Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CVS Super Shopping 2.24.10

I stopped by CVS today and found only 3 Bumble Bee left. Before anxiety set in, I asked the store manager when the truck was coming. I told her I was looking for the tuna and she had them in the back! She gave me and this fellow couponer 10 cans each. I *heart* CVS!

With the newspaper I bought (for the grocery ads, of course), my total came to $0! The Bumble bee tuna is $0.49 and I used 2 $1 off 5 PRINT Qs. The Bioluxe is BOGO for $9.99 and has the TRY ME Rebate form. So I'll get a $9.99 Visa card and 2 products to try instead of just one! This is the best way to try these new shampoos. Instead of getting them for the TRY ME Rebate anytime, wait for a BOGO sale then you can try both shampoo and conditioner. Check-out other match-ups here. Some reports said Gold Medal Flour is on clearance for $0.85 and Huggies Refill Wipes are $2.50, but my store didn't have these. The Airwick Freshmatic on sale for $5.99 is NOT the i-Motions, so the coupon in the paper for $5 off wouldn't work.

I used ECBs and a CVS money card. Once or twice, I've had to return a few things there (mostly items I thought were on sale but were not) and if I paid with ECBs and coupons, they kindly give me a full refund anyway but with a CVS money card. Apparently, they don't have to do this because they only need to reimburse the cash I paid. But they've never given me a problem and I never knew how lenient they were with me.


  1. I will be heading to CVS tomorrow. I hope I can find the shampoo or Conditioner with a try me tag.

  2. I was able to find quite a few at my store. I hope you do too!

  3. I thought I would let know that the Gold Medal flour isn't the clearanced flour the Pilsbury is the one that rings up at 85cent. 3 of my friends and I cleaned out our CVS, we each bought 4 flours for our food storage, which was perfect for me since I was on my last 10 lb bag of flour.

  4. I will look at other CVS. I'm down to my last 5lb bag and this would really help out. If not, the Winn-Dixie has their store brand for $0.99 too! Thanks for the heads up!


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