Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 20: Clutter-Busting Challenge- Birthday Edition

We had an awesome weekend, even with the rain on Saturday. It was nice to take a break from the challenge. Monday was my birthday and I received the perfect gift of relaxation. But that evening, we got to work hunting for donations to go to the Church yard sale this coming weekend.

The children did a great job sifting through their costumes (10) and stuffed animals (11). Only one baby doll is left... so sad but proud of my daughter! We had to stuff the costumes in the donation bags quickly, though, as second thoughts started forming.

I mentioned how getting rid of books was very hard for me to do. When we moved from Florida 18 months ago, we didn't take any furniture with us because we wanted as much room in the 8'x5' trailer for books. Being a homeschool family, we love books. Lots of books got left behind but we still managed to bring three bookcases full of our well-loved-couldn't-part-with books (minus the bookcases). Then it occurred to me how awesome the libraries are here in Virginia and many books in our beloved collection are at the library.  In a moment of uninhibited generosity, I started pulling out books and stacking them for the donation pile. I worked through the night so I'm not sure how many items there were at this point.

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