Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beach Bums

Sunday morning, we are all dressed and ready for Church. No CVS trip planned since I lacked coupons needed for most deals. While in the car, hubby asks me, "Where are we headed since we are already late for Church?" Uh, oh... I guess I was in the bathroom longer than I thought. So we headed to the beach, still in Sunday clothes.

It felt like an early summer day. The water was blue and still. Without a single wave. Black dolphins swimming in pods were leaping off the water. I've never seen that before and had been praying I would. (Its cheaper than Sea World!) We all cheered whenever one of them showed off jumping! Later, stingrays made their way near the shore like black triangle submarines. We saw seabirds: a sand piper, looms, pelicans and seagulls; even migrating monarchs fluttering about. Our daughter collected seashells; our son threw them in the water. The splashes made perfect circles, disturbing the stillness of the ocean.

This was a time of necessary peace for our family. Our hearts rested in God while He reminded us of His majesty through His creation. We are so blessed to live near the beach and have access to this display of beauty whenever we want. A truly Finer Thing.

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  1. Oh my. I want to move to your town! We've never been to the beach...


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