway for donations.
The clothes were organized neatly by color and type. Many items were well-known brand names. Prices were displayed prominently at the end of each rack of clothes. And people shopping there were happy: giggling teens, young grandmas, happy families, even the baby was crying only softly. If the clothes were grouped by sizes too then it would be perfect.
Somewhere a long time ago, I read a tip to wear leggings, a tank top and slip-ons or flip flops when thrift-shopping for clothes to make changing easy. It really does work. I was still trying on clothes at the check-out line and found a couple of skirts that way. Just pulled them up over the leggings and went up to one of the mirrors to check the fit.

I think I'll stop by at least every few months to add a couple items to build my new wardrobe. The best part is, of course, it is so frugal!

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