Friday, May 24, 2013

Strawberry Picking- A 5 Year Dream Come True!

This Friday, I'm sharing our strawberry picking trip as my highlight of the week over at Company Girl Coffee.
We lived near the beach in Florida and despite the sandy soil, many farms dotted the area with u-pick offerings for blueberries, strawberries and other produce. Many sweltering days in June, friends and I would sneak past sleeping children and leave as early as 6am to pick blueberries at Beulah Farms. Even though it was already in the 80's by then, it was better than waiting until 8am when it would already get to the high 90's.

Why we never got together to pick strawberries in May when the temps were more bearable, I don't know. But I always fancied picking strawberries. Maybe it was because of watching Strawberry Shortcake during my daughter's preschool years. But every year, I just plain forgot.

When my birthday rolled around this week, I knew the perfect outing for me was picking strawberries as a family. We didn't have much time to pick but it was worth it! Unlike picking apples up in the mountains, all the strawberries are within reach by our feet. It was like an Easter egg hunt. Each bright green leaf revealed red jewels of fruit. Not even the bugs on some of them dampened our spirits.

Next time we will come earlier on a cloudy day, wear long sleeves (the leaves make our skin a little itchy),  bring a picnic lunch, stay longer to take the free hayride and play in the playground.  Strawberry picking will surely be a new springtime tradition. Have you enjoyed u-pick strawberry farms? I always check my local area for seasonal u-pick offerings because it is so much fun!



  1. I need to find a farm around me! I haven't been berry picking since childhood, but those were always some of my favorite evenings. We usually picked blackberries and my mom would make a delicious cobbler for dessert that night.

    1. We've been looking out for blackberries in the woods around our neighborhood. We picked once at an abandoned lot next to a friend's yard. I think we picked 6 gallons! Then they bulldozed it next year. So sad.

  2. Stopping by from last week's Company Girl Coffee

    How fun! We haven't been berry picking before only because we always forget's close to the end of the school year and there's just so many things happening. I'll have to check out when the earliest to do picking is in the our area. :)

    1. If you miss it, there is also blueberry, cherry, and peach picking. Peach from the tree, warmed by the sun, and eating on the spot is the best summer treat, ever!


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