Sunday, May 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 5.10.10

How was your week? I'm glad for taco night, followed by pizza night, then Bertolli pasta meal. Moms should get to take a week off cooking for a real Mother's Day treat. But since we can't (someday in the distant future, perhaps!) I am always on the lookout for those hardly-good-for-you-but-easy-to-prepare meals when they go on sale. And I have coupons. Thanks for the Tombstone coupons, Julie . (We still have 3 pizzas in the freezer!)

Unimaginative as it was, Tacos for Cinco De Mayo seemed natural. Since the kiddos don't like spicy, theirs was plain tomatoes and ours Rotel. It's always fun watching them eat it. Especially my daughter who is still waiting for the tooth bank to bring her two front teeth.

CVS is the place to buy cheap tuna. Bumblebee and CVS must have cut a deal because it's once again $0.49 a can. We still have lots from when the $1 off 5 coupon was available. Instead of tuna sandwiches, I'm making these as tuna dip! Great for using up the crackers stockpile.

In honor of our Gulf Coast community's struggle with that BP Oil Spill, we're having some fish this week. Some fish patties, others fried and leftovers will go to fish soup. There is a Tamarind soup base found at Asian stores used for making sour soup. Add a jalapeno (I use one that comes with Papa Johns pizza), chopped tomatoes, green beans, and baby spinach and you're set!

Another family favorite is beef stroganoff. The peas are supposed to make it healthier.

Here is our dinner menu this week:
Monday- Beef Stroganoff
Tuesday- Bertolli Skillet Meal (Target deal last week)
Wednesday- Mac and Cheese
Thursday- Pizza and Family Movie Night
Friday- Fish and Chips
Saturday- Filipino Beefsteak
Sunday- Tuna Casserole

Breakfasts: burritos, oatmeal, muffins, pancakes and waffles.
Strike the pancakes. I made some this morning with buttermilk and it was the worst pancakes, ever. I think I'll stick to waffles.

Lunches: tuna dip, hummus dip, crackers and cheese, lots of salad- anything that I don't have to be in the hot kitchen nor wash lots of dishes.

What's cookin' at your house? Join the bazillion ladies and link-up your menu at OrgJunkie.

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  1. Somebody left a comment that my stroganoff looks more like chipped beef. You're right! I think I mixed in the sour cream later, for a better picture. My photo software is on the fritz and I'm having to rely on previous photos to add some pizzaz to my posts. Don't know what happened to your comment. I'm not the best with computers either!


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