Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Publix 90% Savings!

This morning, I went to Publix to get the deals this week. I paid $18.84 and saved $114.37. That's 86% savings. Wow! It's been a while since Publix blew my socks off. I came away a happy camper. Hope you can catch all these savings too!

Of course, I used I Heart Publix for the coupon match-ups. But beware, our Pensacola prices are a little higher on some products:

Kraft salad dressing, BOGO $3.27
Planters Nuts (canisters) BOGO $4.41
Cool Whip BOGO $1.55
Oscar Mayer Hotdogs BOGO $4.09

I used many B3G1 FREE Target coupons. Since we live in the land of True BOGO the breakdown for that is:

Buy 4 items (BOGO sale)
-2 FREE (from BOGO sale)
-1 FREE (from B3G1 FREE coupon)
Pay for only 1 item!

Plus, you can stack with manufacturer's coupons! Here's how it went down with Kraft dressing:
Kraft Salad Dressing, BOGO $3.27
Buy 4= $3.27 x 2
Use B3G1 Target
Use 4 $0.55 Manuf
PRINT or from 5/2 SS
Pay $1.07 for 4 OR $0.27 each!

Some planters canisters have $1 peelie. Stack with Target $1 off 1 and B3G1. I was able to find 3 peelies and got $1.59 overage!

Buy 4 BOGO $4.41 (higher in Pcola)
-2 FREE w/ BOGO sale
-1 FREE w/ B3G1 Q
-$1 x 3 Target PRINT
-$1 x 3 Manuf Q (could use 4!)
= 4 FREE + $1.59 overage

You could get $2.59 overage if you find 4 peelies

The Mobile Hwy store also has the Shrektacular Savings Booklets with $1 GoGurt coupon:
Buy 2/$2.79 (Yellow Advantage Sale)
Use 2 $1 Qs from Shrektacular Booklet
Use $1 off 2 Target PRINT (has Trix picture, says ok for GoGurt)

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  1. would you believe I spent $8.41 & saved $101 plus change? Great week ☺


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