Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Shopping Recap for the Week

Life is full of surprises. Like when I uploaded these pictures I was sure they would get all jumbled up and here they are just in the order I wanted them to be. Sometimes, I sure wish ALL of life is like that.

This post is linked to IHP, MSM, TTM, CSG, FF & TFF. Cryptic, I know. Seeing how other people saved sometimes brings attention to deals I've overlooked. I hope you too will be encouraged!

Sunday and Weds were my shopping days, plus a small trip Thursday. I missed out on Walgreens again this week, but we have shaving cream out the wazoo, so it's ok.

Here is the store breakdown of what I spent:

$7.22 at CVS not $39, saving 82%, plus got $10 ECBs!
$46 at Target not $95, saving 52%, plus got $10 GCs
$5.88 at Winn-Dixie & Wal-Mart not $13, saving 69%
$26 at Publix not $139, saving $82%
Total spent this week: $84, with $10 GC + $10 ECBs
*You can see Sunday's shopping recap by clicking the store name.

It's higher than I hoped to have but considering we stocked up on toilet paper, pasta, popcorn, bathroom cleaner, it's pretty good. The Target Gift Cards also paid for our long distance phone card which I'm not including the grocery total.

Here are some highlights of my Weds shopping:

I ran in to Target to get more onions, $1.49 each and vinegar, $0.18 each after $0.50 Q and brown rice, $0.72, that's pretty cheap!

At another trip, I used $1 Special K crackers & granola cereal Qs to get these for $5.35. I got a $5 GC. Using this with another $5 GC from Sunday's Target trip, hubs bought a 600 minute ATT phone card for only $5. So that's only 1 penny per minute!

Publix has Campbell's soups for $1. BUT Wal-Mart has cream of chicken and mushroom for $0.72, so only $0.22 each after the $1/2 Campbell's Q. I got a gallon of milk too and paid $3.86 total.

My big Publix trip below was only $7.46, although I got quite harassed by my use of coupons and buying too much pasta. Apparently, the Publix ad often states "Quantity rights reserved" for certain BOGO items. I found out that the store I visited has a limit of 4, so with BOGO, you get 8 items max.

I wish they would let people know what their store limit is on the shelf tag instead of telling you at checkout, because it is quite embarrassing when the cashier yells out, "Isn't there a limit for this spaghetti." What if I was throwing a Pasta Party?I called later and spoke to the store manager, not realizing how upset I really was. Or maybe it's PMS. He assured me that the dignity of the customer is very important to him and he was sorry that I was embarrassed and will speak with the cashier. I also reminded him that this was the only Publix I frequent and I do spend a lot of money (before coupons!) at his store.

My husband "encouraged" me to voice a complaint. I think he knew that this would bubble up inside of me later if I just blew it off now. Of course, the cashier was doing her best to abide by the rules and do her job. I'm reminded of this proverb:

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." Proverbs 15:1

In the midst of "doing our job" we all have at one time made the mistake of saying harsh words, however unintentionally. Better if she informed me discreetly of company policy. I could have reacted the same, given the ear of her store manager. But his gentle answer did help me feel vindicated. Life lessons at the checkout lane... I love it!

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  1. I bought almost as much pasta as you did, and had no problems. I could see that they put the "Quantity rights reserved" line to keep people from buying out every item in the store at the low price and then reselling them. But there shouldn't be a limit on any amount that could be used by a family in a reasonable time period.

    Thanks for stopping by Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies! New linkup tomorrow!


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