Monday, February 22, 2010

Publix Shopping 90% Saved!

I seriously need to hunt down my calculator. Since we stopped our cellphone service, I haven't carried my phone, which was also my calculator. I've been resorting to mental math (ie asking DH). My jaw dropped open during checkout when the receipt total came out to $3.80 with $36 savings. That's about 90% saved! If you ever doubted that you can be frugal and shop at Publix, I hope this convinces you. The BOGO prices are good through Tuesday. But the Publix PRINT coupons are good through next week. I am thinking about doing this deal a second time.

12 Progresso Soup (BOGO $2.37)
2 Muir Glen tomatoes ($1.89 each)
4 Green Giant Box Veggies ($1 each)

Manuf Coupons Used:
2 $1.10 off 3 Progresso PRINT
2 $1 off 3 Progresso PRINT
4 $0.25 off Light Progresso
2 $1 off any Muir Glen PRINT
2 $0.50 off 2 Green Giant Box Veg PRINT PRINT PRINT

Publix Coupons Used:
4 $1 off Progresso Publix Q PRINT or 2/21 SS
1 $1 off 2 Muir Glen Publix Q PRINT or 2/21 SS
$5 off $20 General Mills Products, Publix Q PRINT (I used this Q last!)

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