Monday, April 12, 2010

Publix Super Shopping April 11

This week's sales are good through Tuesday. And you can see what else is on sale at area stores in this Grocery Deals post. I've had Publix on my mind all week but couldn't get there until tonight. Everything pictured was only $18.15 + 0 tax. Because no food tax is one of the few good things about living in FL. Also, don't forget to ask for the coupon booklets at Customer Service, especially at Mobile Hwy. They have a new yellow and green Advantage Ad and also One Stop One Store, There's Value in Family, and Personal Concierge. View coupon lists at I Heart Publix.
My shopping list with commentary (go here for match-ups):
Asparagus, $1.99/lb (a bodybuilder's diet secret!)
Mushrooms, $1.50(for salads, these were very fresh)
Strawberries, $1.25 ea (stock-up, freeze for pies and smoothies!)
Green beans, $0.28 (buying less than a pound is ok!)
Coffeemate Creamer, $0.25 ea (I take these to Church to share)
N.E. Couscous, $1.15 ea (mix in raisins, ground beef, tomatoes, yum!)
FiberOne Yogurt, $0.25 ea (one was $0.75- only had 3 prints)
Craisins, $0.15 ea (no peelies at my Publix -one was $1.15, I didn't have a Q!)
Jolly Time Popcorn, $1 (buy 3, get FREE Weight Watchers magazine)
Goldfish crackers, $0.25 (holding on to my $0.75 Qs paid off)
*They are out of the graham cracker version, so I might price match these at Wal-Mart tomorrow or just get a raincheck at Publix.

I hope this gave you a glimpse of how my brain processes bargain shopping. Yes, I often think in exclamation points! Anybody a fan of Kung Fu Panda? You'd understand if I said I have had the noodle dream, only it was about coupons. On more than one occasion.

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