Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grocery Deals Aril 21-27

I am having one of those housework ADD days... um, make it week! Trying hard to catch-up on everything plus kids underfoot and talking non-stop makes for bad headaches. At least today is Wednesday. And time for new grocery deals!

Winn-Dixie Ad. Thanks to Southern Savers for match-ups!
I generally ignore deals at Winn-Dixie because their deals are sometimes more expensive than Wal-Mart. But here are the best deals I see:

Half Price Super Sale
$0.74/lb whole chicken
$1.25 broccoli bunch
$2.65 Hebrew National
$1.40 Smucker's Grape Jelly or Squeeze (Use $1/2 Q from 3-28 RP)
$2.49 Eight O'Clock Coffee (Use $1.50/2 Q from 3-14 SS)
$0.79 Barilla Pasta (Use $0.75 Whole Grain from 3-07 SS- regional Q)
$0.99 Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies, 18.3 oz
$0.89 7-Up (Use $1 PRINT- limit reached)
$1.34 Sara Lee White Bread (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
$0.99 Old El Paso Taco Shells (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
$0.65 Old El Paso Seasoning (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
$0.75 Old El Paso Refried Beans (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q or $1 off Beans wyb 2- peelie?)
$1.25 Old El Paso Salsa (Use $1/2 Tearpad Q)
*I do hope our store has this $1/2 Tearpad!

$2.15 Purex 2x 32 loads (Use $1 PRINT)
$1.55 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Use $0.55 or $0.75 from 3-14 SS or PRINT)

BOGO Deals
Tysons Anytizer 2/$3.99 (Use two $1 Q from 3/7 SS = $1 each!)
Kellogg's Cereal: Special K, Raisin Bran, Kids Cereal
*(PRINT or PRINT $1 off Low Fat Granola)
Healthy Choice Soup 2/$2

Other Deals
$1.99/lb ground beef
$0.99 each mangoes
$0.99/lb red delicious apples
$1.99/lb green peppers
$0.49/lb cabbage
$2.50 whole or stuffer mushrooms 14-16 oz
$1.99 Oral B Advantage Toothbrush
(Use both BOGO Q from 3-07 PG & $2 from 4-04 PG to get 2 FREE!)

Publix Ad. Thanks to I Heart Publix for match-ups!
Last week was a fun one for me at Publix. Except for the Shout and Windex getting wiped out at both 9th Ave and Mobile Hwy stores. I'm not sad because they're BOGO again this week!

BOGO Deals
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels 2/$2.19 ($1 PRINT)
Post Cereal Selects, Great Grains, Trail Mix Crunch 2/$3.99 (register for $2 PRINT)
Ronzoni Healthy Harves Pasta 2/$1.79 (Use $0.75 from 4-11 SS or $1/2 PRINT)
Cheez-It 2/$3.29 (Use $2/2 from Wags April Booklet & 2 $0.75 PRINT or tearpad)
Yoplait YoPlus 2/$2.50 ($1 PRINT or PRINT or from 3-21 SS)
Edwards Pie 2/$2.50 ($1 PRINT if a la mode is included)

Shout Trigger Spray* 2/$2.99 ($0.55 Q + $1 Publix Q)
Windex Multi Surface Cleaner* ($1 Q + $1/2 Publix Q)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner* ($0.75 Q + $2/2 Publix Q)

*(Manuf qs in 3-21 SS & Publix Qs in There's Value in Family booklet)

$1.99 Cascadian Farm Frozen Fruit, Veg, Potatoes or Cereal or Cereal Bars
($1 PRINT or PRINT plus $2/3 Publix PRINT)
3/$5 Del Monte Fruit Chillers ($1 PRINT or PRINT)

Food World Ad. They are having Crazy 8 Sale and don't forget up to $0.50 double coupons!
$0.88 Marcal 1 roll paper towel, 4count TP, napkins (register for $1 PRINT- Thanks Julie!)
$0.88 Dole Classic Iceberg Salad
$1.78/lb ground beef
$0.88 Hunts Spaghetti Sauce
$0.88/lb d'anjou pears
$0.88 power bars or clif bars
2/$0.88 Yoplait yogurt
$0.88/lb Carolina Pride smoked picnics
$0.88/lb chicken fryers
$1.88/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts

$1.48/lb porkchops, bone-in sirloin
BOGO JennieO Turkey franks 2/$1.99
$2.19 Jennie-O Turkey Bacon
$2.50 Jennie-O Turkey Smoked Sausage
$2.99/lb Salmon, frozen fillet
$2.50 Sargento deli style cheese ($0.75 PRINT if rduced soium included)
$2.50 Moore's Marinade ($1Wing Sauce if included from 3-21 SS)
$3 Cascade dishwasher detergent, powder or liquid (1/2 from 3-07 PG)

Greer's Food Tiger Ad.
$2.48/lb boneless bottom round or rump roast
$1.18/lb porkchops
$4.98 Fast Fixin' Breaded Chicken 26 oz nuggets or 36 oz strips
$1 Always Save long grain rice, 2lbs*
$1.50 Always Save white flour, all purp or self-rising 5lb*
*(price-match with Great Value at Wal-Mart)
$1.50 broccoli bunch

Barnes. Last week was not good at all. I was going to buy the paper just to get the Barnes Ad but there was nothing worth reporting that I didn't buy it and saved myself the $0.75!

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  1. Food World, they have their Hefty EZ Foil pans for .98 & there is a .50 q from 3/28RP doubled makes it FREE ☺


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