Sunday, April 11, 2010

Target Super Shopping April 11

I spent $30 & got $5 Gift Card for everything. Last time they had the Special K Fruit Crisps $5 GC promo, our store ran out & didn't restock in time. So I still had my coupons and was finally able to use them today. Patience and perseverance, ladies!

I was pleasantly surprised to find produce on clearance:
3lb bag onions $1.50
Haas avocados, $0.50 each
lemons and limes, $0.25 each
cut celery 14 oz, $1
3 pack apples 13 oz, $0.75
whole mushrooms 8 oz, $1.50
grapes 2lbs, $4 (but they charged me $4.99)
eggs, $1.27

Easter Sale Update:
90% off Easter stuff & some chocolate bunnies
75% off candy (Hersheys eggs, Kisses, Lifesaver gummies)
Also 75% off Blue Dot items at the Dollar Spot!
90% off this Tag Junior book- now only $0.50! Photo from Totally Target.

I got candy (Use $1 off 3 Q, 4-11 SS, regional Q):
Hersheys Kiss milk chocolate for $1.15
Hershey's Kiss orange creme, $0.72
Peeps bunnies and chicks, $0.14

I did 2 gift card deals in separate transactions:

First Transaction:
Bought 5 Special K Fruit Crisps, $2.39 each
Used 4 $0.75 Qs*
Paid $8.95, got $5 gift card
*(The ad shows cereal. But at the store, most of the Special K bars are included.)

Second Transaction:
Bought 2 Gillette Fusion razors* %6.99 each
Used two $4 Qs from 4-4 pg & $5 GC from above
Paid $0.98 + tax, got $5 GC
*(The power razors are not prompting the gift card.)

Last week, we tried to make a short video at Target. We couldn't figure out how to upload it onto YouTube. Then I checked today to find it magically fixed! Here is my first vlog! Of course, now, these deals are mostly gone but better at 90% for Easter, 75% for candy. Even the Heinz 57 is now only $0.68, minus $0.50 Q will only be $0.18!

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