Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fail: Don't Microwave Whip Cream

I hesitate to even share this because it really shows I'm not always with it up there. Publix had strawberries, Sara Lee Pound cake and Cool Whip on sale (a few weeks ago). I was so excited to make easy strawberry shortcakes, especially since I only paid $1 for all items. Thinking too highly of my couponing skills left me mircrowaving mindlessly. And apparently, 30 seconds is too much for a tub of Cool Whip. I only wanted it thawed out so I could scoop it easily. Instead it looked like this:

No, it's not marshmallow cream. Still tasted great even with a side of bruised ego! Keep it real at Friday Fails.


  1. Sorry, but that really looks like chipped beef over toast!!

  2. Mmm, I have been thinking about making those again. And yes, it did look bad but it tasted the same. Can't complain!


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