Sunday, February 28, 2010

Super Shopping at Wal-Mart 2.28.10

Hello! This morning I went to Wal-Mart to price-match sales from this week’s grocery stores. See the longer list of sales in the Grocery Deal post, still good through Tuesday. (G) Greer’s, (FW) Food World, (WD) Winn-Dixie, (B) Barnes, (BL) Big Lots and CVS. The Price-Match price is on the left. If I used a Q, the final price is on the right.

My total cost was around $45 but I paid $20 for a savings of 55%! Did my math wrong earlier!
Thanks to Hip2Save for the Big Lots price-match heads up for All and V8!

$0.99 Newspaper
$1.11 Bananas at $0.49/lb (great price!)
$1.64 Red Delicious Apples at $1/lb
$2.50 Earthgrains Bread x2, -$0.55 x2 PRINT= $1.95 x2
(G) $1 Store Brand Brown Rice, 2lb bag
*I forgot to tell them to PM so I paid $1.52!
(G) $1 Head of lettuce, -$1 Q= FREE
(B) $1.49 Broccoli bunch, -$1 Q= $0.49
(WD) $2 Bertolli Sauce x2, -$1 Q x2 = $1x2
(BL) $1.50 V8 Juice x 2, -$1 Q x2 PRINT or PRINT= $0.50 x2
(BL) $2.50 All 3x, -$1x2 PRINT= $1.50x2
*The coupon has a pix of All 2x and All 3x but it says for 50 oz or more. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if it would work but she looked at it and pushed the coupon through.
(FW) $0.59 Del Monte can veg x8, -two $1 off 4 PRINT= $2.72
* can of veg only $0.34 each!
(CVS) $0.49 Campbells Cream of Chicken x4, -$1 off 4 PRINT= $0.96
*Campbells only $0.24 each! It’s on the front page of the CVS ad as Campbell’s or Swanson soup 10.75 oz excludes cream of mushroom. So my interpretation was that condensed cream of chicken soup is NOT excluded. It’s up to your cashier to accept or negate. So pray for a nice cashier!

A dear friend snagged Earthgrain coupons at the Commissary for me: Save $1 off produce when you buy Earthgrains. I stacked this coupon with the $0.55 off Earthgrains PRINT Q. So, not only only did I get the lettuce FREE and the apples for $0.11, but the bread is even cheaper at $1.95 a loaf. Not bad for all natural bread and it tastes great! It really helps to advertise to friends and family that you coupon. Maybe more of them will give me their extra coupons!

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