Sunday, February 21, 2010


While looking through my Favorites list, I remembered to check Save-A-Lot's flyer. I never understood their sales cycle. I finally looked at the bottom of the flyer and it looks like they do monthly deals! Perfect since they are the only store in the area to offer bananas for $0.33 and Fresh Express iceberg salad for $0.99 on a regular basis. If you even visit the store just once in the beginning of the month to grab the sales flyer, then you could price-match some of the items at Target and Wal-Mart. Of course, you could shop there too. Just remember to bring your own grocery or reusable bags, otherwise you will have to "buy" theirs.

Save-A-Lot (SAL) sales flyer, manuf coupons w/ SAL logo

Deals for February:
$1 Banquet Select Dinners, 7.1-10.1 oz (Limit 12)
$0.99 Fresh Express Garden Salad, 12 oz
2/$1 Fairgrounds Hot Dogs (Limit 6)
4/$1 Act II Butter Lover's Popcorn, 3 oz (Limit 36)
3lbs/$1 Bananas (Limit 6 lbs)
$2 Malt-O-Meal Cereal, 21-23 oz, Frost Mini Spooners, Golden Puffs (Limit 6)
$0.88/lb Tyson chicken drums and thighs
$0.39 Caskey's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup
$0.99 Tomatoes, 3ct pkg
$1.49/lb ground beef in 5lb chub
$1.99 Potatoes, 10lb bag
$1.99/lb Hormel bone-in asstd pork chops
$0.59 Portside chunk light tuna
$0.35 O'Day's Mac & Cheese
$0.59 Frozen chicken leg quarters in 10lb bag
$0.79 Morning Delight sugar free syrup, 12 oz
$2.99 Portside fish sticks, 44 count, 24 oz pkg
$0.99 Deli Pride frozen sandwiches
$0.79 Sundia fruit cups, 8 oz
$1.99 Coburn Farms Cottage Cheese, 24 oz
$2.50 Manita's Italiano Pizza 20.7-21.75 pkg
$4.99 Shaner's boneless-skinless chicken breast or tenders, 40 oz
$2.99 Crystall 2 O drinking water, 24 pk
$1.99 Westcott Veg Oil (Use $1 PRINT)
$0.49 Wylwood can veg: corn, peas green beans, 14.5-15 oz
(Use $0.50 off 4 PRINT)
$2.49 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers or Complete Meals
(Use $1.25/2 Complete Meals or $1.50/3 Mixers)

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