Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sherwin Williams Coupons

While on coupons.com, I saw: (zip 34986)
$10 off $50 PepBoys purchase
$10 off $100 PepBoys service

3 Sherwin Williams coupons:
BOGO Dropcloth
$4 off roller covers
25% off paints at stains

I have never seen these kinds of Qs before! If you are looking to get any carwork done-- be leary of PepBoys! But this coupon is great if you do work yourself and buy parts there. Also, I highly recommend Sherwin-Williams paint. We've used their paint lots of times (professional painters) and their service is better than anyone. Although the paint is more expensive, this coupon will give you almost $10 off Super Paint. Better paints means less coats which means less time painting! Maybe in the future I could do a whole post about painting tips. I could really ramble on, I love painting!

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