Sunday, February 28, 2010

Super Shopping at Winn-Dixie 2.28.10

At Winn-Dixie, my total was $14.70 but I paid $1.20 for a savings of 92%!

$2.74 x 2 Covergirl,
$3.29 Milk
-$2.50 off 2 Covergirl from P&G 2.7
-$5.49 using BOGO Covergirl Q from 2.7 P&G
Paid $1.20!

Here is an awesome clearance deal at Winn-Dixie. Our store had Covergirl Face items for $2.74 on clearance. If you still have the BOGO Q and $2.50 from PG 2/7 then you can do this deal. Winn-Dixie will put the original retail price on the BOGO coupon for $5.49 because that is how much they will charge the manufacturer. Not $2.74, which is an in-store Winn-Dixie price. So that’s $2.75 overage! I used mine to go towards milk= only $1.20 for milk, and 2 FREE Covergirl!

I hope that makes sense. I had to do a double take with my receipt. But whenever Winn-Dixie has a clearance, the store is eating the discounted cost. So when I used a BOGO or FREE coupon, they don’t need to write in their store discounted cost. They can charge the manufacturer the original price and get paid for it. The store makes money because they are not eating that discounted price. And you make money too because of the overage! Yippeee!

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