Monday, November 16, 2009

Walmart Price-Match Shopping Nov 16

(Local to Pensacola only)
Wal-Mart price-matching is so much easier than Target. Except for the lack of Wal-Mart store coupons, I would only comparison shop there. This week is a great time to stock-up on cheese! If you are new to price-matching at Wal-Mart, read my post here.

Click on the store name to see weekly deals at these stores, good through Tuesday and see other deals to price-match:
Food World, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Greer's, Barnes

This stock-up trip last week was $33. Even though I would love to eat all those cookies, they'll be donated to the food bank.
Yesterday's stock-up trip was $43. Not pictured are 8 more bags of cheese. And the potatoes have a rebate here. (FL, NY, MS, OR only) Thanks Saving Advice!

Barnes Supermarket has block, shredded and cream cheese, 8oz for $1. I bought 16- sharp, mozzarella, fiesta, cream cheese, swiss and parmesan shredded. The last two were only 6 oz but the cashier let me get them. I thougt they were 8 oz too. Since cheese freezes, it's perfect for holiday cooking.

Lots of vegetables are also on sale at other stores:

I bought the above all at Wal-Mart! But they are matched from 3 stores!
At Barnes, 3lb bag of onions & 16 oz baby carrots for $1
At Winn-Dixie, vine ripe tomatoes for $0.99/lb, 8oz mushrooms or Dole Classic salad for $1.25, $0.79 for mangoes and 10-cent limes!
At Publix, $0.99/lb for green beans, zucchini or squash.
Plus regular (Wal-Mart) rollback prices:
Bananas for $0.39/lb
Pomegranates for $1 each
Little Debbie snacks are $1: Nutter Butter, Honeybun, Swiss Roll, Oatmeal Cookies

Hillshire Farms Lil Smokies, $2
Gwaltney Bacon, $2
3lb roll of Ground beef, $3.75 ($1.25/lb)
5lb roll of Ground Beef, $6.25 ($1.25/lb)
Campbell Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Soups, $0.58

For the Thanksgiving meal (or otherwise):
Riverside Turkey for $0.40/lb (limit 2)

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, $0.88
Jiffy Cornbread Mix, $0.43
Green Giant Can Veg., $0.50 (select)

Betty Crocker Potatoes $0.78. Heinz gravy $0.78
Stove Top, $0.78 ($1.50 twin-pack)
Duncan Hines Cake Mix, $0.78
For the Potatoes: Use $0.40 from here or paper, and it's only $0.38!
I picked this kind because it has 3 Box Tops. That's $0.30 to my homeschool league from something that cost me $0.38!

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