Friday, November 13, 2009

Publix Weekly Deals Nov 11-Nov 17

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All this for $30! I used Walgreens $5 off $25 for competitor coupon. This is good AFTER coupons. Use it through Saturday.

Not pictured separately:
3lb bag of tangerines are $1.88. They are not your easy-to-peel version. These veggies are $0.99 a pound: yellow squash, green beans and zucchini. I got just enough for a couple of meals. 2lb bag of apples are $1.99. Use the Target $1 Q to get these for $1. We bought 4! Not for apple pies but to donate a couple bags.

Yoplait YoPlus is BOGO 2/$2.50. I used six $1 off Qs from here and the newspaper. If you like this yogurt, start saving the $1 Qs because this always goes on BOGO sale. If you like Activia from Dannon, Yoplait would like to change your mind. I mailed my UPC to them and they sent me a coupon for a FREE YoPlus. So 2 of the yogurt above was FREE and the rest $0.25 each!
My impulse buys: Doritos are on BOGO sale (but the Family size 17 oz is not included, so you can't use the Target Q). The Aidella sausages are $5.99 each but they have a BOGO coupon right on the package.

Del Monte Fruit are BOGO, the Chillers have $1 Print Q. Spices are BOGO too, only $0.50 each. I bought paprika,onion powder & minced onion, thyme, parsley flakes & garlic powder.

BOGO sale for Progresso soups, High Fiber included. Comes out to 2/$2.37 and the crackers are $3. Winn-Dixie had $1 off Q if you buy both a soup or chili and these crackers. But Wal-Mart has a better deal: this soup is $1.50 and the crackers are $2.

I used 2 $1.10 off 1 High Fiber Q, $1.10/3 Q, & $0.25/1 from the paper. After Qs, 6 cans for $3.76 & 2 boxes of crackers for $4!
BOGO Betty Crocker frosting, 2/$1.95. Use these $0.50 Q from here.
Ok, now that I have enough cake to last the year, I stocked up on some frosting too. I only had 6 Qs, otherwise would have bought more! I hate making it from scratch because who wants to be reminded of all the butter that goes into this stuff.

If you have the Food World flyer, you can get eggs and Nature's Own FREE using Food World coupons in the flyer. This is after $30 purchase (before coupons). I think my cashier only too $1 off the eggs and bread. But I just let it go, since I can't figure out which coupon it was on my receipt. I hope you will do a better job paying attention to your cashier than I did and score this free for real.

BOGO Chinet napkins 2/$1.89. I used two $1 Q to get this both FREE with overage!

What didn't work for me:
The Keebler Flipsides didn't have the $10 Toy Voucher logos. The GM cereal with FREE Movie logos are not part of the BOGO sale. But I found the right boxes for both at Wal-Mart. The Knox $4/1 coupon is not for gelatin, says my cashier. Has anyone seen these at other stores? I would not feel badly getting overage for a coupon like this since the manufacturer reimburses the company full value. But maybe this is God's way of keeping my conscience clean!

These are just the deals that I got this week. The coupon match-ups came from I Heart Publix. Check it out!

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