Monday, February 22, 2010

Target Super Shopping 2.22.10

Well, the 90% off is getting to be pretty slim-pickins. As of this morning, they still had a lot of large teddy bears for $0.99 and $0.80 for smaller ones. But as I was leaving the store, they were almost all gone. Of course, there are still TONS of Valentine's cards at $0.09 or $0.29, so stock-up for next year. I found a few that are perfect for birthdays and Easter because they don't say Happy Valentine's on them. For the more "expensive" price of $1.29 each, I got two gift bath sets and they smell really good. These are much cheaper than Bath and Body and looks just as nice. There's also tissue, giftwrap, cello wrap, gummy hearts for $0.19 or less.

All for $15.29! Those cute bears are only $0.80! Perfect for next year's Christmas shoeboxes.The Sweetheart bracelet candy is $0.50 and Nerds are $1.12 (for Easter baskets). I think for the next holiday, I'll keep calling Target everyday until their sale goes 90% because their sales are always before Wal-Mart's. The beauty of being frugal is that by having a lower grocery budget, I always have a few dollars left over for some 90% clearance! Do you stock-up on clearance sales? How did you do? What was the best thing that you found?

I took a few snapshots of other sales going on. See if there's any that strike your fancy.
The Hasbro card games w/ $5 Q are in an endcap away from all the others. (Are they on time out? Why are they isolated from the others?) I opened these and used the $5 cards to pay for them because the Qs didn't say good for next purchase.
Lots of the big bonus packs are 15% or 30% off. I think we can do better with a sale at CVS or Walgreens. But if you need these items now, these deals are still better than Wal-Mart.
Lots of household items are 50% off. The faux-fur blankets were $12.48 while bathroom accessories were under $3. Comforters, sheets and towels were also marked down. Found dining chair covers for $3.48 and capiz gold chargers for about the same.

Some Hefty products are $1 w/ $0.15 Q peelie = $0.85 a box!
Over time, I've developed coupon eyes and can spot a coupon a mile away. A long time ago, Classico was on sale at Target and I noticed these peelies for FREE pasta wyb 2 Classico. *They're BOGO sale at Publix through tomorrow, as is Mueller's pasta. These peelies expire in October 2010 so hold on to some if your store has them. Of course you can use them now since this price on Classico is pretty good. There's a $1/2 PRINT you can use too! Thanks IHeartPublix!

Can't wait to start your garden? Here in the Panhandle, we can start ours as the weather is getting warmer everyday. I *heart* Target's veggie starters. At only $1.89 each, it's an easy way for beginners to get started. Their plants vary. Today they had parsley, strawberries, mint, and green onions, just to name a few. I thought that $0.79 for flowers is also a great price. Of course it's more economical to start with seeds. And they have theirs available already as well.

Some of the brithday party stuff is on clearance for $1.04 and many of the party favors are also on sale.

GE Reveal is on price cut, $3.59 for 4 pk. Use $1 off 1 from and stack with a $1.50 Target Q = only $1.09! I'm holding out on my coupons in case Publix has them again on BOGO sale.

Okay, I hope that this is enough to get you going. Visit Totally Target for more deals and price markdowns!


  1. Micheal's also had some great Valentine's clearance stuff. I didn't pick up anything, since I was on a "necessity" only mission. But there was some really cute stuff!

  2. Uh-oh.. now I'm really in trouble. There's a Target right next door there too. I'll have to check it out this week!


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