Sunday, October 25, 2009

Easiest Pumpkin Bread

Pantry Pumpkin Bread

This recipe is so easy it borders on non-recipe.
1 box Duncan Hines Spice Cake
1 can pumpkin, 15 oz

Preheat oven 350 degrees.
Mix and pour in greased pan or muffin tins.
Bake 20-30 minutes until done.

Voila! These are so, SO, moist! And, a nutritional tidbit, adding pumpkin adds only 20 calories per serving! Baking it the regular way with eggs and oil adds a whopping 90 calories per muffin. So, stock up on cake mix and cans of pumpkin (you can also use 2 cups fresh) when they go on sale this holiday season. Last year, I was able to snag a case of 25 cans of pumpkin for $0.25 each. The cake mix was only $1.15. So only $1.35 for the whole thing!
Do you love pumpkin? I mix it in soups and sauces too. When my friend told me about this recipe, I was so intrigued I had to try it. I'm glad I did because my other recipe called for shortening which totally cancels out healthy pumpkin! But never again will I substitute it for oil in a brownie recipe unless I try to make biscotti. Let's just say the "brownie" was great for dunkin' in coffee.

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