Sunday, February 28, 2010

Super Shopping at Publix 2.25.10

The total was $70 but I paid $5.25 for a savings of 92.5% !!! Rite Aid has $5 off $25 so I wanted to shop at Orange Beach to use this coupon. But the tax was $4.12 because of the tax on all the coupons I used , so the Rite Aid coupon pretty much went to that! I don’t feel too badly, though, because I never knew how many more different items they have at this Publix than the ones in Pensacola.

For the Italian Days Sale (I printed more Qs at the library.)
$1.09 x4 Muir Glen tomato paste
$0.89 x2 Muir Glen tomato sauce
-$1 x4 manuf Q (print)
-$1 off 2 x3 Publix Q
= +$0.86 OVR (these are FREE & a money maker just by themselves!)

$0.67 x 4 Green Giant Can Corn, BOGO sale
$1.25 x6 Progresso Soup
$1.19 x2 Progresso Bread Crumbs
-$1 off 3 x2 Soup
-$1 off 4 x2 Publix Q
-$5 off $20

Paid $2.70 for all!

I was having a hard time without my calculator to come up with $20 worth of items. So I asked the lady at Customer Service to ring up the items for me to see if I had $20 and I did. Later I realized that the total was only $18.70 and the rest was tax. I forgot they had tax in AL. So you can do this same exact scenario, just buy $1.30 more to bring up your total to $20. I am thinking of exchanging one of the bread crumbs for the Panko style to make up the difference.

I also bought other items that were FREE or less than $1:
2 Thai Kitchen, $1.09 each (-$1 x4 PRINT= $0.09)
4 Ny/Dayquil 2-ct, $1.29 each (-$1.50 x3, -$1 Q = FREE +$0.34 OVR)
2 Puffs (used FREE Q wyb 2 Ny/Dayquil= FREE!)
Airborne 2 ct, $0.80 (-$1 Q= FREE +0.20 OVR)
Kikkoman Ponzu, $1.79 (-$1 PRINT= $0.79)
3 Hunts, $0.33 each ($1 PRINT= FREE!)
2 Starkist Pouch, $0.99 (-$1 x2 PRINT= FREE!)
2 Kraft Cheese $1.66 each (-$1 x2 Target PRINT, -1 off 2Q= $0.17 each!)
2 Dannon Activia, $2 ( -$1 x2 PRINT= $1 each)
6 Mahatma Valencia $0.87 each (-$0.50 x6 Q= $0.37 each!)

Also, Apples & Eve 8pk Juice, $1.50 (I didn’t have a Q but the price is great!)

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