Monday, October 5, 2009

Walmart Price-Match Shopping October 4

Wal-Mart is still the best at Price Matches. Publix has Pillsbury Grands, Crescent Rolls and Sweet Rolls for $1. Get $1 off 2 here to make these only $0.50 each. I had a few expiring today so I went ahead and bought 6 for $3. BUT if you can, buy these at Publix instead. Buy 2 General Mills brand, Get FREE bag with this coupon. That is what I plan to do tomorrow. It just dawned on me that these reusable bags would make great "green" & FREE gift bags for Christmas. They have pink bags for Breast Cancer Awareness and also Halloween bags for kids.
This Dannon Yogurt is $1 for a 4 pack. It's in the butter section instead, not the other yogurts. I'll let you know if it's any good.

These items were the best deals I found:
$6.34 Boston Butt Pork Roast
this is $0.88/lb from Food World, with $15 minimum purchase
$0.69 Sugar*
$0.69 Flour*
*Price-matched from Barnes with $12 min purchase

I picked up the wrong ground beef, it's the 73/27 that's $6 for 5lb roll. This ground chuck is $12! I misread the label. I'll return it of course. Someone told me that ground beef (73/27) and ground chuck (80/20) are the same and they just inject fat to make it have the exact percentage. Sounds like urban legend, but my frugal side wants to believe it. So I always buy the 73/27: cook, drain, rinse and drain again. Of course, do not drain it in the sink. Grease & fat should be thrown in the trash.

I paid $43.27 but will get $6 back after I exchange ground chuck for ground beef. I also bought cake decorating items:
$9 wilton 6 color icing
$4 muffin tin
$2.34 cake flour
$1 birthday candle
It's nice to buy specialty items full price when everything else in the shopping cart is price-matched or has a coupon. Plus, in the long run, making cakes will save us money and make birthdays memorable. Cake decorating is a skill I hope will improve in time. Right now our kids are young enough to think every cake I make is beautiful!


  1. I always shop at Walmart. I make my grocery list, look at the ads from other stores and make a list for each store with the price next to the items I'm going to purchase at Walmart. This makes things a little easier at the check out, because the cashier needs to know the price and what store the item is on sale. They sometimes want to see the ad, so remember to take all your ads. With these lists and ads I'm off to Walmart. This always save me money not only on groceries, but on gas.

  2. I agree! I know Target is doing the same, but they don't match store brands. So I still like doing most of my price-matching at Wal-mart.


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