Monday, May 13, 2013

No Doubling Coupons at Kroger, But Great Finds at Produce

I think that I will miss Kroger's double coupons as much as Publix's Tiramisu. It was great shopping sales, pretty good sales, then having coupons double on top of that. But, there will always be a better sale, somewhere, somehow... even if that means changing shopping habits a bit.

This week's deals dairy and produce are great: 
$1 red, yellow, or orange bell peppers
$0.99/lb lunchbox apples- gala, Fuji, red and golden delicious
$1.50 head of cauliflower
$1.77 18-ct eggs
$2.96 gallon whole milk
$1.50 8-oz shredded Kroger cheese
$5.97 3-lb roll of ground beef

I will probably shop again later in the week to stock-up on more produce and other deals I find on I Heart Kroger. She has the best deals!

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