Sunday, November 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11.9.09

So we more or less ate easy take-out meals this week like Wal-Mart pizza and fried chicken. And had convenience processed food like Gorton's fish sticks. My hubby and I enjoyed a day without kids and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. We used a BOGO coupon for thrifty date. Also, we enjoyed a Church lasagna lunch this Sunday. And had pretty sensible breakfasts most of the time. Our herb garden had lots of oregano and basil, so at least one pasta dinner was healthy. But the best part was that it felt like a cooking break for me, like every vacation should be!

At Ruby Tuesdays, one dish we ate was chicken bella. A single chicken breast with artichokes and baby portabella mushrooms on top, drizzled with cream sauce. Served with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli florets. It was surprisingly delicious!

I also met up with friends at an ice cream shop. They also served soups and sandwiches there. The owner makes this English pea dumplings. It had the peas and dumplings but was like an egg drop soup too with mozzarella cheese. It was very good and interesting!

This Healthy Pasta had only a smidget of Ragu sauce but half a cup of pumpkin puree. I added 2 Tbsp wheat germ (looked like Parmesan cheese in the sauce!) and Ronzoni Healthy Harvest (frugal find for $0.40 a box).

Menu planning saves me time and energy. But I didn't really get going with it until I started linking with orgjunkie's weekly Menu Monday post. If you want inspiration or share your own menu visit here.

Waffles (FREE) & Banana compote
Cereal (FREE) and Smoothies
Oatmeal ($1.25 a box) with Raisins
Cheesy Grits (FREE with WIC)
Egg & Sausage Biscuit ($0.50 Grands!)
Pumpkin Bread (only $1.35)

Turkey Sandwiches
Chicken and Veggies
Quinoa Pilaf
Healthy Pasta
Chicken Salad

Only $6.25 for 5lb roll at Wal-Mart right now!

Roast Turkey ($0.40/lb at WMart!)
Spaghetti Meatballs
Turkey Tetrazinni
Homemade Burgers

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